A novelty side project exploring the myth of the fold. Is it really a myth? Scroll to find out…


My idea was pretty simple. A novelty one page site, demonstrating and informing why ‘above the fold’ is a saying from the past, with a bunch of great reference articles.


2. positioned in the upper (or lower) half of a web page and so visible (or not visible) without scrolling down the page — Oxford Dictionary


With responsive design, the fold cannot be measured by an exact amount of pixels anymore. So how do you represent the fold when there are so many different devices, resolutions and viewports? Where actually is the fold?


To represent the fold on every viewport…

A handy resource for finding the international standards for over 250 paper sizes.

Launched in April 2017, PaperSizes is a stupid side project by me and Rich Franklin. I’ll talk about why we did it, the solution, the feedback, winning awards, losing our domain for 2 days, and why everyone should be working on a side project. Medium says it will be a 4 minute read. I believe them.

Why we did it

After listening to designer Tobias Van Schneider talk about side projects and why they should be stupid, me and Rich decided to brainstorm a number of (stupid) ideas before landing…

When Responsive Web Design (RWD) gets mentioned, we generally think ‘mobile friendly’. There is a lot of focus on designing for smaller screens — but minimal consideration for larger screens.

With the introduction of media queries, designers are able to specify breakpoints in which a website will adapt to and target specific devices and viewport sizes. Basic media queries are usually for a Phone, Tablet and Desktop. But there is generally no consideration for Very Big Desktop.

Don’t neglect the bigger resolutions

I regularly browse websites for inspiration, and my billion pixel retina iMac usually highlights issues that developers / designers tend to ignore, purely…

Rob Lafratta

Product Designer — Can recite Pi to 20 decimal places. roblafratta.com

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