Stop the Spread — A Response to COVID-19

  1. We’ve launched #payitforward, an initiative to ask large companies with flexible balance sheets to immediately pay their small business vendors, rather than waiting 30–45 days to pay their accounts payable. This will help them stay afloat for the next 30 days and pay their employees as best they can. We’ve also added a number of other recommendations here.
  2. We’re specifically focused on frontline workers — the healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing and retail workers who still need to show up for work. We’re launching an effort with a number of universities around the US to offer COVID-19 training programs to help workers understand — what is COVID, how do i protect myself, how do I talk about this with my manager, and other crucial conversations needed to support and protect our workforce on the frontline.
  3. We’re also asking that business leaders, community leaders and celebrities follow Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s lead and support their local community, and better yet, their hometown. The Currys are supporting the million kids in Oakland who no longer can rely on school lunch with the funding for the Alameda County Food Bank through the crisis. The cities on the coasts are best resourced to survive this, but kids all over middle American rural communities are going to bed hungry tonight. Let’s fix that.

It’s Time for the Business Community to Step Up

Coming together [virtually] for the common good

  • Any well capitalized company should implement a “quick pay” function to pay their invoices to small businesses faster (circumventing the normal billing cycle, which ranges from 30 to 45 days).
  • This will help meet the critical cash flow needs of these small supply chain businesses that are critical to your success.
  • For banks and financial services companies, give these small businesses reprieve on their accrued interest.
  • For real estate companies, consider extending the due date for rent.
  • Any well capitalized company should stop charging interest on outstanding balances.
  • Create a Shop Small campaign for small business e-commerce.
  • For local small businesses who are online, give them your business.
  • Provide technical support to help local retailers become online capable if they are not already. This is a place where the tech community can lead and might be able to provide something turnkey which would be tremendously impactful for both communities and small businesses.
  • Pre-order goods, buy gift certificates, and gift cards by phone from small businesses that are unable to transact online.
  • Our grocery stores are not prepared to serve the entire population. Curb-side delivery and pickups are playing an important role in feeding communities. That said, we need to ensure that the businesses and individuals who are leading these efforts are taking every precaution to ensure their own safety and the safety of the communities they are serving.
  • Establishing best practices and safety principles in this growing area is another place for the tech community to lead and make a difference.
  • Path 0: Hong Kong and Singapore — two strategies that accomplished quick containment, but most countries are now past that point
  • Path 1: South Korea, which had an outbreak similar to what we are now experiencing in the US, but then took very bold, decisive action on banning events, shutting down businesses and schools, and requiring social distancing
  • Path 2: Italy, which took delayed action, resulting in a 33% daily increase in cases and a truly overwhelmed hospital system
With dramatic action to stop the spread today, we can avert up to 5X the cases 30 days from now
  • Immediately change our organization’s policies to “work from home” for all employees where possible, including leaders.
  • Do everything we can to support our frontline workforce, our first responders and our healthcare workers, as they show up for work and fight this on the frontlines.
  • Ask our employees to stop hosting or attending voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Free up time on our calendars to support our state and local communities as we move through this crisis
  • Stop hosting or attending ALL voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Avoid bars, restaurants, gyms and group settings. That said, please do what you can otherwise to support small businesses and their employees during this tough time — buy gift cards from local restaurants to use later this year, support small online retailers, etc. Read more from Guild’s Chief Technology & Payments Officer Bijal Shah about actions you can take to support small businesses here, and continue to send us your suggestions.
  • Provide support for frontline workers, first responders and healthcare workers, as they fight this on the frontlines
  • Treat one another kindly in the stressful time
  1. Make this bold commitment today by adding your name alongside other bold leaders here
  2. Share this message with at least 3 people in your community with the #StoptheSpread tag and share who you’re stopping for: examples include #stopformykids, #stopforhealth, #stopformyparents or#stopforAmerica




CEO of Guild Education, co-founder of #stopthespread, and mom to Magnolia and Lily Grace

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Rachel Carlson

Rachel Carlson

CEO of Guild Education, co-founder of #stopthespread, and mom to Magnolia and Lily Grace

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