The (beginning of a) story of starting a workplace diversity club at the Savannah College of Art and Design

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This story begins at my summer internship at Uber. I met some amazing people and witnessed the strong female empowerment presence there.

I was sitting in on a panel discussing women in leadership. The talk emphasized how important it is to start recognizing issues at a junior level. The design field might look even from a high level, but most leadership positions are held by men. I was sitting there thinking why aren’t we talking about this in school?

I knew why this conversation had not been started at SCAD. We are a group of students that have not faced these issues. I am a believer in being proactive rather than reactive. We should be talking about these issues before we even enter the workforce. …

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Savannah College of Art and Design Graduation Ceremony

A graduating college student’s perspective of a global pandemic/infodemic

Disclaimer: This article is meant to give a graduating student’s perspective during this unpredictable time. Most of my peers and I are not at large risk from COVID-19. My thoughts are with those who are directly affected by the virus.

I am not upset with my university. As an immune-compromised student, I understand these decisions were made in my best interest. My friends/classmates and I have been talking about this for days and I want to make sure our thoughts are heard.

I know how rapidly this virus is spreading /affecting our lives; therefore, my opinions will likely change. …


Sarah Beth Doncals

currently building my design / human skills @ scad | product design @ uber

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