“Love on the Spectrum”, a documentary series on Netflix answered this age old question for me.

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The past week has been a complete dichotomy for me in terms of my emotions owing to two polar opposite shows that I have binge watched on Netflix. The first show is called ‘Indian Match Making’ where a self proclaimed professional matchmaker is paid for playing cupid between single men and women in the Indian society who are looking for a potential life partner.

This show made me cringe with every frame, as it represented or rather misrepresented India’s regressive mindset and its archaic system of arranged marriages, a concept which is a little too familiar for me as I…

Whenever something good happens in my life, my first instinct is to be afraid of it.

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I woke up on Monday morning this week feeling relaxed and well-rested after months of trepidation and anxiety. I felt good about starting a new work week, motivated to take on all the meetings which were lined up. I was determined to practice mindful yoga each day of the week and make time for reading.

I started my day by setting intentions for the week and vowing to write affirmations in my daily journal, without skipping a day.

One of my goals for the week was to not touch my phone and scroll through social media in the middle of…

My lived experience through adversity has taught me more about money, and the importance of being financially independent than any degree could have.

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The first time I received a pay check, I was 19 years old. Even though it wasn’t a huge amount, the joy of earning a sum at the merit of my own work was surreal. I went home that night and handed it to my dad, who immediately deposited the check in my savings account, making sure I only spent a part of it, while saving the rest of it.

I am turning 27 this year and…

I was stronger than that. I was stronger than the substances calling out to me.

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“Do you know that this is the longest I’ve been clean for? I absolutely hate it!” read the text on my phone from a friend, late one night when I was struggling to fall asleep.

I had lost count of the number of days we had spent in a national lockdown, and while everyone was keeping themselves sane by making variants of coffee and signing up to be the next master chef, my friend was fighting hard to survive without his daily dose of marijuana.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen to find the counter top covered with…

For each person who questions our choices, we have to stand up stronger and fight back harder.

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When I was studying for my Master’s in English Literature, a friend of mine gifted me a red lipstick. It was the very first tube of red lipstick that I had ever owned. One swipe of the deep, red liquid was enough to make my lips look fuller and luscious. It complimented my dusky skin and highlighted the sharp lines of my nose and the arch in my brows!

I felt powerful, like I could conquer the world and no one could come in my way.

During those two years in college, my love for makeup grew, and hues like…

When I feel like the world is getting too much, I go back to the most profound piece of advice I’ve received in my life.

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There are times when life is thrown into complete chaos and you can’t make sense of it anymore. It doesn’t take a big event to feel overwhelmed and lost in life. It can be as small as a bad day at work or something as devastating as losing a loved one to a global pandemic.

I’ve faced such situations before, and each time the familiar feelings of anxiety, restlessness and a sense of utter disarray overtake me.

When I feel like the world is getting too much for me to handle, I go back to the most profound piece of…

I was able to accept my mom, just as my husband was taking his last few breaths, and she was getting married to the love of her life.

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It’s been more than a month since I have left my house. Between working crazy hours from home and constant news flashes from around the world about the increasing havoc being caused by Covid-19, life has become a blur of days flying by, without any real sense of what is going on.

In spite of all the anxiety around me, the lockdown has actually worked in my favour in one way — it has compelled me to confront all my unresolved issues and make peace with them. …

I felt empty not because the love of my life was dead, but because with him, my identity had also died.

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A typical day in my life looks somewhat like this:

  1. I begin my morning listening to a podcast on Spotify or a Ted Talk which might inspire me throughout the day.
  2. I then take some time to make my To-Do list for the day, check my calendar for all the meetings lined up, and re-check my documents for them.
  3. I enjoy the travel time to office by reading on my Kindle, or one of the many books I’m always carrying around.
  4. Only when I reach office do I check my Instagram feed, or reply to messages from friends and readers.

This is our chance to stop hustling all the time, and make time for things which actually matter to us.

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It has been ten days since I have not felt the sun on my face, except from my bedroom window. Earlier this week, the Prime Minister of India ordered a 21 day lockdown in the entire nation. This decision was much needed in the light of the rising number of cases of COVID 19 in India, but it has come at a very big cost. It has come at the cost of jolting everyone, specially the millennials out of their daily quest of escaping reality.

Indian families are built around the concept of everyone living together happily, under one roof…

Because all I really want to do is dance.

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I stepped out of my apartment complex and took a deep breath. I could feel the oxygen filling up my lungs and the anxiety leaving my body. I took another deep breath, let it out and started a rhythmic jog down my lane. I could feel my muscles screaming in pain, having been left idle for more than a week now. Yet, it was exhilarating. To just jog down the lane, to see the green trees swaying slightly in the evening breeze, to feel the stress roll off my body.

Today had been the first day of my self-quarantine.

COVID-19 was spreading in India at an alarming rate too…

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