What are the SendingNetwork Nodes? — ELI5

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2 min readApr 24, 2024

The SendingNetwork is a novel communication infrastructure that doesn’t rely too much on big central computers. Instead, it encourages smaller computers to work together to send messages. This helps keep your information private, your accounts safe, and makes it work well for new internet applications. In this article we will explain how the network nodes enable a clever implementation of secure communication.

Three Types of Nodes in SendingNetwork

Imagine the SendingNetwork as a big web of computers. Three kinds of computers play important roles:

Edge Nodes: These are like the messengers in the network. They take messages from one place to another and make sure they get there safely. They also store messages temporarily for people who are offline. Edge Nodes get rewarded for their work, similar to how Bitcoin miners get rewarded.

WatchDog Nodes: These are like guard dogs. They keep an eye on the Edge Nodes to make sure they’re doing their job properly. If an Edge Node isn’t working right, the WatchDog Node tells the bosses. You can read more about WatchDog Nodes here.

Guardian Nodes: These are like supervisors. They check the work of both Edge and WatchDog Nodes. They also help in processing transactions and making sure everything runs smoothly.

How Each Node does Its Job

Edge Nodes: They move messages around and store them temporarily. They prove they’re doing their job right using a special method. They need to stay online a lot to keep the network running smoothly.

WatchDog Nodes: They test the Edge Nodes to make sure they’re working properly. If an Edge Node fails the test, the WatchDog Node reports it.

Guardian Nodes: They check the work of Edge and WatchDog Nodes. They also help in processing transactions and maintaining the network’s record.

This setup makes sure the network runs smoothly, keeping your messages safe and reaching their destination. Plus, everyone involved gets rewarded for doing their part. If your friend asks you to explain what you just read in simpler terms, it’s like having a team of messengers, guards, and supervisors working together to make sure your messages get where they need to go safely and efficiently.

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