As a writer, I’m well-accustomed to creative blocks. I know what it’s like to sit at my desk, staring at the blinking cursor for what seems like hours.

If you sometimes feel stuck with your creative project and can’t find motivation, maybe you might benefit from the top three tips that help me get unstuck.

Ask others to help keep you accountable

I’ve completed NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) twice, which is something that still surprises me! The daily word count goals always seem impossible when I start, but at the end of the month I’ve written all 50,000 words that I’m supposed to. Honestly, I think…

When you’re self-employed, you’re the sole representatives of your business. Everything you do has an impact on you public reputation. Because of this, well-developed communications skills are essential for you if you’re a freelancer or otherwise self-employed.

Write Effective Messages

Whether you’re in a formal or casual sort of industry, writing effective messages can make an important difference in the perception of your business and, by extension, you. An email, text, or DM that’s riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can make you appear careless or unprofessional. Take care with every message, note or email — no matter how short — to…

Those who know me won’t be surprised when I say that using proper spelling and grammar in your business-related communication is just as important as the actual work your clients pay you for.

I’m freelance writer so I may be biased, but I believe that if you don’t consider your spelling and grammar in emails and instant messages, you could hinder the rest of your project. There’s one simple reason for that.

You can appear unprofessional and careless if your spelling is bad

I don’t mean the occasional mistake here and there (“Occasional” is one word I personally always mess…

I know that the English language is ever-evolving (though I try in my own way to keep it from evolving into incoherency), but there are some popular phrases that just make my skin crawl. I hereby vow to never use these in any form, written or spoken:

  • Across the pond
  • Pout — to describe lips in general, not an actual pout
  • Wow factor
  • Culture vulture

Here are words and phrases that bug me because they’re actually incorrect:

I’m reading a certain novel right now. It’s good, but it uses the word “which” in a way that really bugs me. This spelling and grammar pet peeve has been a fairly recent, but intense, one of mine for the past couple of years.

Dear editor of said novel: The word “which” is not a synonym for “and,” “anyway” or even a period. Here is an example from the book:

“And if you tell him you saw me smoking, I will banish you to the lowest circle of hell. Which I’ve never been there, but . . .”

Now I’m…

Samantha Garner

Hi! I'm a virtual copywriter and editor for creative entrepreneurs.

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