Upstox Knocks Out All Hiring Troubles with Codejudge: A Case Study

4 min readApr 25, 2022
Upstox’s success story: A case study
Upstox X Codejudge

What is Upstox?

Upstox is one the largest investment platforms in India trusted by over 5 Million+ investors, they have been in the business of building wealth for over a decade. Ravi, Shrini and Raghu had spent most of their lives in the United States where they had started multiple companies together. On one of their annual family trips to India in 2009, they made a life changing decision, to create an effective investment system, when they saw the tremendous potential in the Indian market.

Upstox started in 2009 (earlier called RKSV) in a small apartment in Delhi, serving a small group of customers, helping them grow their investments in the public markets. Later, they have scaled exceptionally to solve more complex problems all over the country.

And now, Upstox has successfully made financial investing effortless by leveraging advanced technological tools and systems making it one of the most used applications by investors.

Hiring Hurdles faced by Upstox

Even though Upstox mastered solving stocks, investing and trading related issues, when it came to hiring, the conventional recruitment methods seemed to create some unnecessary hurdles in the process of building a high quality and skill-accurate tech talent pipeline.

A lack of skill-specific assessments in the recruitment process along with screening tests and interviews that didn’t ensure acquisition of candidates that matched the job requirements and experience made the traditional hiring process that required recruiters and employers to ‘Screen — Interview(multiple times) — Hire’ seem meaningless.

Besides, the usual skill assessments didn’t help in comprehending the skill set of developers owing to the generalized nature of pre-employment tests. Adding to this, most hiring agencies, online skill assessment platforms and hiring tools charged a lot for even a single candidate and in some cases, after all the hiring process was done, the finalized candidate ended up having inaccurate skills.

Considering these loopholes, the usual hiring process didn’t fit the bill for Upstox as they were looking for something different, a meaningful solution that made hiring simpler.

How Codejudge Helped Upstox Hop all Hiring troubles

The team at Upstox specializes in solving stocks and trading related issues, which is a competitive market in itself and so when it came to hiring tech talent, they understood the need to have a realistic evaluation system in place to acquire the best candidates.

So, when they approached Codejudge for efficient hiring solutions we promised them to elevate their recruiting efforts to attain utmost accuracy and quality while speeding up their hiring process.

Here’s how we optimized their recruitment process:

  1. We used coding challenges as skill assessments to vet candidates. Coding challenges simulate on-the-job tasks and project-level situations in order to extract the true skill set and technical knowledge of candidates.
  2. Automating the technical assessments with skill, role and experience specific tests. Assessment automation leaves out unnecessary manual intervention within the talent screening process saving a lot of time.
  3. By providing data-driven performance reports, our proprietary systems generate candidate skill reports that are data-backed by deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics. [Read more about data-driven recruiting]

Using coding challenges as skill assessments to evaluate candidate performance and saving time (usually taken by long interviews) by automating technical assessments and data-driven reports proved to be a powerful solution to tackle the rigidness of traditional recruitment systems.

Upstox Upped Hiring Results with Codejudge

Proof is in the numbers!

By partnering up with Codejudge, Upstox saved $2,790 and 93+ interviews hours and the best part, we ended up delivering almost 100% more skill-accurate & interview-ready candidates — which can be considered as a sign of efficiency of our developer campaign.

Rewarding skilled candidates by connecting with high-growth companies is a principle that lies at the core of solutions created by Codejudge. We aim to create a valuable talent acquisition system that nurtures skills and inspires meaningfulness in the space of tech hiring.

Join the movement of skills-based hiring as we create an ecosystem of skilled engineers and intelligent hiring systems using data and technology.

Choose Codejudge to simplify your tech hiring and get 10x results!