Image: Craig Garner

Ideas that matter

Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept

The electric car

Image: Olu Eletu

Business plan

  • Build a plan on one page
  • Answer basic questions
  • Execute: launch your MVP
  • Repeat


  • Define the problem you solve
  • Describe your solution
  • Clarify your unique selling proposition
  • Note your unfair competitive advantage
  • Identify customer segments
  • Note sales channels and marketing strategies
  • Define metrics you’ll use to measure success
  • The bumper sticker summary [3 to 5 words]

Purpose of a business plan

  • Define the problem
  • Offer the solution
  • Identify the customer
  • Explain how you make a profit

Image: Lewis Ngugi

Can computer generate a logo?

Sky Greens’ vertical farm

What is food?

Food production


Image: Paul E. Harrer

Robert Dimitrov

Developer, craftsman, minimalist

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