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Proud Lions Club: Lionverse ecosystem’s currency.

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3 min readApr 21


As lions, it was only fitting that we have a token named after one of our favourite foods — steak. At Proud Lions Club (PLC), we love meat, and it fuels our entire Lionverse ecosystem. Steak is an ERC20 token, as well as an off-chain token that has multiple uses for both PLC NFT holders and non-holders. While the token itself has no liquidity pool, it can be used to redeem rewards in the form of ETH, APTOS, NFTs, IRL rewards, and more.

How to Earn Steak!

Currently, there are three ways:

  1. Staking: Stake your Lions and earn a varying amount of Steak daily based on your Lions Rarity. Upgrading your Lion’s Rarity using the Morphing System (discontinued)can also increase your daily rewards. (Read more)
  2. Jungle Run: PLC’s upcoming cross-community multiplayer game allows not only PLC holders but also holders of our partnered projects to earn Steak tokens. The beta release is scheduled for the second week of May.
  3. Giveaways and Quests: Participate in Discord and AMA giveaways and complete challenges. A monthly leaderboard will track user interactions and award tokens accordingly.

But the possibilities don’t end there. Two new methods for acquiring Steak are in the works at Proud Lions Studios, including the tokenization of other projects. NFT holders from other projects can put their NFTs to work by participating in the tokenization process, earning daily Steak rewards.

The final method involves buying Steak directly from our in-game store or website, where chests of Steak will be available for purchase with different cryptocurrencies and tokens.

0.01–0.05 ETH

Uses of Steak!

You can use them in Roarlinko, our rewards game, to buy into the game and drop balls to win rewards.(Read more)

Roarlinko in-game screenshot

You can also sell your earned chests in our upcoming Chest Marketplace, where other users can buy them with Steak or ETH in a P2P marketplace. Holders of a PLC Lioness NFT will have an added advantage with the Lioness Ritual, a new system coming soon to Roarlinko. Lionesses are extremely rare and valuable, they make up 10% of the entire collection. More information on ‘The Lioness Ritual’ will be released shortly.

In addition to Roarlinko, owning a Lioness NFT will be helpful in Proud Lions Studios' following line of Dynamic AI NFTs called Ethernal Cubs. To produce these cute/badass cubs, holders will need either a male OG Lion and Lioness, a few Lions from our partner lion projects, or a large bag of Steak Tokens. Ethernal Cubs will have their own utilities, from producing tokens with liquidity pools for passive income to having exclusive access to the Otherdeed metaverse.

At Proud Lions Club, we’re excited to offer Steak Tokens to enhance the Lionverse ecosystem and reward our loyal community. With multiple ways to earn and use Steak, there’s no reason not to join the pride today!



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