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A Proud Lions Club: Developed by Proud Lions Studios!

Roarlinko is Proud Lions Studio’s Web3 version of the classic TV game Plinko. Plinko is a game of chance where a ball is dropped into a pegged board and bounces down to randomly land in one of several slots at the bottom, each with a different prize value.

The blockchain’s transparency ensures that the game is secure and fair. Roarlinko showcases the potential of Web3 technology in transforming classic games into new experiences. Users that hold Steak Tokens ( PLC’s ecosystem’s currency) can deposit their tokens into the machine in exchange for plinko balls and then drop them for mind-blowing rewards.

What are Steak tokens and how to get your paws on some?

Steak tokens, or STK, are the primary currency of PLC’s ecosystem, while the tokens themselves do not carry direct exchange value ( for now 😈), they can be used in various activities, such as Lionverse Metaverse, Ethernal Cubs breeding collection, and P2E games. These tokens can be acquired by staking Proud Lions NFTs or playing Jungle Run, with rarer NFTs producing more tokens.

Proud Lions Studios is launching Jungle Run, a new cross-community Play to Earn game, where players can earn Steak tokens and use them in Roarlinko. Additionally, tokens can be earned monthly via the project’s Discord by participating in daily games, attending Twitter spaces, and sharing tweets about the project.

Roarlinko mechanics!

Once Roarlinko is launched, players can go to PLC’s official website and log into the game. The entire platform is built with web3 and safety in mind.

Step 1: Users will connect their wallet (Metamask, Coinbase, Wallet connect) and create their web3 profile, this profile will be used throughout the entire PLC ecosystem.

Step 2: Roarlinko’s Web3 system detects if users have any Steak tokens in their wallet and allows them to top up their Roarlinko wallet. Users can choose to transfer all or a portion of their tokens into the game. However, it’s important to note that once the tokens are moved into the Roarlinko wallet, they cannot be withdrawn and can only be used in the game.

If no Steak tokens are detected in the user’s Web3 wallet, the game will not proceed. This ensures that only users who hold Steak tokens can participate in the game.

Step 3: The Roarlinko machine will now be loaded up and users can start to drop them Ballz! for them rewards! Users can select from 5 multiplier options on how many tokens they want to use. The base cost is 1x =10,000 STK tokens and goes up to 2x, 5x, 10x and 20x. The higher the multiplier selected, the larger the rare slots will expand.

Note: Some slots are locked and can be opened only by selecting a larger multiplier of tokens. For example, the Diamond box is only open for high rollers selecting a 5x multiplier.


There are 6 different slots in which the balls can drop into, each slot has some form of reward below it.
Gold Coin: Gives back 110% of the spent tokens
Silver Coin: Gives back 10% of the spent tokens
Diamond Chest, Gold Chest, Silver Chest and Bronze Chest. Each of them contains rewards in APTOS, ETH, NFTs, Raffle tickets, whitelists, merch, IRL prizes, and much more!! The rarer the chest the bigger the rewards. (see pic below)

Claiming your prizes!

Once the chests are acquired, they get stored in the user’s web3 profile. Users can then enter the rewards page and start to open the chests collected. Users may choose to open all of them in a single transaction or individually. Once opened the chest will randomly give out prizes in APTOS, ETH, Tokens, NFTs, Raffle tickets, or IRL rewards.

Why would I not open all chests?
Chest are extremely valuable as they might bestow you with riches beyond your wildest dreams. Reasons to keep the chest are: Rewards rotation, and there might be some big ones later down the line. Phase 2 of Roarlinko will bring more utility with the ability to mint the earned chest and sell it on the market. The last big one is
The Lioness Ritual, rewarding holders of a PLC Lioness NFT with instant APTOS/ETH for holding a suite of the chests.

Prize Claim rules!

Anybody with STK tokens can play and win chests and prizes. They do not need to be a PLC holder, however when cashing out the prizes the system will do a number of checks to see if the users hold at least 2 PLC NFTs and if they have listed below floor or not listed at all, if these conditions are satisfied, the user can cash out the prizes. Failure to follow these conditions will cause the transaction to fail. Any lost rewards cannot be re-assigned.
The above conditions only apply to prizes from Gold and Diamond chests.

If a non-PLC holder wins Gold or Diamond chests, they will have the option to sweep some lions off the floor and cash out, or wait for the ‘Chest marketplace’ to sell their chests.

All prize claims happen via our Discord bot system, which is connected to Roarlinko.

Monthly Jungle Jackpot!

Every month the Lions will bring out a mega prize, which will be raffled off to one lucky winner. Tickets for this raffle will be inside chests and can be won by anyone. The tickets are automatically stored in your web3 profile and you need not do anything, at the end of the month, we will make the draw and the results will be live on the website. The prize must be claimed within 7 days, else it will be moved to the next month. Tickets are destroyed automatically once the draw is completed. The prize can only be claimed by a PLC holder, if a non-holder wins the prize, they will be given 7 days to sweep one and claim it, or a re-draw will take place.

Final thoughts!

Roarlinko was created to give back to the Proud Lions Club holders and will continue to do so for as long as we can. The current rewards for Season 1 are over $20,000 and will continue to grow for Season 2. How do the rewards keep stacking in the machine you ask? It’s through the continued work that Proud Lions Studios as a company does in the Web3 space, and 20% of all profits earned are put back into Roarlinko.

What are you waiting for? Go release some lions from the Jungle!!

Note: Tokens used and deposited cannot be altered, prizes won or lost are out of our control. PLS retains the rights to all final decisions.



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