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TradeX Community, time to wake up as we have some exciting news for you all today.
This is Bikram, the CEO & Founder of TradeX and I am happy to inform you about the decisions taken by us regarding the contract address, considering the response of our community,
We know you all were waiting for this moment and it’s here -- Project TradeX team made the choice to perform an immediate token swap to previous contract address , to isolate all holders of tokens who got the tokens in wrong way which is effecting our existing investors and supporters. Request every contract address holders of 0x250a158c095777da599ddd67bb7bad44de1d4f40 to send an email to support@projecttradex.com with their ERC20 address to receive updated TXH tokens.

Current Tokens will be destroyed within 15 days from announcement.

Current Contract Address -


Original and updated Contract Address - https://etherscan.io/token/0x5432c580e34f590f4dd901b825ddeb92e905e826

Project TradeX

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