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Turns out we are born with two brains.

A new science of success divides us into Creators and Makers.
Which one are you? And, why does it matter?

Socially Intelligence Quotient (SQ) is self-awareness on acid. Creative thinkers need Social Intelligence to achieve any form of success. It’s SQ that makes us more emotionally resilient, able to manage stress, more hopeful, more inspired and more able to get others on board our ideas.

You’ll be familiar with the terms IQ and EQ, but…

Five Simple Ways to Amp Up Curiosity

A curious photo by
What’s this guy reading? Is he waiting for a coffee? For his lover?
Do his shoes intentionally match his bike? Did he survive Covid19?

If you’re like me, you too might be curious to know more about the power of curiosity.

To begin, I conducted a poll, asking a super quick question: Which one of these terms holds the greatest meaning for you? Imagination? Adventure?
Or Curiosity? Over 80% of respondents replied with CURIOSITY.

What does curiosity mean for you, personally?

Curiosity is one of the few…

REMEMBER: The Creative Adult is the Child who Survived.

image by author // The work of Thomas Ruff David Zwirner Gallery 2016 NYC

Melbourne, and we’re back in Lockdown 2.0.

We’ve been here once before, we know the drill. But this time, there is anger in the city, there is frustration.

Both are less than helpful emotions. Lockdowns and surges in numbers, will be for the immediate future, our new norm. So too mask wearing, home schooling, or working from your bedroom, or exercising online, or zoom calls, or restricted movements and nasal passage testing. If you’ve kept your job, you’re lucky. If you’re income has thus far been unaffected, you’re currently experiencing exceptional circumstances.

And while all this nutzo stuff is being digested and absorbed, there’s always Social Media…

Want to get stuff done? Try this.

‘Faith’ photo by

Try this.

Get your phone. Set your timer for 7 minutes. For the next 7 minutes you are about to be a writer. Write anything that comes into your mind. Consider using the picture above as a prompt. Write a letter. A recount of the weekend. Write about what it is that’s making you angry. Just write anything for 7 minutes.

Got a difficult task to crack? Apply the 7 minute principle.

Right now I’m working on a novel. But recently, when I recognized my approach was aiming for ‘perfection’, I decided something had to change. I’m a solid writer, I write everyday but the idea of conceiving, shaping and crafting a perfect…

What does it take to pivot?

Hello, Jokang Lhasa, Tibet 2006

These bat sh#* crazy times have forced many of us to rethink who/what/when/where and how we operate. Business models have been tossed aside. Teams have been disassembled and reassembled. While for others, work has dried up completely. Nothing is as it was and yet the world continues. Why is it that some of us see opportunity while others stagnate?

Business methodology has long suggested when faced with a shock there are 3 things we can chose to do : Persist, Pull the Plug or Pivot.

What’s been interesting with the current economic climate of forced closure, is that the first option — to persist — in many cases, has been completely removed from the table. It’s impossible to persist if you can’t open or attend your…

If Passion is the engine. Inspiration is the fuel.
A simple guide to keep your fuel levels topped up.


First we are inspired.
Inspiration leads to Passion.
Passion is the result of being inspired.
Without feeling inspired — to achieve, to make and do — we are inert.
So if Passion is the engine. Inspiration is the fuel.
And your fuel levels require constant topping up.
It’s one of life’s big questions — What inspires you?

Back in 2013, Tim Minchin, Prophet and Pagan God of all things intelligent, said it best:



How are you going working remotely? It can be a bit lonely, a little daunting, we fall easily into a fug, feeling as though we’ve being left behind. In a short time, our work patterns have become 100% reliant upon digital communication and in particular, email. And yet very few of us would call ourselves writers. Well bad luck, Iso has made writers of us all. …

Have a mentor. Be a mentor. 3 Easy steps.

I’ll share with you three important pieces of advice I’ve received in my career:

1. Writers, write. Makers, make. Creators, create.

2. Don’t be afraid to have a mentor. Be a mentor.

3. Be judged only for your actions.

So, if you want to be a writer, write. If your heart yearns to be a painter, paint.
Have the guts to be a little person of persuasion and sometimes, stand against the tide. Use your life experience to help someone else. Have a mentor, be a mentor. Don’t wait to be…


This stat blew me away. Even if we only see 2000 images, or 500; even if yesterday you viewed 100 ads and images over the course of the day, how many can you remember, let alone recount in detail?

Our brains work ceaselessly. Whether consciously or unconsciously they are our central mainframe in a constant state of process, review and rebuild. In an awake state humans…

You’re about to hear the first, simple, universal story, ever told.

The Setting — A campfire in the times of Homo Erectus.

The Core Element — A menacing saber-toothed cat

The Audience — A frightened tribe.

Here’s what the very first story teller shared over the flames:

1. Her knowledge of the saber-toothed tiger.

2. Her battle with the saber-toothed tiger.

3. Her victory over the saber-toothed tiger.

The story was recounted, so clearly, the hunter had survived to tell the tale. For her power to protect her people by clearly communicating a ‘learning’, this warrior of course went on to become chief, a leader of her people. Such is the power of being able to tell a good yarn.

Last week we looked at how the brain detects patterns in images…

Sal Balharrie

Sal Balharrie is The Creativity Coach, working with people all over the world to achieve their creative best.

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