How a small side project turned into something greater.

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This is a story of how I bought yet another domain.

Except this time, I made sure I finished coding the site before committing to buy the domain. It’s called Malaysians Who Make 🇲🇾

This project is inspired by Women Who Design, People of Craft, Latinxs Who Design. Do also check out Amazing Design People List!

How it all started.

COVID-19 happened. I was stuck at home and had a lot of free time. So I thought to myself, why not do something that I’ve always wanted to, but too afraid to?

Malaysians Who Make is a living directory of talented, passionate Malaysians who strive to build and create things. Here we have artists, comic artists, designers, data scientists, photographers, speakers, writers and more! For Makers, find like-minded people to connect with. Recruiters could find potential candidates for their next company. Event Organisers, Youtubers & Podcasters can use this to find the next guest/speaker! …

I hope this inspires and encourages you to be who you’ve always wanted (yet dared not) to be.

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We all want to reach the pinnacle, don’t we? | Photo: Paula May on Unsplash

Here’s a confession: I’m really afraid of failure.

The fear of failure has haunted me since I was a kid. We live in a society where we were taught to follow the safest path to success — Study hard, attend a prestige university, graduate, get a high-paying stable job… Voilá! You’re now successful, you make your family proud!

But.. is that it? Is this my destined path? Does it come with a happiness guarantee?

Some things I’ve tried and didn’t work out:

  • Studied really hard in my A-Levels, hoping to secure a scholarship in a prestigious university, got mediocre results and got zero offers.
  • Took a gap year, worked in different corporations, including working in a call centre, sales rep for pharmaceutical products, real estate agent. I tried so hard to search for my ‘true calling’. …

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I used to think that it takes days to animate icons and illustrations that works with native apps. I was wrong. You can now import Sketch layers into After Effects without redrawing everything in Adobe Illustrator, with the help of Lottie by Airbnb. How awesome is that?!

Here, I will try my best to explain in the simplest way possible to get things done. I’m fairly new to this but I thought I’d share some tips that might help others. 🙌

For this tutorial, I assume you already have Sketch & After Effects running in your computer, and you have basic knowledge of Sketch and After Effects. …


Rachel How

I design, code and build stuff. Currently: Product Designer (UI/UX) at Fave 🇲🇾 Sometimes I tell people to visit rachelhow.com 👈

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