Stop the Spread — A Response to COVID-19

Rachel Carlson
50 min readMar 14, 2020


First — thank you. With your grassroots support, we’ve now launched the formal StopTheSpread.Org to host our efforts and kick off Part 2 of our movement to lead the private sector’s response to COVID-19. Here’s a bit about our effort:

Starting today, we are asking our 1,500 signatories to stand together and make a significant financial commitment to support COVID-19 support and recovery. We’ll be focused primarily on funding national healthcare needs — tied to ventilators, respirators and supplies for our hospitals around the US. We’re now asking our grassroots group of 1,500 CEOs and companies to follow on with financial commitments.

Additionally, we’re asking leaders to support a variety of the following initiatives:

  1. We’ve launched #payitforward, an initiative to ask large companies with flexible balance sheets to immediately pay their small business vendors, rather than waiting 30–45 days to pay their accounts payable. This will help them stay afloat for the next 30 days and pay their employees as best they can. We’ve also added a number of other recommendations here.
  2. We’re specifically focused on frontline workers — the healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing and retail workers who still need to show up for work. We’re launching an effort with a number of universities around the US to offer COVID-19 training programs to help workers understand — what is COVID, how do i protect myself, how do I talk about this with my manager, and other crucial conversations needed to support and protect our workforce on the frontline.
  3. We’re also asking that business leaders, community leaders and celebrities follow Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s lead and support their local community, and better yet, their hometown. The Currys are supporting the million kids in Oakland who no longer can rely on school lunch with the funding for the Alameda County Food Bank through the crisis. The cities on the coasts are best resourced to survive this, but kids all over middle American rural communities are going to bed hungry tonight. Let’s fix that.

Moreover, we’ve launched Part 2 with the New York Times this AM — visit our site and read more below.

Here’s our piece from the New York Times that went live this morning:

It’s Time for the Business Community to Step Up

How our corporate leaders act now is critical to beating coronavirus

By Kenneth I. Chenault and Rachel Romer Carlson

Mr. Chenault is chairman and managing director at General Catalyst and the former chief executive and chairman of American Express. Ms. Carlson is the chief executive and co-founder of Guild Education.

March 18, 2020

Over the past few years, we have watched the American business community move beyond caring simply about shareholders and bottom lines to embrace their relationships with their communities, employees and customers. Led by groups like the Business Roundtable, BlackRock and B Corporation, this movement — some call it “stakeholder capitalism” or “compassionate capitalism” — has the potential to change American society. Now is the time for us to live up to those commitments.

We are living through an unprecedented American moment, with the spread of Covid-19 threatening our healthcare system, our economy and our very way of life. How our businesses, chief executives and other corporate leaders respond now will play a large part in determining whether we can defeat coronavirus without paying a huge price in lives and national wealth.

Already, many companies, nonprofits and individuals have pitched in to help. But more needs to be done. That’s why we are calling on chief executives and other leaders of all sectors to commit to a series of concrete steps. A government stimulus is in the works to support our businesses; in the meantime, our businesses need to support our people.

As the virus spreads, we’re seeing collective action challenges emerging that are preventing a collective response to bend the curve. The task at hand is enormous: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said it needs private industry to produce tests in rapid order. We lack 500,000 ventilators to support the country’s estimated needs over the coming months. Time is running out and we can’t wait to start acting — we need to take the initiative now.

We need to see the same sense of duty within private industry that rallied our nation at other critical junctures in our nation’s history — when companies like Kaiser and General Electric ran 24-hour manufacturing days to produce ships and engines to support war efforts, or how, in the aftermath of Sept. 11 businesses of all sizes donated goods and services to help in the recovery effort. As business leaders — and, more important, as citizens — we have an obligation to act and support our communities, our customers and the workers on the front lines of this pandemic.

The two of us have spent the last several days rallying American business leaders to this new, urgent sense of duty. We have heard especially inspiring stories about the business communities in San Francisco and New York joining to fund and support the response effort. But if our testing and production efforts are state and locally coordinated, the hospitals in Omaha will run out of supplies soonest and the small businesses in New Orleans will shut down the fastest.

That means we need a national commitment with national resources, so no state is left without support.

We’ve already seen an example of this concerted effort in action. In recent days more than 1,500 chief executives of all sizes and types of businesses and organizations around the country signed our pledge to #stopthespread and #leadboldly — a commitment that we just started over the weekend, and immediately led thousands of restaurants, bars, resorts and stores to shut their doors, either in compliance with local government orders or, frequently, on their own accord.

More needs to be done. Starting Wednesday we are asking our 1,500 signatories to make a significant financial commitment to support covid-19 support and recovery. While there are many priorities for the American business community, we have focused our efforts on getting enough ventilators, respirators and other supplies for our hospitals.

Our country has several companies ready to make high-quality ventilators and other needed supplies at scale, but they need an infusion of capital and collaboration, immediately, to get started. We’re now asking our 1,500 signatories to help us fund a the national

Additionally, we’re asking leaders to support three more initiatives:

· We’ve launched #payitforward, an initiative to help small businesses with their cash flow. This will help these small vendors, who support countless thousands of jobs, stay afloat for the next 30 days and pay their employees as best they can. We’ve asked companies and individuals to immediately pay their small business vendors, rather than waiting the usual 30 to 45 days to pay their accounts payable.

· We’re specifically focused on front line workers — the healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing and retail workers who still need to show up for work. We’re beginning an effort with a number of universities around the country to offer training programs to help workers understand what the disease is, how to protect themselves, how to talk with their managers about it and other crucial conversations needed to support and protect our workforce on the front line.

· We’re also asking that business leaders, community leaders and celebrities to support their local community — or better still, their hometown — with concrete, innovative investments and programs. This is already happening everywhere. One example is led by Stephen and Ayesha Curry, who are helping to pay for the lunches for children in Oakland, Calif., who are no longer able to attend school. If your company is in a wealthy region like the Bay Area, we encourage you to look further, to places in Middle America that could be hit just as hard but lack the ready access to corporate capital. Kinds will go to bed hungry in those places, too, because their schools are closed. Let’s fix that.

This, put simply, is the moment when American business must step up. Wherever we can, however we can, we must meet this unprecedented challenge as generations of business leaders have before us — with the drive of innovation, the spirit of endeavor and a sense of shared sacrifice. What is called for is nothing less than the full strength of our capital, our ideas and our leadership.

Kenneth Chenault is chairman and managing director at General Catalyst and the former chief executive and chairman of American Express. Rachel Romer Carlson is the chief executive and co-founder of Guild Education.

Below is a piece from Ken Chenault, Chairman and Managing Director at General Catalyst and the former Chief Executive and Chairman of American Express.

Coming together [virtually] for the common good

This post is an update to Leading Boldly on COVID-19

GC invests in powerful positive change that endures — for our entrepreneurs, our investors, our people, and society. To that end, we firmly believe that the private sector needs to take a more proactive role in making a difference during this crisis. On Saturday evening, I partnered with Rachel Carlson, co-founder and CEO of GC-backed Guild Education, to play a role in a grassroots effort starting with the venture and tech communities to #stopthespread of COVID-19.

Over the last 48 hours, we’ve received strong support from 1,200+ business, civic, and government leaders and celebrities who have joined us in this effort and are engaged and committed to #stopthespread. Together, we will help ensure that the country is aware that all of us can lead directly as individuals and change the trajectory of this virus.

Taking care of ourselves and each other has never been so important. Unfortunately, our social fabric has been frayed for quite some time now. Further, COVID-19 requires physical separation, which only compounds feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disempowerment. While it is necessary that we continue to maintain social distancing in the physical sense, coming together virtually as a community and using our voices for the common good to make a difference is both appropriate and critical.

To that end, our focus now for those who have committed to #stopthespread and #leadboldly is to work together as leaders to understand and engage on critical planning to support our communities and the small businesses that serve them, which have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 over these last several weeks. All of us are in a strong position individually and collectively to play a role and make a difference.

Together as leaders, we can use our balance sheets to ensure these small businesses remain a vibrant part of our communities and economy. By keeping small businesses alive and well, we in turn ensure that they can continue to pay their employees, serve the communities that rely upon them, and contribute to the supply chain that is critical to the success of many of our companies and the economy overall.

Some initial ideas include:

1.The supply chain relies on small businesses. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses are suffering and will not survive the impact of COVID-19 without our help. One thing we can do as business leaders is pay these businesses more quickly for their products and services to ensure that they are around for the long-term.

  • Any well capitalized company should implement a “quick pay” function to pay their invoices to small businesses faster (circumventing the normal billing cycle, which ranges from 30 to 45 days).
  • This will help meet the critical cash flow needs of these small supply chain businesses that are critical to your success.

2. If small businesses are your customers, extend your payment terms and provide flexibility.

  • For banks and financial services companies, give these small businesses reprieve on their accrued interest.
  • For real estate companies, consider extending the due date for rent.
  • Any well capitalized company should stop charging interest on outstanding balances.

3. Support your local small businesses with your wallet and your expertise.

  • Create a Shop Small campaign for small business e-commerce.
  • For local small businesses who are online, give them your business.
  • Provide technical support to help local retailers become online capable if they are not already. This is a place where the tech community can lead and might be able to provide something turnkey which would be tremendously impactful for both communities and small businesses.
  • Pre-order goods, buy gift certificates, and gift cards by phone from small businesses that are unable to transact online.

4. Given that people will no longer be “dining in” in many cities, online delivery and takeout will play an important role in our communities. Developing best practices for small businesses for curb-side pickups and delivery AND providing COVID-19 safety principles for any food delivery services are critical.

  • Our grocery stores are not prepared to serve the entire population. Curb-side delivery and pickups are playing an important role in feeding communities. That said, we need to ensure that the businesses and individuals who are leading these efforts are taking every precaution to ensure their own safety and the safety of the communities they are serving.
  • Establishing best practices and safety principles in this growing area is another place for the tech community to lead and make a difference.

At a later point, we’ll work together to determine what we can do to help large companies impacted by COVID-19, but right now, small businesses need our immediate focus and support.

If you are interested in contributing to any of these efforts, or simply and powerfully lending your voice to the existing pledge to #stopthespread, we would be thrilled for you to join us. These are difficult times; coming together to solve issues that benefit all of us as a society is meaningful and timely work.

Be safe and be well,

Ken Chenault and Team GC


Wow. Since launching this on Saturday night, we’ve been blown away by the 1,300 CEOs, executives, and civil leaders and around the country who’ve committed to #leadboldly and #stopthespread of COVID-19.

But more importantly, we’ve been amazed by the diverse community of employees, family and friends who’ve spread our message to more than 1,550,000 Americans.

As a result, we’ve seen thousands of businesses change their policies to #stopthespread this morning. Moreover, hundreds of government policies have followed at the federal, state and local levels. But the US is still far behind on making the bold and decisive choices needed to #stopthespread. And our fellow citizens in Italy are begging us to make a different choice than they did and act faster.

With that in mind, we’re expanding our focus today, asking each and every one of you to take action today:

OUR ASK OF YOU — share #stopthespread across your community today on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, along with emails to your leaders and government officials. For inspiration, check out Steph Curry’s instagram video joining our effort.

WHEN YOU POST and don’t forget to share YOUR MOTIVATION to #stopthespread. We’ve heard from so many of you who are begging our communities to #stopthespread for sick parents & grandparents, for small business owners, for expectant mothers, for gig economy workers, for children, for our healthcare workers fighting this on the frontlines.

Finally, we’ve updated our goal. As of Sunday, there were at least 3,599 reported cases of COVID-19 in the U.S (and rampant under-testing).
1) Let’s beat that number and get more than 3,599 leaders to join the commitment today.
2) Let’s see if we can share this message to all of our colleagues, family and friends so that we can inspire another 1,500,000 Americans to change behavior and #stopthespread today.

In gratitude,


A coalition of 500 CEOs and leaders (and growing by the hour) is asking our fellow business and civic leaders around America to #LeadBoldly and #StoptheSpread of COVID-19.

History is always our most useful teacher, and in this COVID crisis, we have recent history to inform our decisions at this critical moment:

  • Path 0: Hong Kong and Singapore — two strategies that accomplished quick containment, but most countries are now past that point
  • Path 1: South Korea, which had an outbreak similar to what we are now experiencing in the US, but then took very bold, decisive action on banning events, shutting down businesses and schools, and requiring social distancing
  • Path 2: Italy, which took delayed action, resulting in a 33% daily increase in cases and a truly overwhelmed hospital system

While federal coordination is difficult, we’re fortunate to live in a 50 state union, and therefore the citizens of each US state get to decide which path we will follow.

Norway happens to be in nearly identical situations with states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado: all have populations of 4–7M, with roughly the same trajectory of COVID cases and deaths.

Norway has taken the lead to #StoptheSpread — their citizens are closing as many bars, restaurants and gyms as possible, they are helping shut down schools, banning sports and ending all large social gatherings.

Meanwhile, in the US, we’ve sent college kids home but New York bars are packed; we are working from home, but malls and resorts are full; while our health care leaders are encouraging the avoidance of group events, too many are still showing up: 14,000 fans attended a concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver on Thursday.

We can’t wait a week; we need to act now:

With dramatic action to stop the spread today, we can avert up to 5X the cases 30 days from now

Now is the critical moment when we can take bold action ourselves — like South Korea and Norway. In our democracy, we don’t need to wait for the government to mandate it — we can do it ourselves. As business & community leaders, we’re in a unique position to do so. As we do this, we recognize that these choices are hard — especially the burden on small business owners— and we will be focused on addressing those needs.

We as leaders are doing the following, and asking other leaders to join us:

  • Immediately change our organization’s policies to “work from home” for all employees where possible, including leaders.
  • Do everything we can to support our frontline workforce, our first responders and our healthcare workers, as they show up for work and fight this on the frontlines.
  • Ask our employees to stop hosting or attending voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Free up time on our calendars to support our state and local communities as we move through this crisis

We’re encouraging all of our employees, our friends, and our families to:

  • Stop hosting or attending ALL voluntary/social public events of ANY size
  • Avoid bars, restaurants, gyms and group settings. That said, please do what you can otherwise to support small businesses and their employees during this tough time — buy gift cards from local restaurants to use later this year, support small online retailers, etc. Read more from Guild’s Chief Technology & Payments Officer Bijal Shah about actions you can take to support small businesses here, and continue to send us your suggestions.
  • Provide support for frontline workers, first responders and healthcare workers, as they fight this on the frontlines
  • Treat one another kindly in the stressful time

We need help from each of you. Current data suggests that COVID-19 is spread to at least 2 additional people by each impacted individual — we need our bold collective action to spread faster than this virus. We hope this crisis will be contained to 1–2 months, and we know our actions today will help blunt that timeline. To this end, please:

  1. Make this bold commitment today by adding your name alongside other bold leaders here
  2. Share this message with at least 3 people in your community with the #StoptheSpread tag and share who you’re stopping for: examples include #stopformykids, #stopforhealth, #stopformyparents or#stopforAmerica

Thank you all,

Rachel Romer Carlson, CEO of Guild Education
Ken Chenault, Chairman & Managing Director of General Catalyst and former Chairman & CEO of American Express
Josh Scott, President of Guild Education
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors/SC30, Inc.
Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio
Leighanne Levensaler — CMO and EVP of Corporate Strategy for Workday
Jennifer Tejeda, CEO of Pager Duty
Aileen Lee, Founder of Cowboy Ventures
Roy Romer, former Governor of Colorado
Dan Springer, CEO of DocuSign
Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier
Lee Mayer, CEO of Havenly
Michael Dearing, Founder of Harrison Metal
Chris Romer, CEO of Project Canary and former State Senator
Joni Klippert, CEO of StackHawk, Inc.
Byron Deeter, Partner at Bessemer Ventures Partner
Seth Levine, Partner at Foundry Group
Ian White, CEO of ChartHop
Rich Oakes, President of GigSmart Inc.
Avni Patel Thompson, CEO of Modern Village
Leigh Fatzinger, CEO of Turbine Labs
Fern Mandelbaum, Managing Director of Emerson Collective
Jaleh Bisharat, CEO of NakedPoppy
Prerna Gupta, CEO of Hooked
Katherine Boyle, Partner at General Catalyst
Paul Freedman, CEO of Entangled
Parsa Saljoughian, Partner at IVP
Zach Sims, Co-Founder & CEO of Codeacademy
Jenny Qian, CEO of NEWNESS
Alex Rosen, Co-Founder and Head of Product of Sense
Jodie M. Grenier, CEO of Foundation for Women Warriors
Brad Feld, Partner at Foundry Group
Kevin Ferguson, CBO of Hooked
Jalak Jobanputra, Managing Partner at Future Perfect Ventures
Greg Sands, Managing Partner at Costanoa Ventures
Hunter Walk, General Partner at Homebrew
Jeremy Hamel, CEO of WeeHuman
John Tedesco, CEO of Drip
Satya Patel, Partner at Homebrew
Chuck Boyle, CFO of Apostrophe, Inc.
Raina Kumra, Partner at The Fund LA
Bart Lorang CEO of FullContact
Sarah Pinto, Venture Investing Partner at Emerson Collective
Marti Wedewer, Owner of Visual Persuasion Adobe Training
Matt Blomstedt, Managing Partner at SpringTime Ventures
Mark S Peek, EVP & Managing Director Workday Ventures
Krista Marks, CEO of Woot Math
Jake Bolling, CEO of Skupos Inc.
Brett deMarrais, Partner at Ludlow Ventures
Ryan Broshar, Partner at Matchstick Ventures
Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix Music Systems
David Cohen, Founder & Manager Partner at Techstars
Rajat Bhargava, CEO of JumpCloud
Chris Moody, Partner at Foundry Group
Mallun Yen, Founder & Partner at Operator Collective
Ben Wright, CEO of Velocity Global
Katie Stanton, Founder & General Partner at Moxxie Ventures
Zari Zahra, CPO at Spekit Inc
Michael Neril, Managing Partner at Spider Capital
Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit Circus
Victor Lazarte, CEO of Wildlife Studios
John Fein, Managing Partner at Firebrand Ventures
David Brown, CEO of Techstars
Jamie Candee, CEO of Edmentum
Geoff Entress, Partner at Pioneer Square Labs
Laurel Edelman, CEO of Sickweather
Maria Flynn, CEO of Jobs for the Future
Yoseph West, Co-Founder & CEO of Relay Financial
Jay Gundotra, CEO of ENow Software
Mark Frank, CEO of SonderMind
Adam Besvinick, Founder of Looking Glass Capital
Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom
Brad Gillespie, General Partner at IA Ventures
Frank Bonsal III, Managing Partner at Bonsal Capital
Dale Cook, CEO of Learn to Live, Inc.
Rebecca Sadwick, Managing Partner at Strategica Partners
Matthew Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Backbone
Blake Robbins, Partner at Ludlow Ventures
Taylor Nieman, CEO & Co-Founder of Toucan
Jaclyn Hester, Principle of Foundry Group
Nikhil Bhogal & Matt Van Horn, Founders of June Life, Inc.
David DuPont, Founder & CEO of TeamSnap, Inc.
Marco Zappacosta, Co-Founder & CEO of Thumbtack
Andrew Coy, Executive Director of Digital Harbor Foundation
Chuck Ambrose, President/CEO of KnowledgeWorks
David Frankel, Partner of Founder Collective
Alex Iskold, Managing Partner of 2048 Ventures
Mike Cohen, CEO & Founder of Cignition
Jonathan Ellis, Managing Director of Sandalphon Capital
Scott Raney, Managing Director of Redpoint Ventures
Pete Flint, Managing Partner at NFX
Isabelle Hau, Partner at Imaginable Futures
Jim Andelman, Managing Director at Bonfire Ventures
Jason Raznick, CEO of
Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight
Neil Barua, CEO of ServiceMax
Martin Cloake, Founder & CEO of Raven Telemetry
John MacDonald, CEO of Spansive
Ned Nadima, Partner at Casslemen
Catie Tilton, Commercial Real Estate Advisor at Newmark Knight Frank
Sean O’Brien, Managing Partner at Overline
Alicia Heraz, Chief Scientist & CEO of Emaww
Jessie Kerr, Pediatrician at Northern Navajo Medical Center
Mark Mullen, Co-Founder Bonfire Ventures
Trevor Loy, Managing Partner at Flywheel Ventures
Jarah Euston, Co-founder & CEO of WorkWhile
Satish Dharmaraj, Managing Director of Redpoint Ventures
Shuja Keen, Founding Partner at Mentors Fund
Nick Ducoff, Co-Founder & CEO of Edmit
Karthik Krishnan. CEO & Founder of Concentric Inc
Beth Clymer, CFO of Jobcase, Inc.
Rebecca Taber, Founder & CEO of Merit America
Sarah Kunst, Managing Director at Cleo Capital
Evan Powell, CEO of MayaData
Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9
Cody Barbo, CEO of Trust & Will
Walter Knapp, CEO of Sovrn Holdings, Inc.
Abb kapoor, COO of curu
Max Henderson, CEO of CoVid Bay Area
Deb Sheinbach Roman, Physician/Owner of Finding Health
Vlad Lokshin, CEO of
Paul Sethi, Partner at 2048 Ventures
Caroline Livermore, Principal at T3 Advisors
Val Young, Co-Founder of Rec Room
Ben Weiss, Founder & CEO of Behavehealth
Christine Tsai, CEO of 500 Startups
Kirsten Green, Managing Partner at Forerunner
Doug Pepper, Partner at ICONIQ Capital
Ben Milne, Founder of Dwolla
Jennifer Pilcher, CEO of Patriot Boot Camp 501(c)3
David Sturgeon, Co-Founder & CEO of Pivan Interactive, Inc.
Mike Myer, CEO & Founder of Quiq
Gil Elbaz, Founder & CEO of Factual
Kristin Baker Spohn, Partner at CRV
Sarah Lynch, Owner of Assorted Goods and Candy
John Vars, CEO of Mixhalo
Mourad Yesayan, Managing Director at Paladin Capital Group
Caroline Errington, VP Marketing at June
Evan Liang, CEO of LeanData
Brett Jackson, Managing Partner at V1.VC
Ryan Leaf, Founder & CEO of Minsilo
Andy MacMillan, CEO of UserTesting
Clay Kellogg, CEO of Terminal
Stephanie Tilenius, Founder & CEO of Vida Health
Joachim Klein, President of Threekit
GABRIEL LUNA OSTASESKI, Co-Founder & CRO of Braintrust
Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo
Vijay Tella, CEO of Workato
Will Potter, Partner at Riviera Partners
Susan Alban, Partner at Renegade Partners
Annie Kadavy, Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures
Ian Ker-Seymer, Director of Engineering at Broadlume
Melody Roberts, CEO of Liv Labs, Inc.
John S. Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of SendBirdRandall Weidberg, Co-Founder of Gray Digital
April Montgomery, CEO of Goble Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice and KIPP Chicago
Dan Beck, COO of Utmost
Matt Mireles, Founder/CEO of Transform
Bianca Gates, Co-Founder and CEO Birdies
Naeem Ishaq, CFO of Checkr
Oscar Perez, Chief Operations Officer at 8base
Joe Du Bey, CEO of Eden and Managed By Q
Yousif Astarabadi, Founder/COO of Transform
Deidre Paknad , CEO of WorkBoard, Inc
Matthew Tamayo-Rios, CEO of OpenLattice
Woodrow H. Levin, Founder & CEO of Extend
Raj Singh, CEO of Flock(
Roy Andrew Ng, Co-Founder & CEO of Bond Financial Technologies, Inc.
Ari Driessen, CEO of RSVPify
Michael Sidgmore, Partner at Broadhaven Ventures
Taylor McLemore, Managing Director at Able
John MacDonald, CEO of Spansive
Padmini Murthy, Founder of Content Sense
Dibya Prakash, Founder of ECD Venture
Mike Davies, Product Manager at Google
Somesh Dash, General Partner at IVP
Amy Klement, Managing Partner at Imaginable Futures
Eugenio Pace, CEO of Auth0
Chris O’Neill, Partner at Portag3 Ventures
Quinn Slack, CEO of Sourcegraph
John Pepper, Co-Founder of Boloco & Worthee
Vlad Magdalin, CEO of Webflow
Matt Brezina, Founder of Ford street ventures & @PeopleProtected
Elizabeth Yin, General Partner at Hustle Fund
Kathy Keating, CTO of TextUs
Sandra Wear, Owner of Scale Your Marketing
J.P. Werlin, CEO of PipelineDeals
Morgan Linton, Co-Founder & COO of Bold Metrics
Jeff Natland, CEO of Arizona Bay Ventures
Anthony Brooks-Williams, CEO of HVR Software
Cheryl Sidor, Owner of The North Fork Sunflower Maze division of Martin Sidor Farms, Inc.
Chad Stachowicz, CEO of Cloverhound, Inc.
Paul Levine, Managing Director at Sapphire Ventures
Chan Park, CEO of Oliver Space
Daniel Dreymann, Chief Product Officer at Presto
Aishetu Fatima Dozie, CEO of Bossy Cosmetics Inc.
Jeremy Levine, CEO of Los Dos
Tim Marklein, Founder & CEO of Big Valley Marketing
Rajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade
Grace Chen, CEO of Common Networks
Thomas Gieselmann, Managing Director at
Frida Polli, CEO of pymetrics
Laura Maness, CEO of Havas New York
Eric Christopher, CEO of Zylo
Tory Gray, Founder / Principal Consultant of The Gray Dot Company
Karla Raines, Co-Owner of Corona Insights
Andy Beck, CEO of PathAI
Dave McNasby, CEO of ThinkOptimal
Anthony (Boomer) Dell, Chief Compliance Officer of General Catalyst
Jenny Fielding, Managing Director & Partner at Techstars + The Fund
Jim Cusson, President of Theory House
Peggy Yu, Co-Founder & CEO of Stack Education
Brett Jurgens, CEO of Notion
Abakar Saidov, Co-Founder & CEO of Beamery
Kyle Cox, Managing Partner at ATP Fund
Mike Hirshland, Managing Partner at Resolute Ventures
Joseph Fisher, CEO of RenPSG
Jessie Barrie, PhD, Head of Schook at Bosque School, Albuquerque, NM
Raghavendra Singh, CEO of Chlorohemp Agrotech
Anu Duggal, Founding Partner at Female Founders Fund
Ilir Sela, Founder/CEO of Slice
Ben Wallerstein, CEO of Whiteboard Advisors
Eric Leftwich, Co-Founder & CRO of jobZology
Eric J. Erwin, CEO/President of FloraCraft
Chaitenya Razdan, CEO of Care+Wear
Lara August, CEO of Robot Creative
Emma Bindbeutel, Director of People and Operations at Choozle
Robert Small, Managing Director at Berkshire Partners
Raviv Turner, Chief Product Officer at CaliberMind
Kylie Rogers, Head of International Human Resources at PAE
Joshua G Bedell, Head of Strategic Ventures at Verisk Financial
Mark McWeeny, CEO of RueGiltGroupe
George Bischof, Managing Director at Meritech Capital Partners
Logan Bartlett, Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures
Cody Simms, Partner and Senior Vice President at Techstars
Alex Shootman, CEO of Workfront
Drew Silverstein, CEO of Amper Music
Kieran Snyder, CEO of Textio
Sean Black, Co-Founder & CEO of
Natty Zola, Partner at Matchstick Ventures
Sean Henry, CEO of Stord
Alexander Schwarzkopf, CEO of Pillar Technologies
Craig Walker, CEO of Dialpad
Umesh Tibrewal, Founder-CEO of BuzzBoard
Joshua Fraser, CEO of Estated
Ben Fischman, CEO of M.Gemi
Jeff Richards, Managing Partner at GGV Capital
Emma Kravitz, Social worker at DSST charter schools
Nikesh Parekh, CEO of Suplari
Harriet Seitler, Chief Brand Officer at Course Hero
Bryan Burkhart, Founder & CEO of Worksmith, Inc.
Tracy Hughes, Founder/CEO of Silicon Valley Sports Ventures
Allison Kent-Smith, CEO of Giide
Marisa Sharkey, Co-founder of Birdies
Mark Lyda, Principal at Lyda Law Firm LLC
Hilary Gosher, Managing Director at Insight Partners
Ryan Craig, Managing Director at University Ventures
Nihal Mehta, Founding General Partner at Eniac Ventures
Ian J. Sandler, Chief Operating Officer at Insight Partners
Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense
Marissa Spano, CEO of VENM
Austen Allred, CEO of Lambda School
Catherine Martucci, Delivery Manager at Workfront
Mansoor Alam, CEO of Memoir Health
Stefan Kollenberg, Co-Founder & CRO of Crescendo
Anand Raj, CEO of InXero
Adam Shay, Managing Member at Adam Shay CPA, PLLC
Chip Hazard, Partner at Flybridge
Simon Bromwell, Managing Director at Robert Walters
Karli Barokas, CEO of Barokas Communications
Johanna Maska, CEO of Global Situation Room
Pat Matthews, Founder & CEO of Active Capital
Emir Dukic, CEO of Rabbu, Inc.
Jessica Eggert, CEO of LegUp
Naj Austin, Founder & CEO of Ethel’s Club
Scott Dettman, CEO of Avenica
Anne Dwane, Co-Founder & Partner of Village Global
Alexander Hagerup, Founder & CEO of
Perse Faily, CEO of Tillster
Anne Keough Keehn, CEO of Quantum Thinking
Kyle Slager, CEO of Raken
Evan Conrad, CEO of
Kal Vepuri, Founder & CEO of Hero
Amy Saper, Partner at Accel
Airica Staley, Teacher at Skyline High School
Sridhar Kamma, CEO of FunnelAI
Erik Mitisek, President of Highwing
Ian McHenry, Co-Founder of Beyond Pricing
Noah Heller, CEO of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Bob Martin, Owner & Partner of iWerx
Blair White, VP at Landmark Commercial Real Estate
Sunil Kowlgi Srinivasan, Founder of Outklip
Frederick Goff, CEO of Jobcase
Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner at GSV Ventures
Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly
Jeff Fedor, Partner at Zeitspace
Jason Averbook, CEO/Founder of Leapgen
Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls who Code
Eric Paley, Partner at Founder Collective
Gilberto Loureiro, CEO of
Megan Zengerle, Partner at Sweat Equity Ventures
Sarah Cone, Managing Partner at Social Impact Capital
Bryan Leach, Founder & CEO of Ibotta
Bryant Barr, President of SC30 Inc.
Michael Cohn, Managing Partner at Overline
Dwayne Nesmith, CEO of Merita
Misha Esipova and Nicky Goulimis, Co-Founders & CEO + COO of Nova Credit
Raanan Bar-Cohen, Co-Founder of Resolute Ventures
Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner at High Alpha
Mark Eshman, CEO of ClearRock Capital LLC
Leyla Seka, Partner at Operator Collective
Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters
Laura Gluhanich & Guinevere De La Mare, Co-Founders of Silent Book Club
Luis Duarte, Partner at Imaginable Futures
Matt Byrnes, Head of School at Wooster School (CT)
Alec Walker, CEO of DelfinSia, Inc
Hiren Bhavsar, Director at Accolade
Joyce Zhang, CEO of Alariss
Christopher Rudy, CEO of
Mike Farris, Former Manager of Information Technology at Raytheon
Rob Bailey, CEO & Founder of BackboneAI
Paul Lasserre, Global Solutions Leader at Amazon Web Services
Narayan Srinivasan, Owner and Principal of Fulfeelment, LLC
Ashton Howe, Global Head of Marketing at DELVE
Ian Szalinski, CEO of Evoke Healthy Foods
Dorothy Walter , CFO at Alpine Investors
Narayan Srinivasan, Owner and Principal of Fulfeelment, LLC
Sara van Rensburg, CEO of CTLF
Komal Goyal, CEO & Managing Partner of 6e Technologies
Manny Medina, Co founder & CEO of
Mike Hilton, Chief Product Officer at Accolade
Dana Harris, President of DMarie + Co.
Colin McIntosh, Founder & CEO of Sheets & Giggles
Kendra K Prospero, CEO & Founder of Turning the Corner
Christopher Echevarria, Founder & CEO of Blackstock & Weber
Justin McMorrow, President of Elsmere Education
Vanessa Kirsch, Founder & CEO of New Profit
Fletcher Richman, Cofounder & CEO of Halp
Emma El-Karout , Founder & CEO of One Circle
Andrew Blum, CEO & Founder of The Trium Group
Candace Strauss, CEO of Big Sky Chamber | Visit Big Sky
Emma El Karout, Founder & CEO of One Circle
Elliot Felix, Founder & CEO of brightspot strategy
Ara, CEO of ServiceTitan
Imran Cronk, CEO of Ride Health
Gleb Tsipursky, CEO of Disaster Avoidance Experts
Keith Lynip, eCornell Director of Program Facilitation at Cornell University
Darren Gold, Managing Partner at The Trium Group
Ingra du Buisson Narsai, Director at Neurocapital
Colleen Leclercq, Managing Director at Connect EQ
Kristina Lisowski, VP of Operations at Supply
Tristen Tyler Blake, Founder of CO Network & Machine Learning Society
TeRay Esquibel, Director of community partnerships, ops, strategy at RootED
Heather Stenner, Owner of Enthusic Music Company, LLC
Jess Gartner, CEO of Allovue
Michael Lai, CEO of Tinycare
Amaro Taylor-Weiner, Director of Biomedical Datascience at PathAI
Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca
Dan Rosensweig , CEO of Chegg
Alex Burke, CEO of Education Perfect (EP)
Jeffrey Glass , CEO of Hometap Equity Partners
Ian Corley, CCO & Co Founder of Sat-Scan
Amy Nelson, CEO of Venture For America
Benjamin Gorski, Team Lead Talent Acquisition at Mister Spex
Sean Behr, Founder & CEO of STRATIM
Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor at Stanford University
Justin Fischer , CEO of VeriLeaf, Inc
Marty Martinez, Partner at Boston Consulting Group
Matt Glickman, Managing Partner at Promise Venture Studio
Gilles Gade, Chairman & CEO of Cross River
Jacqulyne Law, Project Manager at Columbia University
Jill Eshman, Founding Attorney at J Eshman Law
Eric Hopfenbeck, Executive Director at CiviCO
MarySue Barrett, President of Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago
Wesley Chan, Managing Director at Felicis Ventures
Stephanie Palmeri, Partner at Uncork Capital
Alex Barretr, Founder of Likemoji Experience
Jess Simmons, Director at LENA
Kanyi Maqubela , Managing Partner at Kindred Ventures
Elodie Dupuy, Founder & CEO of Full In Partners
Kevin Dunlap, Co-Founder of Calibrate Ventures
Neil Patel, President of Healthbox
Lindsay M Pettingill, Founder of Insight Labs
Imran Cronk, CEO of Ride Health
Monica Royer , CEO of Monica + Andy
Eamonn Carey, Managing Director at Techstars London and The Fund London
Ben Goldberg, Founder & CEO of SalesGig
Matt Golden, Managing Partner at Golden Ventures
Zack Rosen, CEO of Pantheon
Matt Golden, Managing Partner at Golden Ventures
Dr. Jonathan Thill, Co-founder of Venture Ecosystems and VentureAsheboro
David Hughes, President/Managing Principal at BCER Engineering, Inc
Douglas Viney, CEO of Benjamin Douglas
Sara Adler, General Partner at Wave Capital
Kelly Gleischman, Managing Partner at EdFuel
Sonu Panda, CEO of Prescriptive Data
Scott Hartley, Co-Founder & Partner at The Fund
Cat Dizon, Co-founder & COO of Active Capital
WAYNE SCHELL, Co-Founder and Partner at MOST Programming, Inc.
Lori Jones, President & CEO of Avocet Communications Integrated Marketing
Chris W. Sharp, CEO of SharpNet Solutions, Inc
Josh Ashton, Chief People Officer at Trineo
Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy Inc
Brad Johnston, Senior Business Advisor at G&A Partners
Michael Demchak, CEO of Zodiac Event Displays
Kevin Kramer, CEO of Lottery Now
Matt Golden, Managing Partner at Golden Ventures
Imran Cronk, CEO of Ride Health
Amy Buckner Chowdhry, CEO & Founder of AnswerLab
Chris Myatt, CEO of MBio Diagnostics
James F Kenefick, Managing Partner at Azafran Capital Partners
Byron Hewett , Co-Founder and CEOof Brava Diagnostics
James Kenefick , Member of Young Presidents Organization
Carolyn Betts Fleming, CEO of Betts Recruiting
Yolanda Webb, Director, Office of Adult, Aging and Disability Services of Colorado Department of Human Services
Sam Hodges, Co-founder and CEO of Vouch
Craig Gilmore, CEO of EXTEN Technologies, Inc.
Vincent Adipietro, Vice President of Marketing at Prime Society
Tomer Tagrin, Co-founder & CEO of Yotpo
Jen Grogono, CEO of uStudio Inc.
Manu Kumar, Chief Firestarter & CEO of K9 Ventures / HiHello, Inc.
Ric Lukasiewicz, Northern Sales Leader at IBM
Jake Hamann, Executive Director at Peoria Innovation Alliance
Andy Rodriguez, President of South Florida Professionals
Thad Eby, CEO of Ombud
Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos.con
Mark A. Cruz, President of Cruz, Prado & Associates, Inc. Dba CP Systems
Seth Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of OODA Health
Karen Frame, CEO & Co-founder of Makeena
Chris Burniske, Partner at Placeholder
Katherine Wells, CEO of Serenity App, Inc.
Lori Frasier , CHRO of CPI Card Group
Katherine Wells & Francis LeGasse, Chief Mavericks/Owners of Mavericks of Senior Living
Peter Messana, CEO of Searchspring
Richard Pierson, CEO of Headspace
Shishir Mehrotra, CEO/Co-Founder of Coda
Bob Paulsen, CEO of PlayerLync
Emily Westerhold, CFO of VSCO
Nicole Rufener, Sales Coach at milehimodern
Joel Selzer, CEO of ArcheMedX
Joel Flory, CEO & Co-Founder of VSCO
Chester Ng, General Partner at Atomic
Dan O’Brien, CEO of Mediashift
Bruce Friedrich, Founder & Executive Director at The Good Food Institute
Will Feldman, CEO of Garlic Media Group
Mike Mulhern, Vehicle Broker at Automotive Search, Inc.
Olof Mathé, CEO of Mixmax
David Kendall, Founder, CEO & Attorney at Bold Legal LLC
Stuart Kaye, President of Kaye Lifestyle Homes
Brian O’Keefe , President and Chief Investment Officer of Parallel Advisors
Daniela Ibarra-Howell, CEO of Savory Institute
Tom Griffiths, CEO of Hone
Carrie Hudak, COO of Project Canary
Eva Vyas, CMO of OpiSafe
Katy Shields, VP, People and Places at VSCO
Jill Tomich, Co-founder of Hipalerts
Brad Scott, CEO of Scott Volkswagen
Chris Heyde, CEO & Founder of Blue Marble Strategy
Gary Clark, Chief Strategy Officer of OpiSafe
Ken Sparks, CEO of Children’s HopeChest
Chris Berry, President of OhioX
Wendi Burkhardt, CEO of Silvernest
Matt Alexander, Co-founder & CEO of Neighborhood Goods
Taryn Langer, Founder & CEO of Moxie Communications Group
Annie Miller, CEO of w/you
Gunter Pfau, CEO of Stuzo
Alex Kehr, CEO of Pop
Mithra Narasimhan, Founder of Acaju Cashew Yogurt
Alex Marlantes, Cofounder & CEO of Everlance
Pradeep R. Rai, MD, CEO/Medical Director of Magnolia Medical/ProHealth One
James W Brennan, Co Founder/Chairman of Suja Juice and Kopari Beauty
Karen Kemerling, COO & Leadership Coach at Trail Ridge — Agile Leadership Education & Coaching
Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia
Leslie Feinzaig, CEO of Female Founders Alliance
Aagya Mathur, Co-Founder & CEO of Aavia
Andre Christ, CEO & Co-Founder of LeanIX
Peter Hurford, Co-Executive Director of Rethink Priorities
Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight
Christine Thomas, Director Examination Resources
Amit Shah, VP of Operations at Virta Health
Frank Britt, CEO of Penn Foster Education
Larson Stair, CEO of Demoflow
Marc Osofsky, CEO of Jama Software
Stephanie Corliss, Co Founder & COO of SNAPSHYFT
Ameet Kallarackal, CEO of Fisherman
Lori Csaszar, Co-Founder, Business Development & Philanthropy of SipTequila.Com/Compoveda Tequila
Logan Allin, Founder & Managing General Partner of Fin Venture Capital
Iba Masood, Cofounder & CEO of Tara AI
Brittany Morris Saunders, President of Local Affairs at Sewald Hanfling Public
Katie Drews, Chief Experience Officer at Avenica
Tyler Crown, Associate at Assurant Growth Investing
Anwar Ghauche, CEO of Constrafor
Aaron Rasmusse, CEO of
Suman Talukdar, Founder & Managing Partner at TVC LLC
Piers Nash, CEO of Sympatic Inc
Stephen Smith, CEO of Intellispark
Gerald Doyle, Growth and Engagement at Upkey
Prateek Gupta, Head of Developer Content at
Raj Date, Managing Partner at Fenway Summer LLC
Adam Scott Perl, CEO & Co-Founder of
George Vukasin, Owner of Peerless Coffee and Tea
Tracy DiNunzio, Founder & CEO of Tradesy
Kristin Savilia, CEO of JOOR
David White, President & CEO of Ne Timeas Restaurant Group
Sarah Tuneberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Geospiza, Inc
Rob Valuck, PhD, CEO of OpiSafe
Lynn Lambrecht , Founder of The Living Planner
Abby Jo Sigal, CEO of HERE to HERE
Karan Talati, CEO of First Resonance
Tina Hay, CEO of Napkin Finance
Heather Terenzio, CEO of Techtonic
Dan Ciporin, General Partner at Canaan Partners
Timothy Woods, Managing Director and Audit Practice Leader at CBIZ MHM, LLC
Erica Chidi Cohen, CEO of LOOM
Richard Steel, CEO of Parsec Ventures
Koka Sexton, VP of Marketing at Betts Recruiting
Laurel Taylor, Founder & CEO of
Dr. Alex Lawrence, Assistant Professor at Weber State University
Fanny Navarro, Coordinator at Miami-Dade County Parks EcoAdventures
Marc Hafner, CEO of Revionics
Darshan Puttannaiah, CEO Qwinix Technologies
Anna Barber, Managing Director at Techstars
Jaya Bandyopadhyay, Founder & CEO of TeamzSkill, Inc.
Ablorde Ashigbi, Co-Founder & CEO of 4Degrees
Brent Jenkins, Managing Director at Anterec
Beth Steinberg, Vice President, People and Talent at Chime
Jim Manzi, Co-Founder of
Drew Glover, VP of Betts Connect at Betts Recruiting
AJ Malhotra, Vice President at Insight Partners
Devin W. Johnson, CEO of The Reputation Management Company (RMC)
Kate Tustin Klein, CEO of Capitol Crown /Athena Reo Services
Davis Bell, CEO of Canopy
Bruce Perens, General Partner at Incubator.Fund
Nell Derick Debevoise, CEO of Inspiring Capital
Rodney Gainous Jr, Founder & CEO of Safe
Lulu Cheng Meservey, COO & Cofounder of TrailRunner International
Genefa Murphy, CMO of Micro Focus
Leslie Schmidt, Managing Director at Betts Recruiting
Crystal Huang, CEO of ProSky
Ryan Butcher, CEO of Shiplab
Jeff Potter, Founder & CEO of Manifest
Uwe Wagner, Principal at Tiburon Consulting LLC
Maria Barrera, Head of Marketing at ChartHop
Tomas Gorny, Co-Founder & CEO Nextiva
Jason Schoettler, Co-Founder of Calibrate Ventures
Gabriella DeFlorio, CEO & Co-Founder of Prelay
Fred Schonenberg , CEO & Founder of VentureFuel, Inc.
Lissa Minki, VP, People & Workplace at Tile, Inc.
Marc Murphy, CEO of Atlatl
Andrés Benavides, General Manager at Codeable
Ann C Hicks, Managing Director at 4705 LLC
Caroline Whistler, CEO of Third Sector
Georgene Huang, CEO & Co-Founder of Fairygodboss
Fazeela Abdul Rashid, Managing Director at Temasek International
Bob Forbes, President of The Forbes M+A Group
Dana Stephenson, CEO of Riipen
Ed Williams, CEO of NOHMs Technologies
Matt Heider, CEO of Nautilus Labs
Tracy Palandjian , CEO & Co-Founder of Social Finance
Peter Ord, Founder & CEO of GuideCX
Salil Jain, CEO of Stripes39
Josh Golomb, CEO of Hazel Health
Leslie Jones, Founder & CEO of SpiralMethod
Sam Pardue,CEO of Indow
Jeff Kagan, Cofounder of Nifty
Billiekai Boughton, President of San Diego Women Veterans Network
Jake Schwartz, CEO & Co-Founder of General Assembly
Nikhil Basu Trivedi, General Partner at Shasta Ventures
Musheer Ahmed, CEO of FraudScope, Inc.
Barbette Havriliak, CEO of Barbette Media Services
Mikko Jarvenpaa, Founder & President of Sentient Media
Greg Greenwood , CEO Emeritus of Blackstone Entrepreneur Network
Toby Hervey, CEO & Co-Founder of Bravely
Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO of Stack Overflow
Jesse Genet, CEO of Lumi
J. Tyler Thompson, CPA, President/Owner of TMA Small Business
Accounting, PC
Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation
Tom Blesso, CFO of Penn Foster Education
Byron Auguste, CEO & Co-Founder of Opportunity@Work
Jim Crowley, CEO of
Jill Koziol, CEO & Cofounder of Motherly, Inc.
David Lee, CEO of NEX Team Inc., creator of HomeCourt
David Sullivan, Managing Director at ADG
Anand Kishore, CEO of AspireIQ, Inc.
Colette F. Levy, Head of Business Transformation at Capital One
Trisha Nash, Health Assistant at Accolade Inc
Mathilde Collin, Co-founder & CEO of Front
Will Salcido, CEO & Co-Founder of Bedrock Analytics
Sophia Kim, CEO & Founder of Tellagami Labs
Stacey Dean, Senior Operations Director at Granite direct/ King builders
James Kenefick, Member at Young Presidents Organization
Kris Hagerman, CEO of Sophos
Jukay Hsu, Co-founder & CEO of Pursuit
Bill Douglas, CEO of OpticWise
Rob Holland, CEO of Alpha
Wayne Chattaway , CEO of The Anti
Pano Anthos, Founder & Managing Director at XRC Labs
Midi Drew, CEO of About Your Bottom Line LLC
Jason Corsello, General Partner at Acadian Ventures
Sara Mauskopf, CEO & Co-founder of Winnie
Jayne Millard, Chairman & Co-CEO of Turtle & Hughes, Inc
Melissa Hanna, CEO of Mahmee
Harry West, VP Client Partner at Leapgen
Aylon Steinhart, CEO of Eclipse Foods
Jen Saxton, Founder & CEO of Tot Squad
Ken Schrader, President of Traction360
Glenn Curtis, Chief XDE Officer at Level 11
Matt Abrams, Principal at The Abrams Group
Evan Walker, Founder & CEO of Route
Nicole Sanchez, CEO & Founder of Vaya Consulting
JJ Aguhob, CEO of Dream Studios, Inc.
Josh Swihart, VP Growth at Electric Coin Company
Mitchell Kleinhandler, Managing Partner at Differential Ventures
Will Pacio, CEO of Pared
John Thackston, VP Business Development at SOAR Performance Group
Marie A. Cini, President of Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Kevin Martin, Co-founder of unspun
Beth Esponnette, Co-founder of unspun
Chris Cabrera, Co-founder & CEO of Xactly Corporation
Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder & CEO of Mailchimp
Steve Schoch, CFO of 23andMe
Jager McConnell, CEO of Crunchbase
Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder & CEO of Canva
Emily Osborne, Art Director at Penguin Random House

Manu Edakara, Associate Director of iVenture Accelerator

Nicole Jordan, Board Member at Aussie Founders Network

Alex Canter, CEO & Co-founder of Ordermark

Lior Div, CEO & Co-founder of Cybereason

George Tsiatis, CEO & Co-founder of The Resolution Project

Jonas Bordo, CEO & Co-founder of Dwellsy

Alex Shevelenko, CEO & Co-founder of RELAYTO/ Document Experience

Cesar Augusto Rossi, CEO & Co-founder of BWG

Sasanka Atapattu, CEO & Co-founder of LaunchSource

Allison Wood Ferenci, CEO & Co-founder of Camera IQ

John Giacomoni, CEO & Co-founder of Balanced Blends

Barak Kaufman, CEO & Co-founder of Intello

Susan Chu, CEO & Co-Founder of CultureCrush

Sasanka Atapattu, CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchSource

Kristin Langenfeld, CEO & Co-founder of Good Buy Gear

Amanda Greenberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Balloon

Geeta Banda, CEO & Co-Founder of Diana AI

Saeju Jeong, CEO & Co-Founder of Noom

John Wetzel, CEO & Co-Founder of Gather

Helen Adeosun, CEO & Co-Founder of CareAcademy

Jennifer Henderson, CEO & Founder of TiLT

Lucas E Wall, CEO & Founder of Tablelead, Inc.

Clara Shih, CEO & Founder of Hearsay Systems

Pam Watson Korbel, CEO & Founder of SmartGrowth, Inc.

Sahil Vakil, CEO & Founder of MYRA, Inc.

Marie Zolezzi, CEO & Founder of ZM Ventures, Inc.

Josh James, CEO & Founder of Domo

Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO & Founder of GoCoach

Scott Hempy, CEO & Founder of Filld

Deepa Sureka, CEO & Founder of Kora

Braughm Ricke, CEO & Founder of Aduro Advisors

Martha Shaughnessy, CEO & Founder of The Key PR

Shenkeri Chandramohan, CEO & Founder of YUNO Biotactical Drinks

Jocelyn Mangan, CEO & Founder of Him For Her

Amir Elichai, CEO and Co-founder of Carbyne

Nathan Adams, CEO and President of Linkwell Health, Inc.

Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst

Alli McKee, CEO of Stick

Jager McConnell, CEO of Crunchbase

Michael Dagate, CEO of FaxLogic

Stefanie Lemcke, CEO of Gokid

David Cancel, CEO of Drift

Mark Faggiano, CEO of TaxJar

Mandy Price, CEO of Kanarys, Inc.

Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of CompTIA

Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync

Kelly Koerner, CEO of Jaspr Health

Lucy Brazier, CEO of Marcham Publishing

Keith Coleman, CEO of Fraudmarc

Tina M Sanders, CEO of TNC Development, Inc.

Jennifer Biggs, CEO of Ampogee

Andrew Cousin, CEO of Circle Graphics

Jeffrey Walsh, CEO of Nomo Fomo

Ant Taylor, CEO of Lyte

Alex Gershenson, CEO of SupplyShift

Brady Miller, CEO of Trelora

Paige McPheely, CEO of Base

Steve Prather, CEO of Dizzion, Inc.

Shikhar Shrestha, CEO of

Steven Galanis, CEO of Cameo

Christian Selchau-Hansen, CEO of

Julie Lerner, CEO of PanXchange, Inc

Jon West, CEO of AddShoppers

Michael Erickson Facchin, CEO of Ad Badger

Jimmy Chen, CEO of Propel

Justin Mast, CEO of Bloomscape

Demetrios Kotsikopoulos, CEO of Silectis, Inc.

Matt Gilbert, CEO of Pepperjam

Tim Shea, CEO of Latticework Insights

Julia Hu, CEO of Lark health

Mary Ellen Beliveau, CEO of Knowledge to Practice

Monica Enand, CEO of Zapproved, Inc.

Skye Perry, CEO of SSP Innovations

Donal Daly, CEO of 6Rockets

Andrea Orrego, CEO of Atelier Home Design

Brian Pontarelli, CEO of FusionAuth

Ram Shanmugam, CEO of AutonomIQ Inc.

Ken Davis, CEO of TaskEasy, Inc.

Vance Checketts, CEO of Dsco

Dave Mayer, CEO of Technical Integrity

Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio

Clark Valberg, CEO of InVision

Matthew Harris, CEO of Bloom Credit

Maria Soloveychik, CEO of SyntheX

Jodi Bricker, CEO of Quay Australia

Peter Corrigan, CEO of The University Network

Kara Brown, CEO of SmthBrown

Kelly Ann Collins, CEO of Vult Lab

Adam Sold, CEO of Moshn Mobility

Marco Piovesan, CEO of InfoMart

Russell Glass, CEO of Ginger

Isabel Berney, CEO of Buggy Technologies

Tim Guiterman, CEO of InfiSense

Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark

Aki Balogh, CEO of MarketMuse

Peter Sheahan, CEO of Karrikins Group LLC

Paul Reinarz, CEO of rezora

Paul DeDora, CEO of DeDora Capital, Inc.

Spike Lipkin, CEO of Newfront Insurance

Ethan Castro, CEO of AspenRidge Recovery

Chris Kay, CEO of Thompson Oncology

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, CEO of Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Martha Carlin, CEO of The BioCollective

Kelly Reedy, CEO of LRXD

Chris Kay, CEO of Thompson Oncology

Peter Frischmann, CEO of Sepion Technologies

Anik Khan, CEO of MaxRewards

Bill Shaughnessy, CEO of ACME Technologies, Inc.

Chris Harrington, CEO of

Justin Johnson, CEO of LeadMethod, Inc.

Trent Bigelow, CEO of

Brian Walsh, CEO of CodeScience

Chloe Alpert, CEO of Medinas

Chris Harrington, CEO of

Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva

Alice Kim, CEO of Elizabeth Mott Cosmetics

Michel Feaster, CEO of Usermind

Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO of CognitiveScale

Matthew Glotzbach, CEO of Quizlet

Valentin Bercovici, CEO of PencilDATA

Mike Volpe, CEO of

Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi

Mirko Novakovic, CEO of Instana

Simon Turner, CEO of Myagi

Andrei Cherny, CEO of Aspiration

Ruben Harris, CEO of Career Karma, Inc.

Greg Harris, CEO of Quantum Workplace

David engle, CEO of Upright Labs

Steve Rimland, CEO of AIMECAST

Chuka Ufomadu, CEO of Baskette, Inc.

David McDonough, CEO of CommonStock

Liz Wessel, CEO of WayUp

Ori Eisen, CEO of Trusona

Owen Tripp, CEO of Grand Rounds

Sandra Hagen Solin, CEO of Capitol Solutions

Banks Benitez, CEO of Uncharted

Eric Quick, CEO of The Town Kitchen and PocketCFO

Kate DeWald, CEO of Oncue

Stephen Ufford, CEO of Trulioo

Tara Lemméy, CEO of LENS Ventures

Peter Fischer, CEO of InkSpace Imaging

Ryan Kuiken, CEO of MainBloq

Taran Ghatrora, CEO of Blume

Haider Nazar, CEO of MAHA Global

Nitzan Pelman, CEO of Climb Hire

Amar Hanspal, CEO of Bright Machines

Candice Frost, CEO of TTCK

Christian Braun, CEO of hobbyDB

David Evans, CEO of Fictiv

Ryan Babenzien, CEO of Greats

Chris Messina, CEO of Body1, Inc.

Turner Levison, CEO of CommissionTrac

George Bordianu, CEO of Balance

Thomas Sanchez, CEO of Social Driver

Libby Fischer, CEO of Whetstone Education

Mike Salguero, CEO of

Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse Software

Alan Chiu, CEO of

Chris Minnich, CEO of NWEA

Alecia Huck, CEO of MAVERICK & Company

Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra

Andy Yang, CEO of Indiegogo

Harish Venkatesan, CEO of Designlab

Seva Mouler, CEO of RetroLabs, Inc.

Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN

J Scott Zimmerman, CEO of Xola

Will Madden, CEO of bridge21

Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale

Ted Wright, CEO of Fizz

Jeff Malek, CEO of Code Fellows

Peter Komornik, CEO of Slido

Scott Millwood, CEO of Yesflow

Lindsey Andrews, CEO of Minibar Delivery

Brian Gannon, CEO of Loop

Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO of Persistent ID

Daan Weddepohl, CEO of Peerby

Scott Beck, CEO of CHG Healthcare

Daniel Araújo, CEO of Attentive, Inc

Cris Solomon, CEO of Encanto Squared

Saujin Yi, CEO of Liquid, Inc.

Derek Brown, CEO of Bunches

Marcelo Camberos, CEO of ipsy

Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of MailUp, Inc.

Soheil Raissi, CEO of Maptics

David Benjamin, CEO of JetInsight

Sarah Milby, CEO of Valor Performance

Kip Wright, CEO of Genuent

Nathan Beckord, CEO of

Teresa Creech, CEO of TalentWave

Kal Amin, CEO of

Jay Wilkinson, CEO of Firespring

Erwan Keraudy, CEO of CybelAngel

Jacquelyn Kung, CEO of Activated Insights

Jeremy Fabatz, CEO of Giraffe Inc

Eric Lenington, CEO of ObjectSpectrum, LLC

J. Douglas Leeby, CEO of Beeline

Brian Walsh, CEO of CodeScience

Robert Henderson, CEO of JumpCrew

Max Greenwald, CEO of Warmly,

Campbell Macdonald, CEO of Proxxi

Devon Tivona, CEO of Pana

Assaf Biderman, CEO of Superpedestrian

Jared Hecht, CEO of Fundera

Adam Ellifritt, CEO of Wisemen Media

Tacy M. Byham, Ph.D., CEO of DDI

Jesse Levin, CEO of Brightfield

Laurie Bouillion Larrea, CEO of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Hadi Partovi, CEO of

Dee Choubey, CEO of MoneyLion

William Adams, CEO of Leadership Circle and the Full Circle Group

Judith Blair, CEO of Brains at Work

Erin Beck, CEO of Komae, powered by Wana Family Network PBC

Paul Gollash, CEO of Voxy

Kris Nations, CEO of Kris Nations Jewelry

Matt Fiedler, CEO of Vinyl Me, Please

Amy Baglan, CEO of Fabriq

Mike Phillips, CEO of Vigilant (

Kay Henze, CEO/ED of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network

Sarah Mead, CEO/Founder of Tradeink

Virginia Klausmeier, CEO/President of Sylvatex

Blake Koriath, CFO at High Alpha

Steve Schoch, CFO at 23andMe

Jim Cook, CFO at Orbital Insight

Jesal Sheth, CFO at Feel Good Fods

Derek R. Spence, Chairman and CEO of Vi3

Dave Kerpen, Chairman of Likeable

Josh Grau, Chief Brand Officer at Yext

Dave Boyce, Chief Strategy Officer at

Chris Gannett, Chief Strategy Officer at Encore Live

Steve Nguyen, CHRO at Horlu JSC.

Merijn te Booij, CMO at Genesys

Eric Waldinger, CMO at SambaSafety

Greg Eden, CMO at Bright Machines

Jason Hamilton, Co-CEO of

Julie Sawaya, Co-CEO of Needed PBC

Ryan Woodbury, Co-CEO of Needed PBC

Phil DeSimone, Co-Founder & CCO of Carbon, Inc.

Kestrel Linder, Co-founder & CEO of GiveCampus

Nicolas Vandenberghe, Co-founder & CEO of Chili Piper

Michael Papay, Co-founder & CEO of Waggl

Rome K. Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO of Ziplyne Inc.

Marcin Kurc, Co-founder & CEO of Nobl9

Brett Truka, Co-founder & CEO of Devetry

Brad Brooks, Co-Founder & CEO of TigerConnect

Stephanie Sarka, Co-Founder & CEO of 1 Atelier LLC

Matt Danna, Co-Founder & CEO of Boulevard

Patrick Coughlin, Co-founder & CEO of TruSTAR Technology

Sam Levan, Co-founder & CEO of MadKudu

Treve Suazo, Co-Founder & CEO of Platte River Networks

Mahmoud Khedr, Co-founder & CEO of FlorAMind

Robert Yuen, Co-founder & CEO of Monograph Inc.

Kenny Gorman, Co-founder & CEO of

Ellen Feaheny, Co-founder & CEO of AppFusions

Jay Srinivasan, Co-founder & CEO of askSpoke

Claire McDonnell, Co-Founder & COO of True Link Financial

Pratyus Patnaik, Co-founder & CTO of askSpoke

Cory Virok, Co-founder & CTO of Rollbar

Roseanne Wincek, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Renegade Partners

Eric Lam, Co-Founder & President of AspireIQ

Ivey Stokes, Co-founder & VP of Marketing of myEcon, inc.

Kevin Barry, Co-Founder and COO of Second Nature Brands, Inc.

Ran Oz, Co-Founder and CTO of CommonGround-ai

Josh Brewer, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Abstract

Attia Alexandre, Co-founder of AZmed

Anne Chambers, Co-founder of Certifiably

Sal Stabler, Co-Founder of

Jason Cormier, Co-Founder of Room 214, Inc.

Karen Fullerton, Co-Founder of OpenAccess

Alex Lofton, Co-founder, Head of Culture & Brand at Landed, Inc.

Conor Swanson, Co-Owner and Partner of Code

Graham Neray, Cofounder & CEO of oso

Chris Cabrera, Cofounder & CEO of Xactly Corporation

Jannine Versi, Cofounder & COO of Elektra Health

Ben Chestnut, Cofounder and CEO of Mailchimp

Betsy Hauser, Cofounder and CEO of Tech Talent South

Ravon Ufomadu, Community Relationship Manager at Baskette

Scott Ford, COO at Techstars

Susan Sharp, COO at EMS LINQ

Ben Hubbard, COO at Super Dispatch

Garrett Burk, Creative Lead at Betts Recruiting

Elaine Thorndike, CSO at iYOTAH Solutions

Truth Oladapo, CTO at Buggy Technologies, Inc.

Shiva Adireddy, CTO & Co-Founder of Advano

Emilio Caamano, CTO at Gain Innovation

Soheil Raissi, CTO/CIO at MarginPoint

Chris Van Pelt, CVP at Weights & Biases

Ric Edinberg, Design Research Director at Fjord

Roshan Adhikari, Developer at Sophos

Kevin Liu, Director at Techstars

Paul Foley, Director at Rockies Venture Club

Dorothy Donnelly, Director of Marketing at American Water Works Association

David Self, Director of Product Strategy at Keet Health

Emily Butler, Director of Sales Recruitment at Betts Recruiting

Patrick Stearns, Director of Talent Acquistiion at Epsilon / Conversant

Lori Shook, Director, Business Development at BI WORLDWIDE

Nancy Hammervik, EVP at CompTIA

Guillermo Romo, Executive Chairman of Mega/Bloom Farms

Robyn D Winters, Executive Director at Cognitive Learning Center

Aryenish Birdie, Executive Director at Encompass

Eric Swanson, Executive Director at Blackstone Talent Group

James A. Holmes, Executive Director at Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation

Larry A. Lutz, Executive Vice President at Strada Education Network

Qiana Gonzalez, Financial Analyst in the Controller’s Office at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

Zach Frisch, Founder of Raindrop partners

Stephan Vincent, Founder of eX Summit

Doug Lessing, Founder of Phin

Jennifer Sertl, Founder of Agility3R

Kelly Ennis, Founder of The Verve Partnership

Nikki Adamson, Founder of Hustle Hunters

Anant Garg, Founder of CometChat

Rick Tyler, Founder & CEO of Life After

Sarnen Steinbarth, Founder & CEO of TurboTenant

Pranay Srinivasan, Founder & CEO of Manufactured Networks

James Augeri, PhD, Founder & CEO of &

Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder & CEO of WeSpire

Tyler Babb, Founder & CEO of SmartShyp, inc.

Mack McKelvey, Founder & CEO of SalientMG

Leah Garcia, Founder & CEO of NULASTIN, Inc.

Mary Haskett, Founder & CEO of Blink Identity

Joe Caserta, Founder & CEO of Caserta

Linda Klug, Founder & CEO of Airin

Elliot E. Hirsch, Founder & CEO of AdYapper & Lake Forest Farms

Karen John, Founder & CEO of Heartwork Inc

Howard Brown, Founder & CEO of ringDNA

Vivek Subramanyam, Founder & CEO of Technology Holdings Worldwide

Vinay Bhagat, Founder & CEO of TrustRadius

J.J. Colao, Founder & CEO of Haymaker Group

Dave Vasen, Founder & CEO of brightwheel

Todd D. Schlosser, Founder & CEO of The Schlosser Group, LLC.

Casey Golden, Founder & CEO of Luxlock

Alex Algard, Founder & CEO of

Luis Garza, Founder & CEO of Kinedu

Ajay Kori, Founder & Chairman of UrbanStems

Paul Walborsky, Founder & COO of AI.Reverie

Jeremy Hanks, Founder & Executive Chairman at Dsco

Arlan Hamilton, Founder & Managing Partner at Backstage Capital

Ryan Else, Founder & Managing Partner of Roadster Capital

Amira El-Gawly, Founder & CEO of Manifesta

Joe Thurman, Founder & CEO of Jobber Group

Jessica Jacobson, Founder & CEO of Nourish by Jessica

Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code

Alyssa Ravasio, Founder & CEO of Hipcamp

Bill Watkins, Founder & CEO of The Lions Pride

Jane Mosbacher Morris, Founder & CEO of TO THE MARKET

Jon Beck, Founder & CEO of Ursus, Inc.

Claire Schmidt, Founder & CEO of AllVoices

Ritu Narayan, Founder & CEO of Zūm

Khamzat Asabaev, Founder & CEO of SoftSmile

Josh James, Founder & CEO of Domo

Jillian Gibbs, Founder & Global CEO of APR (Advertising Production Resources )

Marty Cagan, Founder and Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

Zubaida Bai, Founder and President of ayzh Inc and Innervate Capital

Rusty Greiff, Founder and Principal at the eQ group

Sohail Prasad, Founder of Forge

Gilad Rom, Founder of Huan

Ben McKean, Founder & CEO of Hungryroot

Ryan Frankel, Founder & CEO of This App Saves Lives

Stacy Taubman, Founder & CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace

Ross Hudgens, Founder & CEO of Siege Media

Debjeet Gupta, Founding Partner of G220 Ventures

Shripriya Mahesh, Founding Partner of Spero Ventures

John F Frankel, Founding Partner of ff Venture Capital

Jeff Bussgang, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners and Harvard Business School

Brian O’Malley, General Partner at Forerunner Ventures

Brian Aoaeh, General Partner & Co-Founder of REFASHIOND Ventures, The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation

Michael Crane, Global Business Development at Amazon Web Services

Sherri Sklar, CEO of GrowthTera

Chrystine Lawson Villarreal, Head of Business Development at

Benjamin Blatt, Head of Capital Markets and Origination at Pagaya Investments

Betsy Sellars, Head of Media at DELVE

Hardik Chheda, Head of Product at Tellius

Billy Parry, Head of Sales — SMB at Afterpay

Casper James de Francesca, Head of Tele-Education at Ver2 Digital Medicine

Frank Denbow, Lead startup division in US. On COVID-19 US Task Force. Working with startups deploying solutions for local municipalities. Microsoft

Samrat Ghosh, Learning Project Leader (Vistaprint), VP of Programs (ATD Greater Boston) Vistaprint, Association of Talent Development (ATD)

Tara, Legal Counsel at Sophos

Tanner Mason, Managing Broker at Benchmark Commercial

Blake Harrop, Managing Director at Wieden+Kennedy

Hythem El-Nazer, Managing Director at TA Associates

Jeremy Schneider, Managing Director at Webb Investment Network

Kim Kelly, Managing Director at Doberman Design, Inc

Peter Segall, Managing Director / Operating Partner at Insight Partners

Patrick Smith, Managing Director at Cook Street Consulting

Josh Breinlinger, Managing Director at Jackson Square Ventures

Matt Plooster, Managing Director at Bridgepoint Investment Banking

Greg Gretsch, Managing Director at Jackson Square Ventures

Stephanie Grossman, Managing Director at StrandFive

Darryl Jung, Managing Partner at Atlas Software Group

Shannon Link, Managing Partner at OnPointe, LLC

Chase Fraser, Managing Partner at Fraser McCombs Capital

Sebastean Leoni, Managing Partner at Kamba Group

Joe Lafko, Managing Partner at Trinidad3 Jeans

John Tough, Managing Partner at Energize Ventures

DAVID L HIRSCH, Managing Partner at Compound

Dheeraj Prasad, Managing Partner at Regalix

David Waxman, Managing Partner at TenOneTen Ventures

Victor Hu, Managing Partner at Lumos Capital Group

Sanal Nair, Marketing Manager — India at Tricentis

Nina Yoshpe, MD at Scent

Ross Miller, Member of the Board of Directors at FLEXcon Corporation

Daisy Hahn, Office Manager at Key Corporate Services LLC

Daisy Hahn, Office Manager at Key Corporate Services LLC

Doug Sparks, Owner of BridgePoint LLC

Vincent Gauthier, Owner of Insight Leadership Inc

Michael Schnapf, Owner & CEO of MoreCommerce

Lisa Foster, Owner of Parillume

Rebecca Kase, Owner of Rebecca K Wilson LLC

Brendan Hemp, Owner of Heavylifting Design

Sarah West, Owner of Sarah West Design

Jeremy Axel, Partner at Fluent Conveyors

Bangtian Zhou, Partner at Fraudmarc

Rajeev Batra, Partner at Mayfield Fund

Jon Landau, Partner at SPMB Executive Search

Kace Phillips, Partner at RocketBrand

Raz Zia, Partner at Aldrich Capital Partners

Brandon Miller, Partner at Key Corporate Services

Julia Stiglitz, Partner at GSV Ventures

Utsav Somani, Partner at AngelList India

Victor Echevarria, Partner at Jackson Square Ventures

Rajeev Batra, Partner at Mayfield Fund

Adam Peddicord, President of Customer Success by Design

Jay Crain, President of roster technologies

Erica Meier, President of Animal Outlook

Mary Hawkins, President of

Rick Taylor, President of Lefever Building Systems

Mike Jaffe, President of SAVIA Leadership

Charlie Leeming, President of Sesame by ITRenew

David Newell, President & CEO of Children’s Home Society of Washington

Matt Feldman, President & CEO of Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Doyle Albee, President & CEO of MAPRagency

David Bennett, President & CEO of Axcient

Jay Hakami, President & CEO of Sky IT Group

William Provine, President & CEO of Delaware Innovation Space

Jason Blessing, President & CEO of Model N

Bob Maller, President & Chief Culture Officer of Collaborative Solutions

Dave Gregory, President & CEO of Conatus3

Janine Buis, President & Co-Founder of GrowthTera

Hetal Parikh, President & Co-founder of Rangam Consultants Inc

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler, President & Co-Owner of CFW Careers

David Bergeron, President & Managing Partner at T3 ADVISORS

Frannie Matthews, President and CEO of Colorado technology Association

Dan Smink, President and CEO of C1 Partners

Brian Delle Donne, President and Co-Founder of Talent Tech Labs

Clifford Federspiel, President and CTO at Vigilent

John Mazza, President and Founder of CoreTechs PRO

Mike Nierengarten, President of Obility

Brian Fitzpatrick, President/CEO of Revel Media Group

Matt Rowe, President/CoFounder of ParsleyPet

Chase Harrington, President/COO of Entrata

Jeff Schell, Principal at Perpetual Ventures

Su Hawk, Principal at Colorado BlueOcean Consulting, LLC

Eric Postle, Principal at Washington Partners Corporate Real Estate

Allen Miller, Principal at Oak HC/FT

Jeff Schell, Principal at Perpetual Ventures

Valerie Berlin and Jonathan Rosen, Principals at BerlinRosen Public Affairs

Allison Baver, Principle Executive Officer at Allison Baver Entertainment

Amy Huber, Science and Operations Lead at jobZology

Erin Keller, Senior Director at The Broad Center

Michael Massad, Software Investor at Elsewhere Partners

Casey Baker, Sr Coordinator, Admissions Operations at Lambda School

Rich Maiers, Sr. Director Inside Sales and BDRs

Cailie Mau, Sr. Sales Consultant and National SaaS Practice Leader at TriNet

Brisa Kress, Strategic Recruiter at Betts Recruiting

Jessica Tauber, SVP Operations at Wpromote

Jen Üner, U.S. Communications at ProGlove, Inc

Mary Banks, University of Colorado at Boulder

Patrick Montague, Venture Partner at New Lab Ventures

Kai-lee Berke, Vice Chair of the Board and Senior Advisor at Teaching Strategies and Promise Venture Studio

Chris Walters, Vice President at IMA

Keaton Gray, Vice President at March Capital Partners

Holly Taylor, Vice President and General Manager at Keet Health

Justin Gernot, Vice President at Healthbox

Kendra Morales, Vice President of Business Development at Betts Recruiting

Peter David Vickery, Vice President, Sales at Trilliant Canada

Paul Gollash, CEO of Voxy

Patrick Kellenberger, VP Finance at Betts Recruiting / Betts Connect

Keegan Forte, VP of Marketing at Flybridge Capital

Rick Haas, VP of Talent Acquisition at Key Corp services

Deirdre Leone, VP Sales, Americas at ContractPodAi

Tammy and Frank Ellet, Wabash Indiana

Dom Sica

Peter Tilton

Halle Tecco, Founder & CEO of Natalist

Dave McGibbon, Business & Operations at Passbase

Jeff Phelps, CEO of iWorkGlobal

Mike Phillips, CEO of Vigilant

Kevin Krauth, CEO of Orderly Health

Ram Shanmugam, CEO of AutonomIQ Inc.

Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics, Inc.

Ryan McQuaid, CEO of PlushCare

Andrew Konya, CEO of Remesh

Paul Galatis, CEO of Names & Faces

Tim Coltrell, CEO of CARD Corp

Ennie Lim, CEO of HoneyBee

Shanel Fields, CEO of MD Ally

Dorna Moini, CEO of Documate

Michael Hoffman, CEO of Gather Voices

Raj Mohanty, CEO of FemtoDx

Romain Lapeyre, CEO of Gorgias

Dean Sysman, CEO of Axonius

David Calone, CEO of Jove Equity Partners

Eleanor Cooper, CEO of Pathstream

Scott Torrey, CEO of PayScale

Christine McDannell, CEO of Kndrd

Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision

Jay Shah, CEO of Personal Capital

Gleb Polyakov, CEO of Nylas

Michael Barlow, CEO of Fernish

Dan Swan, CEO of RealAR

Kristin Hull, CEO of Nia impact capital

Wout, CEO of Deep 6 AI

Greg Goelz, CEO of Smart Locus Inc.

Ashutosh Prasad, CEO of KoiReader Technologies, Inc.

Nathan Christensen, CEO of ThinkHR | Mammoth HR

Steven Raucher, CEO of RapidDeploy

Scott Smith, CEO of CloudApp

Shannon Goggin, CEO of Noyo

Kelly O’Neill, CEO of KMONE Ventures

Ray W Grimm Jr, CEO of NEWYOUNOW

Darren Buckner, CEO of Workfrom

Nathan D. Boyless, CEO of Metcalf Archaeology

Nate Boyless, CEO of Factor Earth

Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire

Shaun Gordon, CEO of AGI Partners

Ken Norensberg, CEO of Luxor Financial Group, Inc.

Simon Berg, CEO of Ceros

Sarah Horn, CEO of ReUp Education

Jeff Zhou, CEO of Fig Tech

Melvin Hines, CEO of Upswing

Amrita Grewal, CEO of TalEx

Steve Pruden, CEO of Studio Science

Robert Rasmussen, CEO of Agile Six Applications

Dave MacLeod, CEO of Thoughtexchange

Eric Ries, CEO of LTSE

Dan Anderson, CEO of SeeUnity

Anh M. Nguyen, CEO of Adjacent Academies

Jamie Gallagher, CEO of Faber-Castell USA

Hal Walbrink, CEO / Founder of Xinetix Medical Product Development

Jodi Holloway, CEO & Founder of DZYN Solutions

Emily Hochman, CEO + Founder of Wellory

Zaw Thet, CEO and Co-Founder of Exer AI

Teniola Adejuwon, CEO/Founder of MIAH Beauty (TAWB Inc.)

juli Spottiswood, Chairman & CEO of Syncapay, Inc.

Nicole Mouskondis, Co-CEO of Nicholas and Company

Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies, LLC

Steve Loflin, Co-Founder & CEO of Scholar Ventures

Brian Egan, Co-Founder & CEO of Evolve Vacation Rental

Marlina Kinnersley, Co-Founder & CEO of

Miriam Rivera, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ulu Ventures

Haven King-Nobles, Co-Founder, Director of Operations of Fish Welfare Initiative

Upasana Taku, Cofounder & COO of MOBIKWIK

Jeff Judge, CTO of Arrive

Paul Cothenet, CTO of MadKudu

Thomas O. Ryder, Director of Amazon.Com

Scott Mobley, Executive Director of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director of Integrity First for America


Zahya Beall, Financial Advisor of Edward Jones

Casey Ellis, Founder of Bugcrowd

Rod Robinson, Founder & CEO of ConnXus, Inc.

Kristin Melin, Founder & CEO of Silver Bullet Interns

Rhiannon Hendrickson, Founder & CEO of Orapin Marketing + Public Relations

Jean Paul Laurent, Founder & CEO of Unspoken Smiles

Bryton Shang, Founder & CEO of Aquabyte

Jaspreet Singh, Founder & CEO of Druva

Rania Hoteit, Founder & CEO of ID4A Technologies

Philip James, Founder & CEO of Penrose Hill

Brandon Shelton, Founder and Managing Partner of TFX Capital

Robert Johansen, Founder and Principal of Gallagher Hayes Co.

Paul J Noble, Founder, CEO of Verusen

Jeff Schell, Founding Member of Rocky Mountain Patent

Jennifer Vranek, Founding Partner, Managing Partner of Education First

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO & Founder of WE Communications

Nayeem M. Hussain, Head of Corp Dev of ConnectM Technology Solutions Inc.

Nicole Barbera, Managing Director of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network

Holly Maloney, Managing Director of General Catalyst

Kelly Schuster, Marketing Director of DaVita

Brendan Hemp, Owner of Heavylifting Design

Chris Younger, Owner of CapitalValue Advisors

Matt Brower, Owner and Managing Broker of Column Commercial Partners

Sam Eidson, Partner at 90octane

Millie Rana, Pisquare

Chiara Caprio, PR & External Relations Manager at Animal Equality Italy

Scott Johnson, President & CEO of CirrusMD

Le-Lo Lang, President of Denver Broncos Alumni Association

Michael Donner, President of Apex Paramedics

Jim Lofgren, President & CEO of Nosto

Michael K Gujda, Senior Director, Private Equity at Guardian Life Insurance

Abby Poats Duchen, Senior Program Manager at Amazon

Casey Bailey, SVP, People and Places at Divvy Inc

Steve Haayen, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Astura Medical

Bjoern Nordmann, VP — Enterprise Sales & Partnerships at INC

Michael Winterburn, VP of ELEVATE at Blue Sky Business Resources

Alyson Welch, VP of Sales at

Matthew Redmond, VP Revenue Operations at 2U Inc

Kristin Hull, Ceo of Nia impact capital

Wout, Ceo of Deep 6 AI

Greg Goelz, Ceo of Smart Locus Inc.

Ashutosh Prasad, Ceo of KoiReader Technologies, Inc.

Nathan Christensen, Ceo of ThinkHR | Mammoth HR

Steven Raucher, Ceo of RapidDeploy

Scott Smith, Ceo of CloudApp

Shannon Goggin, Ceo of Noyo

Kelly O’Neill, Ceo of KMONE Ventures

Ray W Grimm Jr, Ceo of NEWYOUNOW

Darren Buckner, Ceo of Workfrom

Darren Buckner, Ceo of Workfrom

Nathan D. Boyless, Ceo of Metcalf Archaeology

Nate Boyless, Ceo of Factor Earth

Mike Massaro, Ceo of Flywire

Shaun Gordon, Ceo of AGI Partners

Ken Norensberg, Ceo of Luxor Financial Group, Inc.

Simon Berg, Ceo of Ceros

Sarah Horn, Ceo of ReUp Education

Jeff Zhou, Ceo of Fig Tech

Melvin Hines, Ceo of Upswing

Amrita Grewal, Ceo of TalEx

Steve Pruden, Ceo of Studio Science

Robert Rasmussen, Ceo of Agile Six Applications

Dave MacLeod, Ceo of Thoughtexchange

Eric Ries, Ceo of LTSE

Eric Ries, Ceo of LTSE

Dan Anderson, Ceo of SeeUnity

Anh M. Nguyen, Ceo of Adjacent Academies

Jamie Gallagher, Ceo of Faber-Castell USA

Adam Pisoni, Ceo of Abl

Ariel Elizarov, Ceo of Lazarus

Harris FErrell, Ceo of APDS

Gene Powell, Ceo of Spoke Design

Robert K Grunewald, Ceo of Flat Rock Global

Rick Singer, Ceo of TGR Foundation — A Tiger Woods Charity

Michael Martin, Ceo of RapidSOS

Jodi Holloway, CEO & Founder of DZYN Solutions

Emily Hochman, CEO + Founder of Wellory

juli Spottiswood, Chairman & CEO of Syncapay, Inc.

Timothy Riordan, Chief Operating Officer of BIPAC

Spencer Derrico, CMO of Second Nature Brands, Inc.

Nicole Mouskondis, Co-CEO of Nicholas and Company

Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies, LLC

Brian Egan, Co-Founder & CEO of Evolve Vacation Rental

Marlina Kinnersley, Co-Founder & CEO of

Haven King-Nobles, Co-Founder, Director of Operations of Fish Welfare Initiative

Upasana Taku, Cofounder & COO of MOBIKWIK

Paul Cothenet, CTO of MadKudu

Thomas O. Ryder, Director at Amazon.Com

Scott Mobley, Executive Director at The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director at Integrity First for America

Casey Ellis, Founder of Bugcrowd

Kristin Melin, Founder & CEO of Silver Bullet Interns

Rania Hoteit, Founder and CEO of ID4A Technologies

Philip James, Founder and CEO of Penrose Hill

Robert Johansen, Founder and Principal of Gallagher Hayes Co.

Paul J Noble, Founder, CEO of Verusen

Jeanne Meyer, Founder/CEO of Watch This Space LLC

Nayeem M. Hussain, Head of Corp Dev at ConnectM Technology Solutions Inc.

Garrison Gibbons, Knotch

Holly Maloney, Managing Director at General Catalyst

Brad Schoenfeld, Managing Partner at KO Law Firm (Koenig, Oelsner, Taylor, Schoenfeld & Gaddis PC)

Kelly Schuster, Marketing Director at DaVita

Chris Younger, Owner of CapitalValue Advisors

Sam Eidson, Partner at 90octane

Chiara Caprio, PR & External Relations Manager at Animal Equality Italy

Le-Lo Lang, President of Denver Broncos Alumni Association

Michael Donner, President of Apex Paramedics

Suzanne Levy, President of Bolder Leadership, Inc.

Jim Lofgren, President & CEO of Nosto

Gary Storm, President & CEO of vCom Solutions, Inc

Tara Lynn Gray, President & CEO of Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation

Francois Locoh-Donou, President & CEO of F5 Networks, Inc

Joseph (Joe) D. Johnson, President, CEO- CEO ADVISOR of The Telein Group, Inc

Holli Brodsky, Special educator at Easterseals

Bjoern Nordmann, VP — Enterprise Sales & Partnerships at INC


Gary Lipsky, CEO of Galactica Labs

Eleanor Mitch, CEO of 14bis Supply Tracking

David Longhini, CEO of Empodio

Andrew Maxey, CEO of Vartega

Angel Ahmed, CEO of GNET-Global Network

Sarah Daniels, CEO of Blue Canoe

Travis Hevelone, CEO of jobZology

Kong Pham, CEO of Jumpcut

Tim Heitmann, CEO of Double Good

Jordan Wimmer, CEO & CoFounder of Thrive Savings

Larry Gadea, CEO & Founder of Envoy

Andy Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc.

Josh Glover, Chief Revenue Officer of nCino

Trent R Hein, Co-CEO of Rule4

Max Kornblith, Co-Founder of FairShake

Chris Zlocki, EVP, Global Head of Service Excellence at Colliers International

Maria Yuan, Founder and CEO of IssueVoter

Glen Tripp, Founder and CEO of Galileo Learning

Jordi Azcuaga, General Manager at Codeable

Ivan Lopez Jr, General Manager, Americas West and Asia Pacfic at Techstars

Heather Thill, Group Director of BrandJuice

Sanghamittra Rimal, HR Director at Asia TV USA Ltd.

Scott Miller, Managing Director at Endeavor Colorado

Drew Mitchell, President of Fathom Creative

Pierre Naude, President & CEO of nCino

Jared Turner, President and COO of Young Living

Carol Dunnigan, SVP People & Culture at Compeat

Peter Gardner, VP and General Manager USA at DJA — LS Mtron Plastic Machinery Div.

Pete Wheelan, CEO of InsideTrack and Executive Chairman, Roadtrip Nation

Zach House, CEO of CountertopSmart

Michelle Seitz, Chairman & CEO of Russell Investments

Sheryle Gillihan, CEO of CauseLabs

Molly Blaauw Gillis, Partner at General Catalyst

Joel Cutler, Managing Director at General Catalyst

David Fialkow, Managing Director at General Catalyst

William Fitzgerald, Managing Director at General Catalyst

Hemant Taneja, Managing Director at General Catalyst

Melissa Sachs, VP, Head of Global Corporate Communications at Prologis

(and more — please add your name here!)

*Note: List of signers will be updated once a day*



Rachel Carlson

CEO of Guild Education, co-founder of #stopthespread, and mom to Magnolia and Lily Grace