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Omer Ozden pictured front at LIBRA hearing in October 2019 (Picture credit: New York Times)

Read the full story here. We believe a decade from now, Wall Street is going to look quite different from today, having embraced advances in blockchain technology allowing the full trading of digital assets and securities. The pathway to this vision being realized can sometimes look unsure, however there comes certain periods along that journey where innovation, industry participants, governments and global mainstream media appear to converge on a collective zeitgeist that viscerally embodies the very real change taking place as the world pushes relentlessly forward.

RockTree’s CEO, Omer Ozden, has made it his company’s mission to be a driving force and guardian at the helm of blockchain innovation around the world, helping to bring about Wall Street 2.0 (or as it is called in China, “华尔街 2.0”) — where the finance world graduates from mindlessly shuffling paper to joining the rest of the modern digital world. Blockchain technology can provide the means for this to happen but it takes an entire global ecosystem to evolve into sometime new. …


RockTree LEX

End-to-end professional services for blockchain projects across Greater China & North America. Investment Fund and Advisory

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