This is the last week of the 1st phase in the GSOC 2018.In this week i was able to complete the 1st objective of my project which is create a API for the attachments ( Still at the review process). So basically in this week ,

  1. I created java-docs for AttachmentsSevice ( Attachment API ) and all the the relevant test cases which will be helpful for other developers to understand what this API exactly does.
  2. I implemented a new method called getIsolatedAttachments for fetch attachments which are not associated with any encounters (and hence any visits either).
  3. I added relevant test cases for newly implemented methods and modified the existing test cases by considering the mentors feedback. Most importantly i learned how to write comments properly for this module.

So In the end of this week i sent the PR for review which is implementation of the Attachments API ( AttachmentsService ) with the relevant test cases based on the current requirements.And my mentors were really helpful for me to complete this tasks and because of them i am able to gather knowledge day by day.

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