Ads by Anomaly London are funny, unique and straight to the point

Bulb, the renewable energy provider that is marketing itself as the ‘Monzo of energy’ is fast approaching the one-million customer mark and is increasing its marketing activity with a television advertising campaign, with ads created by Anomaly’s London office.

The ads follow a similar visual style, with scripts that not only get the message across, but are also very funny. They contain a particular kind of British humour that is favoured by millennials. Think Very British Problems, Rick and Morty and Fleabag. Let’s take a closer look.

I wonder if they’re growing as fast as my giant kelp?


Bella Hadid, one of many Instagram influencers shipped into the Bahamas to promote Fyre Festival

Over the past few days, two documentaries have been released on streaming platforms, one on Netflix and one on Hulu. The documentaries plot the hopeful beginnings and fateful end of Fyre Festival.

The festival, which didn’t make it past its first day, became a global laughing stock when droves of well-off millennials were flown to Exuma Island (not Norman’s Cay, the originally advertised island owned by Pablo Escobar) on a standard commercial plane (not the promised private jets) where their luxury villas were replaced by flooded disaster relief tents and their fine dining experience consisted of two sad looking slices…

Ryan McKernan

UK. Writing about popular culture, with a marketing spin.

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