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The current pandemic situation has made it really difficult to host events. Despite the fact that virtual events have been around for almost a decade they haven’t gained enough traction. As event organizers, you might be wracking your brain to find newer ways to help sustain the event industry and make them a profitable venture.

While organizing an event, a skill-based gathering for the purpose of recruitment may be the last thing on your mind. Yes, job conferences and industry events have been there for a long time. Recruiters and aspiring candidates pass through them almost all the time. There…

As recruiters, finding the right fit for your company is a vital process. The candidates you hire represent your organization and you have to spend a considerable amount of time training them for the role. Job portals and social networking might be a good way to find candidates. But, don’t forget, there are numerous other ways for candidates to get a job. As a recruiter, it might useful to look at some of the platforms through which job seekers find employment.

Many aspiring job seekers are often advised to seek jobs from attending an event. These gatherings are viewed as…

Getting a job and embarking on a solid career path has never been harder. In the current economic situation, even an entry-level job has stiff competition. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Ironically, you need to gain job experience to get a job.

So, before you dive into the job market you need to ask yourself if you are equipped to handle it. If you’re a recent graduate who’s on the lookout for jobs or a college student looking to upskill, there are plenty of ways to build work experience without actually going for a full-time job. …

Employment Agency

The hiring process is never easy. Never-ending job applications and lengthy interviews with thousands of candidates can be frustrating for recruiters. The best way to fulfil your staffing needs without actually doing the grunt work is to hire an employment agency. It might sound odd to pay money to an agency rather than using job portals and advertisements. However, these employment agencies can be your own personalized human resources team. Think of job agencies as middle-men who are hired to look through CVs and set up interviews to find you the most suitable candidate.

So, these recruitment agencies can fulfil…

Get a job from attending specialized events

Looking for a job is never easy, especially in 2020. In India alone, a total of 18.9 million salaried employees have lost their jobs since the lockdown started. So, as an aspiring candidate, the job hunt has never been more difficult than it is right now. While it is quicker to look for opportunities on job portals and company websites, the slow process and lack of responses can be demotivating. However, there is a real-time solution that is often overlooked by us.

How to Get a Job from Attending a Conference(Specialized Gathering)

Conferences and industry events are happening all the…

There are few things that terrify people more than the idea of looking for a job. The process of drafting resumes, writing cover letters, and attending interviews can be frustrating for a prospective job seeker. Gone are the days, when you could get a job solely through good networking and word-of-mouth. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the job market, we are now more dependent on job sites than we ever were.


It’s fairly simple. You just need to make a profile and list your experience and skills. However, if you have spent…


Discover Talent in Specialized Gatherings.

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