And how to avoid it

Finding your sweet spot in the ever-changing world of nutrition — which appears to be ruled by gurus and (fad-)diets, a touch of science, and plenty of anecdotes — is challenging. Articles, much like the one you are currently reading, will say one thing. The comments, your neighbors, or that one guy at the grocery store will say the opposite.

And then there’s cultural gravity, warping everyone’s individual perspective. Your upbringing plays a central role in your relationship to food, your diet, and, as a result, your health. What you ate as a kid, how your grandparents prepared spaghetti, or…

How to avoid having your process hijacked by anecdotes

In billion-dollar construction plans (and heart surgery and space flight), the stakes are staggering. Because of this, not much is left to chance. Plans are made, risks are managed, and the best approach is carefully chosen. Imagine a board room with a bunch of people discussing a project that involves building an enormous bridge over a complex delta in a remote location. An hour into the meeting, one of the attendants says: “This is all too much hassle. My uncle has also built a couple of bridges, and he usually just starts on the left and finishes on the right…

Wildly biased tips on how (not) to build a workspace.

Early in their careers, chefs learn to keep their workspace tidy. It’s not a matter of personal preference or style: it is a must. Non-negotiable. And boy, do they learn the hard way. I have no verifiable data on this, but I suspect that one or two kitchen apprentices are ritually sacrificed for not keeping a tidy workspace every other month. It makes sense — the keeping tidy, not the ritual sacrifices. To prepare great, tasty food, you need a clean, sterile workbench. …

The one thing haunting us all.

We can be tremendously protective of our creativity. Vigilant, almost, as if our creative process is a mysterious force that resides somewhere beyond a mere mortals’ grasp. Magical as our creativity may be, we look for hacks, ways to increase our productivity, and, ultimately, nurture our creative output. We read, listen, learn, practice, and talk to become better at what we do. To become better creatives.

It is at the very core of these undertakings where the most vicious creativity-killer of the entire spectrum lives. …

A hands-on guide for clients

Picture of a Rubik’s cube with the words “Figure it out” on it.
Picture of a Rubik’s cube with the words “Figure it out” on it.

We’ve all been there. Someone — a client — wants us to create something for them. Design something, write something, compose something. And, more often than we’d hope, that’s pretty much where the briefing ends. Writing a good briefing seems to be an art on its own. It makes sense. Clients turn to us because we can do something they can’t. So, how can we expect them to know what we need?

Instead of complaining about bad briefings, let’s try to help our clients brief better — for our sake and theirs.

Clients, start here

For a professional creative to attack your task…

A hotly debated topic among designers and professional creatives is money, and more accurately, the question of how — and how much — you should charge. And for good reason. Some of us are charging over 200 dollars an hour. Others struggle to ask no more than a 75 bucks fixed-fee for a logo.

Paul Rand designed Steve Jobs’ “NeXT” logo for $ 100,000 and the London Olympics 2012 logo design cost $ 625,000. At the same time, a logo on Fiverr starts at $ 10.

So, is there a magic number? A holy grail? …

And why she has a hard time explaining this to you.

Construction workers overlooking big and complex building site.
Construction workers overlooking big and complex building site.

Chances are that your graphic designer is overly polite and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, let alone insult you. After all — you’re paying her for her time (I hope). But trust me on this one: every time your designer tells you “no, that won’t work,” or “what if we do this instead,” or “I’ll have to think about that,” or even goes quiet for a few seconds, you’ve suggested something that makes perfect sense to you — “Why don’t we make the logo bigger, and put it in the corner? There’s plenty of space, right?” …

Why your career and life get stuck


It was an ordinary spring afternoon, just moments away from taking an unexpected, gruesome turn. The seasons are diverse, where I live. Spring and fall provide a welcome adaptation period for our cold winters and humid summers. Every year, as soon as spring announces itself, people become restless. The safe warmth of their homes grew suffocating over the last few months. They want to go out. They long for a soft, sweet breeze and the reintroduction of almost-forgotten scents in the air. Did you know that cold, dry air carries fewer odourants and that many plants release more of those…

Knowledge is the key. Education is the tool.

A doctor is someone with an academic degree. A degree that has taken many years and a tremendous amount of effort to acquire. Not everyone gets to become a doctor and for good reason. Some simply lack the intellectual capacity to do so, others are reluctant to put in the work, and some people never get the chance to even make an attempt.

The academic system serves our society by allowing you and me to trust people without having to check their credibility. …

An easy to follow approach that most of you will ignore

I am supposed to be diabetic. I have had insulin resistance for years now, which is almost guaranteed to lead to diabetes. If you are an adult living in the U.S., chances are one in three that you have insulin resistance, too. But you probably don’t know. And you probably won’t know until it’s too late. By then, you will be diagnosed with diabetes, and you will be prescribed drugs (most likely insulin injections before or after meals, and something like metformin) to fight the symptoms of diabetes, but without addressing the causes.

You will live an increasingly limited life…

Reinoud Schuijers

I take care of my body because it is what carries my mind. Founder & creative director of Not a doctor.

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