UPDATE: Waitress Puts Customer’s Hot Dog in Her Vagina Before Serving It to Them

By: Customer’s Poet

While this is yet another disguising story in food handling and customer service considering we covered a similar story a few months backs, the purp AKA Nora Bryan has been fired.

According to Nevada County Scooper, Bryan was a server at The Dime Cafe in Modesto CA. She serving a rude customer by the name of Jeff Torres and things quickly got out of hand.

Another customer reported that Torres, 48, “was really rude to her,”. “He was rude to everyone. He kept complaining about how slow the service was, and he kept calling Nora ‘Babe.’ He was also making some rude comments about her appearance, saying something like ‘I bet you were something before electricity’ and stuff like that. I can’t say I blamed her for what she did.”

That’s when Bryan took matters into her own hands, using her vagina as a weapon.

It was not long before Mr. Torres noticed something different about his lunch. “He stated it had a wang to it and started yelling for the manager”.

Unfortunately, Davis McCalister the Dime Cafe manager, the dish washer, and line cook did not know of Bryan’s actions and tasted Torres’ lunch for themselves.

It was not discovered until later on that week what Bryan had done, prompting her immediate firing.

The Dime Cafe denies leaking the video which quickly started circulating on Live Leak.

Our advice: Attention ladies in the food service industry please Do Not use your vagina as a weapon against rude customers. It’s a matter of public safety & health. Such a violation is equivalent to jail time.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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