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I’m both like so many and so few.

I’m shocked by this election. And its outcome. And saddened by what it means. Living through the last 3+ years and its horror show existence isn’t a surprise; yes as an African American it’s just another shit show day, and as always, hopeful something will change, this time.

I was born to two semi liberal east coasters. Born and raised in Southern California in a middle class Afro centric neighborhood (lived across from the Tina Turner household), then a predominately white beach community. (Pacific Palisades).

Like many with liberal parents, I was raised to ignore race, religion and gender, with the understanding of who I am and my place in society, but to embrace people based on their actions and attitudes toward me, my family and mankind. To accept others’ opinions that differ from my own, but not allow those beliefs to derail me from my own path, beliefs or purpose. I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have been raised with that value and philosophy. …


Russell Jackson

@ChefRJackson, Chef, Restaurateur, Entertainer

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