Exchange your cryptocurrencies in a simple and fast way with OnePageX


As we have already seen the growth of technology brought many benefits to all who like to know and experience business in the wed, that is why with the appearance of the blockchain that is nothing more than a large database that works as a memory where sales and purchasing negotiations are stored, currently works as a bitcoin basis to name some cryptocurrencies.


Based on the increase in cryptocurrencies in the blockchain technology market, the need to create a large number of portfolios has been generated in order to have where to safeguard the cryptocurrencies that are earned through the virtual negotiations that many companies and users perform, and the characteristics that a user requires his purse is that it is reliable and private.


Currently cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable investments of the moment, and to carry out transactions with them, a series of decentralized platforms have been created that offer some benefits to their users, in some cases a series of requirements may be required to be operated, this is why today it is possible to have OnePageX a platform that offers exchanges of your cryptocurrencies in a fast, simple, and secure way, besides supporting a great variety of cryptocurrencies .


¿ What is OnePageX?

OnePageX is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform, simple, fast and secure, it does not require any registration so you will not lose time to make transactions as your URL is added To a session, this URL can be marked or copied to return to it indefinitely. You can also view your transactions whenever you want.

You can connect any number of users as there are no limits to this.

It currently has a large variety of cryptocurrencies (more than 140) with the best exchange prices in the market.

His vision

Its vision is to allow the trade of most cryptocurrencies with a simple interface and also aims to add the currency ** STEEM ** in the future.


Your transactions are online with a desire to maintain a simple interface, allowing from your page a large number of transactions where each user is added safely to the page despite not making any registration however you can return and use in a moment required with just save the page and its URL.
They are almost instantaneous very fast once the system confirms the currency to be exchanged.
OneBox is the name of your widget.



Here is the step by step that must be followed to make an exchange in a generalized way.


How to use OnePageX

OnePageX is the easiest to use of any cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Choose an asset to convert to.
  • Enter a withdrawal address.
  • Click on “Start Exchange”
  • A card with a deposit address will appear. Simply deposit in that direction and go.


Some important questions

What are the fees?
OnePageX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee for all transactions. All rates are included in the estimate shown.
How long does an exchange last?
Although the exchange occurs instantly, it does not occur until your deposit is confirmed. The time for your deposit to confirm in the chain of blocks may vary depending on the asset, the congestion of the block chain and the rate paid. Most transactions are completed in 25 minutes.
I have not received my transaction. What’s going on?
You can see the status of your transactions in the status column. The state is a live representation of the current state of your exchange. The most common situation is that your deposit has not been confirmed. That said, if your transaction has not been processed for more than an hour, send us an email with the details of your transaction and an agent will analyze the matter.
What do the status messages mean?0 of X confirmations
Your deposit is not yet confirmed in the blockchain and has not yet been received. This can happen due to blockchain congestion or a low transaction rate. Unfortunately, this is a blockchain problem and not a OnePageX problem, your transaction will be processed once confirmed in the blockchain.
Withdrawal in queue
Your exchange has been completed. The withdrawals are grouped and sent periodically. Your transaction will be completed very soon.
Below the minimum
The minimum deposit limit is shown before all transactions. We would love to process even the smallest transactions, but it is not feasible due to transaction costs and minimum withdrawal amounts. Unfortunately, all deposits below the minimum are lost. Make sure your deposit is within the established limits and has a nonzero result in the estimator.
Marked for review
It seems that there is a problem with your transaction. Rest assured that your funds are safe. An administrator will review your transaction and process it as soon as possible. This can happen if there is a problem beyond our control that prevents the exchange or withdrawal.

Case of use

Bob individual is a busy businessman and also a cryptography enthusiast. His anonymity is important to him, and he works constantly with several cryptocurrencies.
Bob needs an exchange that is anonymous, fast and offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
Bob finds OnePageX!
With OnePageX, Bob can perform multiple transactions on all his favorite cryptocurrencies! Not only that, he can do this from a single page.


OnePageX It is the new blockchain technology platform that offers a simple, fast and secure exchange page. No need to register and has the ability to exchange a large number of cryptocurrencies.

It is the best way to exchange cryptocurrencies where users will not have to worry more about the exchange on the web because it is very reliable.


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