Korean Mail Order Brides — The Ideal Partners For The Western Man?

5 Korean Mail Order Brides Sites with Sakuradate

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Korean Brides
The best site to find a Korean wife — SakuraDate

Korean wives have long been the gold standard for most Western men interested in a harmonious relationship with a charming bride. Beautiful, intelligent, highly educated, modern yet often raised to value married life, and with a strong desire for a stable and love-filled marriage, many Korean brides nowadays are looking for foreign husbands.

International relationships are tricky to make work, however, so, here is our guide on dating Korean women and finding the ideal Korean mail order bride.

Discover why more men are turning to South Korean mail order brides for love and companionship today.

Top Korean Mail Order Brides Sites

The best Korea dating sites are the ones that have huge databases of real South Korean girls looking for genuine relationships with foreign men. Such online dating sites should also have spotless profile verification checks and effective matchmaking systems.

The communication tools any good dating site offers should also be effective and affordable. Unfortunately, many dating platforms today don’t meet all of these requirements which makes it even more crucial to look for the ones that do.

The right mail order bride services greatly outperform traditional dating in terms of effectiveness and success stories. So, here are the 5 best sites if you’re looking for a serious relationship with a Korean mail order bride.


Basic (Free): Limited messages and profile viewing.

Premium ($29.99/month): Unlimited messaging, enhanced security features, profile highlights.

An awesome place for online dating Asian women, SakuraDate is full of excellent features such as its search filters and top-notch matchmaking system, its account verification, smooth UI, and very responsive customer service. Any would-be foreign husband looking for a Korean mail order wife should probably check out SakuraDate before they bother with any other site.


Basic (Free): Profile browsing, some communication tools.

Premium ($19.99/month): Unlimited messaging, advanced search, priority customer service.

EasternHoneys is one of those ideal dating platforms for international marriages, thanks to its excellent verification system, huge database, and excellent communication features. For first-time users, the moment you visit site begin great discounts.


Welcome Package (Free): 20 credits to try services.

Premium ($9.99 for 20 credits): Messaging, mail, and advanced search.

OrchidRomance offers a huge database of beautiful women from South Korea, all looking for meaningful relationships and a happy family life with a Western man. With the very first visit site begin a free 20-credit gift for all users, making it a must-try.


Basic (Free): Limited communication, profile viewing.

Premium ($15.99 for 20 credits): Extended communication tools, photos and videos in profiles, gifts.

With its slick design and smooth user interface, AsianMelodies is one of the best online services a foreign man can use to find Korean wives online. This dating site is great at verifying the profiles of all parties involved, and it has a renowned customer service team too.


Basic (Free): Profile browsing, limited messages.

Premium ($2.99 for 20 credits — first purchase): Enhanced messaging, video calls, gift delivery.

One of the best dating sites for foreign men to meet Korean brides online and form serious relationships. LoverWhirl has a lot of free features to help facilitate easy online communication and it has a very affordable credit system.

What kind of women are Korean mail-order brides?

South Korean brides are quite different from many other local girls from East Asia. They are similar to Japanese and Chinese women in some regards — the great education and high intelligence, the career aspirations, the fact that they are coming from a developed country rather than a developing one, and so on. Yet, there are many key differences too.

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Modern and progressive attitudes

South Korean broadly has a very traditional culture which places a strong emphasis on marital status and family values, respect for the elderly, traditional gender roles, work ethics, and more.

At the same time, however, more and more Korean women are increasingly open-minded and progressive, especially when compared to women from other developed East Asian countries. Such South Korean women therefore have an even stronger drive to seek out potential partners from Western countries, as many Korean women aren’t happy with the Korean culture regarding dating and marriage right now.

It is no secret that South Korea has been struggling with a quickly worsening gender divide in recent years. Without getting overly political or trying to figure out who is “right” and who is “wrong,” one thing is clear — South Korean women aren’t overly happy with Korean men right now.

Another important distinction to make is that there is a much wider age range of South Korean brides looking for a foreign husband. There are plenty of young Korean girls, but there are also many Korean women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s looking for non-Korean husbands.

Economic factors

There is also the economic factor — with mail order brides from other countries, people usually expect that the woman would be coming from an economically disadvantaged background. Yet, with Korean mail order wives this isn’t the case as often. Many of these Korean women are actually well off economically and are instead primarily interested finding a spouse with genuine and serious intentions.

Physical attributes

The physical attributes of South Korean local women also can’t be overstated. While it’s true that all Asian brides are famous for their stunning gorgeous appearance, the South Korean beauty standards are known to be not just high but borderline impossible for most other women to achieve.

All this means that any future spouse of a Korean woman can expect a different and rather special experience compared to other Asian mail order brides.

Yes, these women come from a similar Asian culture, they are brought up with many traditional values, as well as certain expectations for the traditional gender roles. However, more so than most others, South Korean wives are looking for husbands who will respect them, who will treat them as equals, and who will give them both a loving family life as well as the freedom to choose how they will lead their own lives.

Understanding Korean Brides

Korean Mail Order Brides


Korean mail order brides are admired by men for their beauty and elegance, traits that make them sought after in the international marriage market. Their strong family values are deeply ingrained, often prioritizing family above all else. These women are usually well-educated and ambitious, contributing to their appeal as partners. The majority of Korean mail order brides hail from rural areas, bringing a blend of traditional values and modern aspirations.

Many South Korean families view marrying a foreigner as an opportunity to expand their cultural horizons through the introduction of new customs and traditions. This exchange helps in preserving cultural traditions within Korea while also enriching the lives of those involved. Traditional customs play a pivotal role in Korean mail order bride marriages, symbolizing not only union but also respect for heritage. The impact of these unions extends far beyond national borders, creating diverse connections across different cultures.

Why should you choose a Korean mail order bride?

Why should you choose a Korean mail order bride?

Being with a Korean wife is undoubtedly a unique, rewarding, and occasionally challenging experience. Korean mail order brides are stunningly beautiful, full of a zest for life, and incredibly intelligent, which is often more than enough for most men.

Additionally, the mail order Korean brides real advantage over other international brides is their perfect blend of traditional family values and a progressive attitude.

By and large, these women value family life and want a stable marriage, however, they are not satisfied with mediocrity in this regard — they expect a truly awesome relationship with a standup guy and they are more than willing and able to do their part in the process.

Korean dating culture

The dating culture in South Korea is strongly focused on the early courtship process. The man is expected to prove his value and worth to the woman in many ways and over numerous dates.

Korean girls are also very mindful of their appearance as well as the appearance of their boyfriends and potential husbands. They also expect unique and interesting dates and gifts. However, all this doesn’t mean they are “shallow” or “easy” to impress with just material things.

Instead, they value partners who can display competence and confidence and who can earn the woman’s trust by demonstrating that they would indeed treat her with the respect she deserves.

A big part of the gender divide in South Korea, we mentioned earlier, seems to come down to most young men believing they shouldn’t have to work so hard to earn a woman’s affection and that they are owed the love of Korean women by default.

This has led to many young men in the country blaming feminism and Western culture for their dating misfortunes, not realizing that it’s that precise attitude that usually puts South Korean girls off.

All this may spell demographic problems for South Korea, but it is also a huge benefit for Western men, as they can easily swoop in and earn the love of South Korean women by just doing what Korean men refuse to do — show their future Korean brides that they can respect and love them, and they’d be happy to treat them well.

Pros and Cons of building a relationship with a Korean bride

Any international relationship has its bright sides and challenges, and marriage with a Korean wife is no exception. So, here are the main Pros and Cons of dating Korean girls you’d likely want to consider ahead of time.


  • Korean mail order brides are often of various ages, which means there is always a great option for anyone’s taste.
  • A Korean wife will usually take much greater care of her appearance than women from almost any country in the world. The beauty standards in South Korea are so famously extreme that some might even mention this as a “Con,” but for folks who want a wife who looks after herself, this is definitely a huge benefit.
  • Like Chinese and Japanese women, Korean ladies are very highly intelligent. This is great if you want a partner whom you can trust will always be ready and able to make the right decisions in various situations.
  • South Koreans are not just smart, they are very highly educated as well. South Korea ranks #1 among all OECD countries in terms of tertiary degree graduates — over 70% of South Koreans aged 25 to 34 had attained tertiary education degrees as of 2022.
  • Korean tradition and culture place a strong emphasis on family and children. As we’ll see below, there have been problems in South Korea regarding fertility rates, however, those problems are fairly recent and have recent socioeconomic explanations. South Korean tradition does value marriage and childbearing very strongly, and when South Korean wives are given the right partner and environment, this traditional culture often shows.
  • Modern Korean girls are also quite open-minded and progressive. Even though there are strong cultural divides in South Korea right now, Korean women are typically very Western-minded, which means they can integrate into Western societies much easier than other Asian mail order brides.


  • South Korean wives have the lowest average birthrate of any other country on the planet. In 2023, the birth rate had plummeted to 0.72 births per woman in Korea and 0.55 in Seoul, the country’s capital (compared to the 1.66 births in the U.S., the 2.27 worldwide average, and the 2.1 baseline birthrate necessary to sustain a population).
    For many men in South Korea, this is entirely the fault of South Korean brides. However, many Korean women blame the Korean culture instead, insisting that neither Korean men nor the work environment there make childbearing a viable option for a woman.
    For you, as a potential foreign spouse to a South Korean bride, this means that she will either be looking for an international relationship explicitly because she wants a good environment and partner to have kids with, or she will have no desire for children altogether. Either way, this is probably a conversation you’d want to have with your future South Korean bride early on in the relationship.
  • A South Korean bride who has moved West with you will be likely to suffer from at least a bit of homesickness and loneliness. This is a factor for all mail order brides, not just for Korean brides — if none of her original family members and friends are around, she may feel uneasy quite often, and she will need lots of support and love to overcome this.
  • As modern and Western-focused as South Korean culture is, there are still a lot of cultural differences you and your bride may have to overcome. This is normal for most international relationships too, as we all come from different backgrounds. Still East Asian cultures and Western cultures are quite different, so there is bound to be an adjustment period at first.

Why are Korean brides so popular?

Of all Asian mail order brides, Korean women are up there with Filipinos in terms of popularity. This is curious, considering how different the two countries are. What’s more, there are other much more populous Asian countries too.

However, like Filipinos, Korean brides have proven to be the ideal partners for Western men who want a modern, highly intelligent, and stunningly beautiful East Asian bride. Few other women in the world offer such a perfect combination of features as Korean brides.

Korean brides vs Western brides

The differences between Korean brides and Western brides are almost incalculable, but there are quite a few similarities as well. Like Western women, Korean ladies are insistent about being treated fairly and with respect. They value their education and career opportunities, as well as their freedom very highly.

However, at the same time, Korean women are brought up with traditional values and a strong desire for stable families — a desire many of them feel they can’t fulfill in South Korea right now.

On the other hand, Korean women’s focus on their appearance is almost unparalleled even in the West, and it’s quite common for Korean ladies in their 40s, 50s, and above to look decades younger.

This perfect combination of career and educational aspirations, fantastic appearance, progressive outlook on life, and desire for stable families is something we can encounter much less often in Western women.

Do Korean women make good wives?

Given the low fertility rates in South Korea and the stark gender divide, there are many South Korean men who’d answer that with a “No.” However, what is true for South Korean relationships isn’t necessarily true for mail order relationships.

Additionally, even within South Korea, there are many stats that show Korean women as much better wives than what you might expect. For example, the divorce rate in South Korea is about 1.8 per 1,000, where as that same statistic for the U.S. is 3.2 per 1,000.

So, as long as you make sure that the Korean girl you’re courting is indeed interested in the same values and family goals as you, there is no reason why she shouldn’t make a great wife.

Where and how can you meet single Korean women for marriage?

South Korea has a total population of about 51 million people. The country has a very strong urban bent, as over 47 of these 51 million people live in urban centers.

In articles about foreign brides from other countries, we usually recommend that folks look for girls from urban rather than rural backgrounds.

With South Korea, however, we almost don’t need to make this recommendation as almost any Korean woman you meet on an international dating site will likely be from a large city anyway. And that’s great as most Korean brides from the country’s many metropolitan areas are very Western-minded, progressive, intelligent, highly educated, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.


With a population of over 9,6 million people, Seoul is the capital of South Korea and its largest city. Classified as a “Special city” rather than just a metropolis, Seoul is significantly larger than all other megacities in the country.

It is the center of business, education, technology, and the government in South Korea, and it’s located to all other large cities via speed railways. Any Korean girl living in Seoul is likely to be very highly educated, with major career aspirations, very modern-thinking, and quite interested in the prospect of dating a Westerner.


Right on the opposite southeastern side of the country from Seoul, Busan is the second largest South Korean city with a population that’s almost a third of that of the capital — about 3,4 million people.

Still, Busan is a large and modern metropolis, full of many great schools and universities, modern infrastructure, and great job opportunities. As such, Korean brides from Busan are not dissimilar to those from Seoul — modern, intelligent, and beautiful.



Situated closely to the west of Seoul (just 25 mile away), Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea and is a part of the capital’s immediate sphere of influence. In fact, the Incheon International Airport is the primary airport used by residents of Seoul.

With a population of 2,9 million people, Incheon is a metropolis in its own right, of course. Nevertheless, for all practical intents and purposes, a Korean bride from Incheon can be seen as just as likely to be awesome, modern, and beautiful, as any Korean girl from Seoul.


Slightly to the north of Busan, Daegu is the fourth largest South Korean city with a population of about 2.4 million people. It’s the largest city in the North Gyeongsang Province and it was known as the electronics center of the country in the mid-20th century. Currently, it’s also known as the “Textile city” because the textiles and fashion industries are booming in Daegu, alongside its technology industry.

A Korean woman from Daegu is just as likely to be quite progressive and modern-minded as she is to always dress smartly and look stunningly beautiful.


Targest city in the South Choongcheong Province and the fifth largest city in South Korea, Daejeon has a population of about 1.5 million people. Located on the Geum River, Daejeon is known for its awesome natural landmarks, hot springs, and mountains, as it is known for its modern technological and research institutions. Korean women for marriage from Daejeon are likely to be very well-educated and with strong career aspirations.

How much does a Korean mail order bride cost?

The cost of dating Korean brides depends largely on how many times you decide to meet in person and how you arrange your travel expenses.

Flights between the U.S. and South Korea can cost thousands of dollars, as do those between Europe and South Korea. Furthermore, hotels in the country’s large metropolises are very pricey too.

So, if you visit your future Korean wife a few times while you are dating — something that is quite recommended if you want a stable long-term relationship — you can expect to have to deal with thousands or tens of thousands of dollars just in travel expenses.

After that, if and when your Korean wife is ready to say “Yes” and move in with you, the visa and immigration costs will likely be in the thousands too.

Of course, you can also move to South Korea yourself, as the country does offer a lot of great job opportunities. That would technically make you a “mail order husband,” but more importantly — you’d be looking at about the same travel and immigration expenses.

The wedding ceremony is going to be a major expense too, although that’s the case with every marriage. Still, with an international marriage there often is a second wedding ceremony to consider — the one in the other spouse’s country.

As for the expenses related to the online dating itself, those are often a drop in the bucket compared to all the flights and hotel stays. The average international dating website will cost between several dozen and a few hundred dollars per month, depending on which of its functions you decide to use and pay for. Such expenses can pile up if you chat with multiple girls at the same time, but aren’t all that significant on their own.

Are Korean mail order brides really legal?

The practice of dating mail order brides is often shrouded with myths and misconceptions. And when it comes to using marriage agencies or marriage brokers, there is indeed often a cause for concern, as these types of mail order bride services can often take the “dating” out of “international dating” and just arrange marriages between strangers for money.

When it comes to mail order relationships done through international dating websites, however, there is no intermediary between you and your bride-to-be. So, you don’t so much “order a Korean bride” as you just engage in online dating with a foreign woman who is herself willing to date a foreigner and free to make up her own mind as to whether she likes you or not.

In other words, courting, dating, and then marrying Korean mail order brides through sites such as SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, or AsianMelodies is just as legal as using Taimi or Hitwi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Korean mail order brides a legal and ethical option for marriage?

Korean mail order brides are legal but require thorough research to ensure ethical practices. It’s crucial to use reputable services, understand the cultural implications, and prioritize the well-being of the bride throughout the process.

What are some key considerations when marrying a Korean bride?

Legal aspects, cultural differences, language barriers, and family dynamics should be considered when marrying a Korean bride. Open communication, respect for traditions, and willingness to adapt play vital roles in building a successful relationship.

How does one find a reputable mail-order bride service for Korean brides?

Research extensively on various platforms offering Korean mail order brides. Look for reviews from trustworthy sources or individuals with firsthand experience. Verify the legitimacy of the service by checking their background, success stories, and customer feedback before proceeding.

What economic and security motivations might lead someone to seek a Korean mail order bride?

Economic stability, desire for companionship or family life, cultural fascination with Korea may motivate individuals to seek Korean mail order brides. Security concerns such as seeking stable relationships or escaping unfavorable conditions in their home country can also contribute to this decision.

What are some common challenges faced by couples after marrying a Korean bride?

Language barriers, adjusting to new cultures or customs can pose challenges post-marriage. Understanding each other’s perspectives openly addressing issues as they arise can help navigate these hurdles successfully within the relationship dynamic.

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