AR for Education-Kids relating to the Periodic Table

Let’s understand the context

Who am I?

So, Hi, I am Rajiv Surya, working in Immersive Experience Design for past 1 year and testing all AR/VR Designing tools, for designers to explore. For my full profile, you can visit my LinkedIn page here.

Why I am doing this series?

To help aspiring designers or professional designers or anyone who is interested & wants…

For your team and as well as for you, from my POV.


All are creative. You just need a push.

People expect creativity from only artists, designers or geniuses. But that’s not true. Some people communicate their creativity well, and the others are not able to communicate. Everyone has a creative side to them. Possibles reasons of not letting it out can be less motivation, less creative confidence and lack…

As a Designer, you have this inherent quality of asking ‘Why?’. Sometimes it is so excess, that it can be annoying for some people in your team. But don’t mind it. The important part to remember is that when your ‘why’ intents are clear and transparent, then your team would…

Some common questions most non-design & design background people have are

“What is the difference between a wireframe and a VD?”

“When to use wireframes?”(means what stage of the project)

Sometimes a Project Manager will say “Send the VDs by eod. Will discuss internally”.

Sometimes Client sees the wireframe and…

Rajiv Surya

Experience Designer @ Deloitte Digital. I like to ink, what I think.

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