My mom just got HGTV. Needless to say, I’ve watched a lot of Drew and Jonathan during pandemic times. If you are reading this post in a sarcastic tone, please don’t. I actually like these shows.

Who are Drew and Jonathan? Drew and Jonathan are twin brothers from Canada that buy, sell, and renew houses in both Canada and in the US. You may know them from their shows Property Brothers, Forever Home, Buying and Selling, Celebrity IOU, and many more.

Some Context

If you have never watched an HGTV show or South Park’s ‘White-people Renovating Houses’ episode, here’s a quick summary. …

A couple of months ago, The team was invited by the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro to give a couple of talks to Software Engineering Majors. Yamil, our lead developer talked about infrastructure automation, while I talked about Soft Advice for Software Development.

I am not an engineer by formation nor trade. My experience in product management comes from experience. Some product successes and some other flops. In this talk, I mixed and matched several techniques from Agile Development and Marty Cagan’s Roadmapping concepts.

The goal for this talk was to share some of the techniques and how we do alignment at Cordage. …

TL; DR: It is a common misconception that Agile Development is a free-for-all way to program software. I want to clarify, It is not. Agile development does not mean a lack of documentation, a lack of defined processes and procedures, nor a way to randomly spit code.

I joined Cordage last year, from the Software Development Agency world. I’ll be honest, I thought building software for Enterprise wasn’t going to be that different from building B2C software. Boy was I wrong.

Enterprise Software forces you to comply with an additional series of security measures and standards. Engineering for the enterprise is accepting acronyms like JWT, JWK, and UMA as actual words in the English Dictionary. Building Software for large corporations means you need to define your processes to comply with ISO27001, GDPR and all of the SOCs. …


Raul Troyo

I write about product management, business and SaaS. PdM at Cordage.io

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