GSOC 2018 OpenMRS — week 3

This week is a really awesome week. Because the problem which i mentioned in Week 2 was solved and my mentor were very helpful to complete the this week tasks.

In this week i finished all the test cases for the Attachment API ( which is developed for fetch the attachments based on the encounter , visit and patient ).And i modified the implementation of the Attachment API. Basically I applied code reuse in several places in the present implementation by developing general method which can be used for several other methods. All these things are sent to review for my mentors.

Also I learned how to create jar containing test classes using maven and applied to the implementation which is help to provide access to classes from one API scope to other. ( For example accessing api’s test classes from the test scope of api-2.0 ). And this was really helpful for me to maintain a common Helper class for the many test cases in different test scopes. So those are the updates of my GSOC project in this week.