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5 Strategies to Help You Focus on the Right Things

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If I could boil down everything I have learned about productivity into one simple message, it would be this one: Do What Matters Most. Start your day with your most important task. Focus on your ONE thing.

It’s easy to know why: If you get your highest priority things done…

Dream. Plan. Do.

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I am obsessed with planning.

When I wake up on Monday morning, I already know how 90% of my week will look like. And I love it.

Now I know this is not for everyone.

But I attribute 70% of my success in business and other goal-related areas of my…

How to own your time through organization and intention

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Getting things done (the right things) is all about intention.

There is a big difference between “Let me quickly check my email” and “Let me take 30 minutes to reply to the most urgent emails in my inbox…

This is not a pointless collection of random habits.

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Most articles that start with phrases like:

  • 10 habits
  • 7 ways
  • 99 things

…are a completely random collection of tips that are — if you are lucky — somewhat associated with the thing you are trying to achieve.

We love to click on these headlines because they satisfy our need…

How to move past your fear of failure, the unknown, success and what others think — and take the leap

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When I first decided to go after my dreams, quit my job and work on my business full-time, I experienced all sorts of fear. Crippling fear.

Fear of Failure. Fear of Judgment. Fear of the Unknown. Fear of Success.

I experienced all of it.

Because our brain does not like…

On evaluating your life, creating a vision, removing mental blocks, optimizing your time and making your success inevitable.

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This is the year where everything can be different. This is the year where you can completely change your life. Every aspect of it.

This is the year where you can become the best version of yourself. Here is how in six simple steps:

1. Evaluate Your Life

Radical change starts with radical self-awareness…

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So you want to become a life coach. Congratulations on taking the first step towards being your own boss and creating a fulfilling career and a thriving business!

Now, here is an overview of the steps you need to take to get started as a life coach:

  • Step 0: Learn…

Get everything you need to set your goals, upgrade your mindset, focus on what matters and stay consistent.

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As a Mindset & Productivity Coach, my job is to help my clients achieve their goals. Over the last years, I’ve read hundreds of books about goal achievement in an effort to find the best tools and strategies to use in my coaching programs.

I don’t make these recommendations lightly…

Episode #2 of the Confident Coach Club Podcast

Listen here:

This episode is a true gem for coaches who haven’t found their niche yet. I walk you through the reasons why you need a niche, how to find yours and give you an overview of the most profitable coaching niches.

How to listen:

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What you will learn in this episode:

  • 01:13 —…

Episode #1 of the Confident Coach Club Podcast

Listen here:

I am so excited to share the first episode of the Confident Coach Club Podcast with you!

In this episode, we talk about what to focus on when you are just starting out. What are the activities you should prioritize in the beginning stages of building your coaching business? What…

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