Matter and MSNBC.com (along with 40 of our favorite writers) are rereading Susan Faludi’s feminist classic this summer. Join in.

Chapter 1

With Irin Carmon

Chapter 2

With Donna Shalala, Roxane Gay, and Rebecca Traister

Chapter 3

With Richard Yeselson, Joan Walsh, and Richard Kim

Chapter 4

With Leslie Bennetts, Anna Holmes, and Mikki Halpin

Chapter 5

With Sady Doyle, Stacia Brown, and Amanda Hess

Chapter 6

With Emily Nussbaum, Lena Dunham, and Aminatou Sow

Chapter 7

With Sasha Weiss, Marisa Meltzer, and Michelle Dean

Chapter 8

With Adelle Waldman, Jenna Sauers, and Kate Harding

Chapter 9

With Kathryn Joyce, Erin Gloria Ryan, and Dave Weigel

Chapter 10

With Jamelle Bouie, Alex Pareene, and Michelle Goldberg

Chapter 11

With Tressie McMillan Cottom, Salamishah Tillet, and Adam Serwer

Chapter 12

With Jamilah Lemieux, Ann Friedman, and Heather Havrilesky

Chapter 13

Bryce Covert, Latoya Peterson, and Krystal Ball

Chapter 14

Brittney Cooper, Katha Pollitt, and Jeffrey Toobin

The Summer of Backlash

Susan Faludi

Jill Abramson Doesn’t Want to Be a Symbol of the Backlash

Jill Abramson and Irin Carmon

Lots of ways to read along and join in: Post your own Backlash response on Medium, tweet at @readmatter with #BacklashBookClub, or comment on MSNBC.com. We’ll be featuring some of your posts and tweets as we go.

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