You may not know this but you can export your LinkedIn profile to PDF and then use it as a resume.

Importing the resulting PDF into untapt is then super simple. We’ll parse it, run it through our algorithm and offer recommendations.

If you want personal, tailored resume advice to help you get that software engineering role you’re hankering for, feel to reach out directly to

To export:

Click on your profile and then ‘…’.

Then simply click ‘Save to PDF’.

That’s it!

For more advice on creating a resume check out Attn: Technologists — The four questions your resume needs to address.

Candidates often ask us for educational resources to help them break into the world of “Big Data”. For people new to the field, I recommend starting off with podcasts that explore solutions to the problems frequently encountered by engineers who deal with large-scale data. Here are some of my favorites:

Undecided on your next steps? Udacity has some career advice that explains the difference between Data Analyst, Scientist and Engineer roles.

untapt’s clients are hungry for talented software engineers with a keen interest in these technologies — so don’t let a lack of direct experience hold you back!

The Lego Digital Designer is an awesome tool for designing a new creation on your computer and creating a build guide. You can then use the Lego Pick a Brick site to buy all the bricks you need. A Raspberry Pi case can be put together for ~$20.

I’ve attached my own design which you can download — I used Biz’s excellent instructions as a template (thank you!).

There are some caveats however:

  • You can’t automatically generate a shopping list from the LDD — you need pick the bricks manually, which can be a tedious exercise.
  • To rub salt into the wound not all the bricks in LDD are available on the Pick a Brick site — so you need to switch back and forth between LDD and the Pick a Brick site to double check you are using bricks that you can actually purchase.


  • When creating the image using Win32 Disk Image, initially Win32 Disk Image kept crashing. The .img file was on my D:\ drive. Moving it to somewhere on C:\ (e.g. C:\temp) resolved the problem.
  • If the Pi keeps rebooting it is probably due to low power voltage.
  • I…

Sam Kenny

engineer @ untapt

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