Jungle Run — A Cross-Community NFT Play to Earn Game

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Built for the community by the community. Powered by APTOS
By Proud Lions Studios.


In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain-based gaming, Jungle Run emerges as a beacon of innovation and community-driven excitement. This Web 3.0 endless runner game is not just about running; it’s about uniting NFT communities, delivering thrilling P2E and PVP experiences, and rewarding players in ways that resonate with crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Alpha release Gameplay

Web 3.0 Gaming Redefined

Jungle Run is a mobile game on IOS and Android, that offers a gaming experience like no other. Players choose their avatars based on their NFT holdings, setting the stage for a dynamic adventure where challenges escalate as you progress.

Steak tokens collected while running are our ecosystem’s main currency and can be used to redeem rewards from Roarlinko: A rewards machine, where users deposit their collected tokens to win multiple prizes like ETH, APTOS, NFTs, and IRL prizes. This provides an added layer of utility to players and incentivizes them to continue playing and collecting tokens.

Roarlinko — Create a Free Account

Benefits for NFT Communities

Jungle Run’s power-up features benefit partner communities by increasing exposure for their NFTs. Holders of these NFTs can enhance their avatars, making them more appealing to others.

Current projects partnered with us: Kong Club, Timepiece Apes Society, iAliens, and Aptos Monkeys

JR Partners

Game Modes

Single Player Mode: A Thrilling Solo Journey

In the single-player mode, players aim to conquer the jungle, overcoming various obstacles and terrains while collecting rewards and gems. Your NFT holdings influence your in-game success.

Single Player

Battle Run Mode (Phase 2): Competitive Cross-Community PvP

Phase 2 introduces Battle Run, where players engage in intense PvP races. Outrun opponents, utilize unique abilities, and strategize to cover the longest distance and earn massive rewards.

Battle Run

Avatars: Your Key to Success

Avatar Selection

Jungle Run offers a diverse range of avatars, each tied to different NFT communities, including the Proud Lions Club.

Avatars — Many more under development

Boosted Abilities

Avatars possess both global and local abilities. Global abilities are shared among all holders of a specific NFT, while local abilities like Attack, Defense, and Agility can be purchased.


Coin Multiplier

Communities outside the Proud Lions Club ecosystem can contribute to a coin multiplier, boosting an avatar’s visibility in the in-game shop.

Class System (Phase 3)

Phase 3 introduces a class system, adding depth and strategy to avatars with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Power-ups & Terrain

Navigate through a dynamic jungle filled with challenges such as spears, fire, walls, toxins, and diverse terrains. Adapt, react, and stay agile to conquer them all.

Ladder Missions (Phase 3)

The Ladder Mission System in Phase 3 brings a competitive edge to Jungle Run. Players complete missions, earn points, and compete on global and community-specific leaderboards. The winning community claims a Special Treasure Box for all NFT holders.

Enemy System (Phase 3)

Proud Lions Studios plans to introduce a thrilling Enemy System, where a unique gaming NFT community represents the enemy. Get ready to face bosses and minions, utilizing special NFT traits to earn bonus tokens. Stay tuned for more details!

Yearly License Fee for Partners

Partner communities signing up for the yearly license get their very own playable NFT 3D avatar within the game. All upgrades to Jungle Run and its marketing are complimentary to its partners.

Constant Improvement

Jungle Run values feedback from communities and continually upgrades the game with exciting features and enhanced graphics.

Jungle Run isn’t just a game; it’s a revolution in the world of NFT-based gaming. It unites communities, offers engaging gameplay, and rewards players while constantly evolving to provide the best experience. Whether you’re an NFT enthusiast, a crypto aficionado, or a passionate gamer, Jungle Run is your ticket to adventure and excitement.

Get ready to dominate the jungle, unlock avatars, and race your way to glory in the cross-community play-to-earn arena.

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