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Maddie Crowley is a disability blogger and disability activist.

What is ableism?

Ableism is the systemic oppression of people with disabilities, and how our society constructs ideas of normalcy, intelligence, excellence, and productivity. It’s rooted in anti-Blackness, eugenics, colonialism, and capitalism. …

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Aissa Lynn Dearing is a climate justice activist from Durham, North Carolina.

What is environmental racism?

Environmental racism is looking at the intersectionality of the climate crisis and systemic racism. Climate change predominantly impacts low income people of color. …

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Julia Heilrayne is a youth activist from Austin, TX who is involved in multiple causes, including reproductive justice, gun control, and accessibility.

Why did you decide to get involved in activism to begin with?

I think in general, its just the way I was raised. My parents raised me to stand up for what I believe in. My mom has been really involved in some movements, like abortion rights, so it was very natural for me to be involved in those things.

How is organizing in Texas different than organizing in a blue state?

I live in Austin, which many people will tell you is a blue dot in a red sea. In some ways it makes it easier but in some ways its not. In Texas in general, I get a lot of pushback from people. In Austin, we give ourselves credit for being incredibly progressive and diverse, and calling ourselves out on our bullshit can be…

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