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Git is just awesome. The following are personal preferences, recommendations and best practices.

Working with branches

Every feature, bug fix, release or every code change should be in a different branch.

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Being fit and healthy has two pillars — exercise and food. Both of them should be varied and plentiful.


The human body needs vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly. Varied and heathy diet is the key to achieving this. What does varied diet look like — having lots of veggies, fruits (as is, not in a fresh or juice form, because they contain a lot of sugar minus the fibers), nuts (preferably raw), plenty of water (30ml per kilogram) and animal protein and fat sources (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) …

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There are a lot of startups and companies appearing every month. Most of them do shit, only a few matter and should receive support and investments. What separates the former from the latter?

Ideas that matter

Easy — there are many issues waiting for good solutions which have an impact on the environment, society, science, technology and health.

  1. Environmental startup — startups doing CO2, plastics cleanup, making renewable energy accessible and cheaper. Battery and energy storage startups are key for the future.
  2. Sharing and gig economy — job and money creation companies are helping people make a living thus they are very important. Whether it is renting an apartment like AirBnB, driving a car like Uber or allowing individuals to sell hand-made goods (Etsy) or services (TaskRabbit), these are all good. …


Robert Dimitrov

Developer, craftsman, minimalist

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