Asian Mail Order Brides Understanding the Expenses Involved in Searching for and Marrying Your Partner

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Men all across the world go head over heels for Asian women, and the era of the Internet has certainly made it much easier to find an Asian bride to be with.

How exactly does one go about finding Asian women to date, however, what can you expect from an Asian wife, and is there an Asian dating site out there that is safe from scams and you can trust? Let’s find out below.

Top sites to meet Asian women:

The vast majority of international dating websites, mail order bride services, as well as almost every international dating app and marriage agency, don’t feel particularly trustworthy because of the risks of fake Asian brides profiles, cat-fishing, and other scams.

However, if you want to find Asian brides online, there are some international dating sites you can trust out there — ones with verified profiles of Asian women, various security features, and adequate payment plans. Here are our recommendations for the best international dating sites for dating Asian women:

One of the largest and best Asian dating sites out there, SakuraDate has a huge database of wanna-be Asian mail order wives, a lot of free features that come in handy when dating Asian girls such as search filters, winks, likes, lists, and more.

SakuraDate also has a phenomenal matchmaking system to help you meet just the right cute Asian woman for you, as well as a great profile verification system.

Another popular and trustworthy site, EasternHoneys has a lot of real profiles of beautiful Asian women looking to become the future Asian bride of a Western man.

The site also has great first-time discounts for new users and a well-measured credit system instead of a monthly subscription. Of all online dating websites out there, EasternHoneys has probably the best profile verification system.

OrchidRomance is a dating site most Asian brides try first, and so should more Western men looking for Asian females. The site offers 20 free credits for first-time seekers of Asian girls, as well as a very user-friendly design. More importantly, it has a truly huge database of mail order Asian brides.

Of all online dating sites out there, AsianMelodies is probably the best for those who truly want a serious long-term relationship with an Asian lady. The profile verification system there is top-notch, as is the customer service. AsianMelodies also has one of the most slick and gorgeous UIs out there, which is always great during your search for your ideal Asian mail order wife.

LoverWhirl is one of those niche mail order bride sites you hear less often about, but that is one of the best places to find an Asian mail order wife. The site has a lot of free features, and its paid features are quite well priced. It also has Asian mail order wives from all over the continent, including Chinese girls and Indian ladies who use LoverWhirl exclusively precisely because it’s a more niche dating platform.

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What kind of women become Asian mail order brides?

Asian mail order brides are the same as any other mail order brides, at least as far as their motivations are concerned. By definition, Asian women go to mail order bride sites because:

  1. Asian girls want foreign husbands because they aren’t happy with the local guys around them.
  2. Asian brides want to move to other countries, not just for the foreign men, but for the educational, career, and economic opportunities there.
  3. Some other Asian ladies want to date Western men because they want to escape the confines of most overly conservative Asian societies and dream of the egalitarianism of the Western modern world.
  4. Many hot Asian girls envy foreign women and go to mail order bride websites because they actively want to live like them.
  5. Lots of hot Asian women have grown up with Western movies and media, and genuinely idolize and dream of being with Western men.
  6. Most single Asian women who go on international dating sites are also quite young, modern-thinking, and beautiful.
Why should you choose an Asian woman over a Western bride?

Why should you choose an Asian woman over a Western bride?

Being married to an Asian wife is a truly special experience. Asian wives typically come from countries and cultures that are much more family oriented than how Western women are brought up.

The Chinese brides, Indian wives, Korean beauties, Japanese brides, and other Asian foreign brides you can find on an online dating site are also much more genuinely interested in being with a Western man than most American women.

Such women from almost any East Asian region are also incredibly hard working, and have very serious intentions about effortlessly combining their relationships with Western men and their career aspirations.

Lastly, as most Asian countries have a fairly young marriage age, compared to countries in the West, many mail order brides from Asia are both young and incredibly beautiful.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with an Asian woman


  • Asian brides are typically young and incredibly beautiful.
  • An Asian wife is usually very family oriented.
  • Asian brides normally expect to have at least a few children once they settle down.
  • Asian women are very hardworking, and you can expect your Asian wife to eagerly and expertly combine married life with a career.
  • There is no denying Asian brides are both incredibly and uniquely beautiful, as Asian women are like no other in the world.
  • Divorce isn’t forbidden in most Asian countries, but it’s culturally frowned upon. So, when most Asian women marry, they marry for life.


  • An Asian mail order bride is likely to experience some cultural isolation and loneliness when she first moves to the West.

Why are Asian brides so popular?

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned above about Asian brides, let’s go over some numbers and statistics too.

Fertility rates in Asia

The average fertility rate across all Asian countries is 2.07 births per woman, which is certainly much better than most Western countries. However, keep in mind that Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, and fertility rates can vary greatly from country to country.

In fact, Asia is home to many countries with the lowest average fertility rates in the world (South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore) and some with the highest (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Philippines).

For most countries in East Asia, however, the fertility rates of Asian brides are near the average for the continent as a whole.

Education levels of Asian brides

Education levels across Asia can also vary tremendously between the different Asian countries. Some Asian girls, such as those from China, Japan, and South Korea, have some of the highest education levels and IQ ratings in the world. Other Asian brides, such as those from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some parts of India, have some of the worst education levels out there.

Divorce statistics of Asian wives

Divorce rates for Asian brides in most Asian countries are fairly lower than those in the West. This is largely due to cultural reasons in East Asia, and both cultural and religious reasons in the Middle East.

It’s worth noting that such cultural factors are external, however, and the divorce rates for Asian brides can change when they move to Western countries.

In the Philippines, divorces are even outright outlawed, so you can’t really expect Filipino women you meet on online dating sites to maintain that 0% divorce rate when they move to the West.

Where in Asia and how to look for an Asian mail order bride?

Now that you know the best dating sites to find an Asian mail order bride, let’s go over how and where in the continents itself you should best look for an Asian wife.

Pick your preferred Asian country(ies) first

Asia is the most ethnically, culturally, and religiously diverse of all the continents in the world. So, it really matters which country you want your future Asian mail order bride to be from — do you want a Chinese bride or an Iraqi bride? Do you want your future wife to be from the Philippines or would you rather date an Asian girl from South Korea?

Consider whether you want an Asian bride from a rural or a more urban area

In Asian countries as in the West, there is a huge difference between a hot Asian woman from a bit urban center and an Asian girl from a rural area. The latter tend to be more family oriented and reserved, while Asian singles from the cities look for foreign men because they have serious intentions for an equal and balanced modern relationship.

Settle on a budget

Finding a beautiful Asian wife takes time, commitment, and money. An Asian mail order dating site isn’t so expensive in and of itself, but the traveling expenses can be significant, as you’d want to meet your future Asian mail order wife at least a few times before you decide to tie the knot. So, if your budget is tight, you’d probably want to look for Asian girls in countries that are more affordable to travel to.

Other considerations

As we mentioned, Asian countries are incredibly diverse. Do you want an Asian bride with a high education or are you happy with an Asian mail order bride with just a secondary education. Are you looking for older Asian ladies or young Asian brides?

Would you rather marry a Muslim Asian mail order bride, a Hindu Asian wife, one of the many Buddhist Asian mail order brides, or a non-religious Asian bride? Asian ladies on Asian dating sites come in all sorts and types, which is great for those interested in Asian wives but it also requires a bit of deliberation ahead of time.

How much does a mail order Asian bride cost?

  1. Online Dating Services Costs: Ranges between $100 and $500 per month, varying by the site and services used.
  2. Travel Expenses: Visiting an Asian mail order bride in her home country can cost approximately $3,100 for a two-week trip, covering flights, accommodation, and dining.
  3. Legal and Visa Fees: The K-1 visa, necessary for marrying a foreign bride and bringing them to the U.S., costs upwards of $800, as per U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  4. Wedding and Relocation Expenses: Costs vary significantly based on the Asian country and personal preferences, ranging from $6,000 to over $30,300, including expenses for lavish ceremonies and relocation.
  5. Total Costs: The overall expense for finding and marrying an Asian mail order bride can range from $6,000 to over $31,000, depending on factors like country of origin, length of courtship, and wedding type.

An Asian mail order bride doesn’t really “cost” anything — you’re not really “purchasing” an Asian bride after all. Instead, the cost behind dating Asian mail order brides is the expenses of online dating as many Asian women as you need until you find the best Asian bride for you, meeting your Asian mail order bride in person at least a few times, then helping your Asian wife get a visa and move in with you.

Even just these costs can often come up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, however, so it’s best to be prepared before you embark on your quest for Asian mail order brides.

Are Asian mail order brides really legal?

Dating and marrying Asian mail order brides is very much legal. After all, you are doing is chatting with women on online sites and then meeting them in person.

Asian mail order brides are just women who want to move and marry abroad, and there are no laws against that. Only the Philippines have laws against mail order brides, but those concern marriage agencies, not simple online sites for Asian brides to hang out in.



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