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“Wait… you mean we don’t have to wear wi-fi hats to do a virtual design sprint?”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of well written articles, carefully crafted videos and in-depth masterclass offerings on how to do remote work like a champ. In fact, most professionals now have a working version of their own ‘remote office’ in place, thanks to work-from-home mandates and other related policies that have only accelerated the practice.

When it comes to doing virtual design sprints, a lot of these recommendations with remote work and collaboration work very well. …

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I’m very happy to announce the 5th Global Virtual Design Sprint (GVDS), taking place from Monday, October 5 through Friday, October 30. 😁

As always, there’s a lot to cover. New formats, updated offerings and even some surprise events. We’ll go over it all in this article.

🤫 (Psst…if you’re just looking to take advantage of some early bird registration (till September 11), skip the line and follow this link.)

What I learned from the last Global Virtual Design Sprint (4.0)

The grand experiment with doing an entire month of virtual design sprints last May made four things loud and clear:

  1. The pace of doing virtual design sprints + iterative sprints + experimental pretotyping sessions every week exhausted nearly everyone. …

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What kind of pushback have you heard whenever you’ve tried to sell or pitch a design sprint process? Do any of these sound familiar as a buyer (or seller) of the process?

  • “We don’t have time to get everyone together for a full week.”
  • “We don’t have the budget right now, especially with the pandemic and all.”
  • “We already use an existing process for innovation and it’s working just fine.”
  • “We can’t get the right people in the room.”
  • “We tried it before and it didn’t work / couldn’t implement the solution.”

Those are all substantive and valid reasons to reconsider a design sprint engagement… and there are a lot more where that came from. Skill gaps, not knowing the process, political buy-in, workflow integration, and humans liking routine so much that they never want to change it… even if it’s horribly inefficient to begin with. …


Robert Skrobe

I run Dallas Design Sprints, The Design Sprint Referral Network and Talent Sprints.

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