Customer Service Retaliation: When is it ever OK to attack a customer?

By: Customer’s Poet

As of recently there have been many stories making headline news of customers behaving badly and workers, in turn, retaliating.

Case and point: The story of Nora Bryan, former server at The Dime Cafe in Modesto CA, who was fired for serving a rude customer a hot dog that she put into her vagina. Not only did the customer eat it but the restaurant manager, cook, and dish washer as well.

Consider a more intense situation. Like the Burger King fight which occurred between a repeat irate, racist customer and Burger King staff. According to Daily Mail, the unidentified male customer, wearing a leg cast, erratically cursed at Burger King staff. Yelling “Spray that shit ni**er!” at one Black employee while throwing equipment, including a cash register. In turn workers, punched him, held him down, and tazered him. All of this for a Whopper sandwich.

Considering these stories and others, When is it deemed alright for a worker to retaliate against a customer for their actions?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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