How to improve our chances to build useful software in an ethical way.

Our goal as tech creators is to bring solutions that are truly useful out into the world. Enablers to cause a positive impact.

Yet, often we waste time, energy, and money on building software products that are useful for nobody or which end up bringing damaging side effects.

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An immersion below the surface.

The answer for coming up with helpful software-based solutions that create a positive effect is an eternal struggle. Throughout the years, we’ve experienced advances in this respect, but we are still subject to a massive component of uncertainty and luck.

Luck is unavoidable. It’s an inseparable part of everything we do in life. However, we should strive to lower its weight, reduce risk, and increase our control over the success of the systems we build. …


Roberto Rodes

Product guy, software designer & engineer. Founder of @freegrowthco and @intropreneursio. Helping other creators make progress sustainably and ethically.

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