A different way of looking at Kafka — A replacement to multiprocessing for Horizontal scalability

Kafka, Kafka, Kafka….Why everyone in the industry is talking about Kafka when it comes to message bus? Top tech companies in the world are completely relying on Kafka nowadays. There are several ways these companies…

The Story of the fitting model on gradients

Today, almost all data science enthusiasts and data scientists are fan of gradient boosting frameworks because of their easiness and incredible results on mid-size datasets. XGBoost has been a proven model in data science competition and hackathons for its accuracy, speed, and…


Today, I am covering a simple answer to a complicated question that is “what C represents in Support Vector Machine” Here is just the overview, I explained it in detail in part 1 of Support Vector Machine Series.

Note: Here I am assuming that you know the basic fundamentals…


Machine Learning is the fastest growing field in the world. Everyday there will be a launch of bunch of new algorithms, some of those fails and some achieve the peak of success. Today, I am touching one of the most successful machine learning algorithm, Light GBM.

What motivated me…


Welcome to my first blog of learning. I have chosen my today’s topic as Neural Network because it is most the fascinating learning model in the world of data science and starters in Data Science think that Neural Network is difficult and its understanding requires knowledge of neurons, perceptron…

Working on Content: Will be publishing soon

Step 1 — Create New Conda Environment

Tensorflow didn’t work with Python 3.6 for me, but I was able to get all packages working with 3.5.3. Luckily Anaconda has a really cool feature called ‘environments’ that allows more than version of Python to be installed in a different environments, each…

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