The effects of trauma distort how we see or even perceive our reality. The lines between reality, perception and feelings become murky.

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By Charlene Waiganjo

During our lives all of us will be exposed to high levels of stress, traumatic stress or worse, a trauma experience or event. The good news is that approximately 80% of people have developed a healthy inbuilt resilience to manage stress and trauma and require minimal intervention to reduce and rebalance the effects of it. However, I find that most people do not know what trauma is. For many, it is a far-off phenomenon that will never manifest in their own lives or those close to them.

What is trauma?

In its simplest form, trauma is a memory of an event or experience that has not been processed in our minds. Instead of being processed, the memory is alive and well and is stored in our senses: our taste, sense of smell, hearing, feeling and sight. It can physically move around in our bodies and it affects the way we think about ourselves and others — it affects our belief system. If we don’t transform or process our trauma, we will simply transfer it onto others; for example: if you are angry, you will make others angry; if you are irritated, then you will irritate others, and so on. …

by Edith Mecha

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Safe Speak

Last year, about the time most families were running around the city chasing goodies for the long festive season, I met with a longtime friend as she crossed from Kencom stage to Hilton Bata. Grace didn’t look like her normal self, at all.

She would usually be cheerful, lively and bright, telling it with a smile, a chuckle, and a joke over another. …

#1. Listen to them without judgement

by Edith Mecha

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A friend or a family member may be going through domestic violence and you could be unsure of how to help. There are so many ways you could help. But, first recognize that they have to be willing to help themselves first for a breakthrough to happen.

Here are some ways you can be supportive to a friend or family member experiencing abuse.

Listen to them patiently without judgement. Believe them. …


Safe Speaks

Safe Speaks is a blog that creates awareness on Gender-Based Violence, its prevention, and provides a safe space to talk. @SafeSpeak

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