The end of year holidays are perfect for family gatherings; an opportunity to share and help each other. So this is the perfect time for us to introduce our newest relatives! Yep, we’ve been quite busy this Fall! Take a look at these great start-ups:

”Eh, what’sup doc?” — Inato raises $1.3M in seed funding to reduce the cost of drugs through AI! 💊

There it is! Summer holidays are over… (sniff)! But hey, how not to be excited to come back to work when you did great homeworks and that it is now time to show them to everyone?!

“I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!” — Elium and Serena have said “yes” to each others 🎈

If you are looking for a collaborative platform centered on knowledge sharing for…

It’s summer over here, at least on paper. It is a quite appropriate time to travel to an exotic country, hike in the jungle or enjoy sea & sun on the beach… It’s also a fantastic moment to take a step back and to think deeper about your organization and…

Spain — Key facts and figures on a growing ecosystem

We barely know the Spanish ecosystem and have, to some extent, tended to focus on other European countries such as UK or Germany — already well screened by international VCs. Still, looking at emerging startups-friendly ecosystem such as Spain is…


French venture capital firm focused on IT startups financing, from early stage to growth developpement - #venturecapital #startup #innovation #disruption

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