It’s like starring at a clock, constantly ticking...tik tok…it shows you the time you’re wasting...tik tok…and makes it pass by even slower than it seems — check out Stop Using Loading Spinner, There’s Something Better by Suleiman to find out why this may be the case!

Have you ever noticed that when you are deliberately starring at the clock or thinking about the seconds, time slows down? Or how quickly it flies by when you’re having fun? This exact same thing happens when you look at a loading spinner on your screen. The loading spinner is the only thing standing…

It’s been just two days since I got Samsung Galaxy Note7. To test it’s amazing camera, I took the phone out today for a weekend-spin around the city. Here are some of the photos for your view.

These photographs are not altered in any form. Though i am loving the RAW format, I will just leave the processed ones in here.

Checkout more information about Note7 Camera at

Location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

A lot of Mac users have been asking about how to use Dhivehi on their Mac’s. It maybe easy to set it up on Windows, but as for Mac its a little bit of work. Since we have been using this for a while, we thought it would be good to share it with everyone.

Following is a simple guide on how to setup Dhivehi on Mac.

1 - Download & Install “Dhivehi Font & Keyboard Installer”.

2 - Go to System Preferences. Open Language & Text.

3 - Go to Input Sources. Type “Dhivehi” in search box at the…

Maldives on Sunday introduced the new currency series, called ‘Ran dhiha faheh’ (the golden five decades). It looks so beautiful and modern. You can read more about it here.

The Ran Dhihafaheh note series represents the Maldives, and the identity of Maldivians. The series as a whole attempts to encapsulate all the innate factors that define our country, and our ancestral identity. — MMA

A test ride around the capital city of Maldives, Male’. (1.77 sq km in size)

I love making timelapse videos. Starting with the DSLR’s and now with these awesome apps on my smartphone.

With the announcement of Hyperlapse experiment by Microsoft i was very excited. But with a surprise Instagram came up with this awesome app called Hyperlapse for iOS. I took it out for a test ride. A ride around the city where i live (Male’ City, Maldives). It is really dense. But since its Friday morning, everyone is at sleep.

Here is one thing i noticed about the app. I wish there is a way to make the grid’s appear when we take…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. — Walt Disney

I love exploring and traveling to new places. So me and a good buddy of mine Jaa planned this trip, in the end we decided it would be a backpacking trip to Europe. And I would say that this was one of the best decisions i took since this trip has opened my eyes to so many new things, varieties, cultures and lifestyles. …

This is a really easy method to install Dhivehi fonts on your iOS devices. Tested on iOS7.0 devices and seems to work well. Please note that this is just for viewing thaana contents, not a thaana keyboard.

How to install.

Download the custom font profile by visiting the following link using Safari App. This may not work on Chrome. (File last updated on April 21st 2015)

Finally install the profile and you are ready to view.

Press install to install the profile. Check More details to see which fonts are being installed.


Explorer, photographer by passion from the islands of Maldives. Product Designer @mindvalley . Co-founded @lottiefiles. Formerly @ServisHero, @socarmalaysia

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