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When you learn something new, will you set any objective for your learning? It does quite normal indeed. For my coaching supervision learning journey, as said that I had no idea about this area and I was just full of question marks in mind with excitement. Without expectation can be a big bonus for learning outcomes.

Today, when I look back, these 2 years, I realize that I’m not pursing a strong and first-rate performance coach with different coaching skills & theories. But just an opposite learning direction. I am trying to unlearn and unblock in my mind to experience what is unlocking and relearning process. I can completely let go and still feel a sense of secure. By changing my habits, beliefs, and some core values, I can tell the fact that we really don’t need to try to acquire more knowledge and skills in order to perform well and present the best imagine. …

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Took from Tuen Mun River — Late Afternoon

Every time, no matter if I just go to the park or hike in the mountains, or go diving under the oceans, or look at the sky, with my high curiosity I’m amazed that our earth is such a miracle. Nature is truly full of wisdom, where every single creature and natural landscape are our greatest teachers in life. They are open to share their wisdom, provided that we are interested to investigate and observe.

This times, I would like to share what I have learnt from big birds (Ardeidae) in Tuen Mun River. They are perhaps a mix of little egrets or Ardea Alba. …

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I believe that there is no coincidence in life. My Coaching Supervision journey started from one casual conversation.

In 2018, after receiving the Master Certified Coach Credential (MCC) accredited by ICF, I had a chance to meet Satoko. She recommended me to learn Coaching Supervision. When I received an offer from CSA, I was so excited. I feel I have to jump into the ocean even though I have no idea about it. Another reason is about Lynne De Lay. A very humble and committed personality which I admired.

When I attended the first module in Seattle in 2019, I picked a walking lion picture. I said “He was walking a long journey without a companion; people didn’t know what he was doing, but he was exploring with confidence and hunting opportunistically for prey. At other times, he would just enjoy walking along on his way. …


Stephanie Lam

IRIDESCENT Coach - I wish everyone has an IRIDESCENT hue - a life full of hope, joy and energy in which one can achieve fulfillment.

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