How to buy NOMO tokens

In this article we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to buy Ethereum. It will be the currency with which you can participate in the Nomopoly Initial Coin Offering or ICO for short. We are using Coinbase to buy the Ethereum, however there are many other alternatives which can also be used.

This article assumes that you already have an Ethereum-based wallet. You can find out how to create one for yourself here:
 wlh/ico-help-how-to-create-your-ethereumwallet- 4a78c1ef9022

Step 1: Create a Coinbase account
To create a Coinbase account, you can go to . On the top right-hand corner, press the “Sign up” button.

After entering the details for your account, you will be asked to validate yourself with a valid document. This may take up to a couple of days.

Step 2: Buy ETH
To buy Ethereum (ETH) coins, visit the “Buy/Sell” page, once you have logged in your account. Select “Ethereum” as the currency to be bought. Afterwards, you will need to specify your preferred payment method, as well as the amount you want to buy.

Step 3: Send ETH to your Wallet
To send the ETH which you just bought, go to the “Accounts” section and select your “ETH Wallet”. You will be presented a form, which you can fill in with an address to which you can send ETH to. In the Recipient address, make sure you copy the Address of your Ethereum Wallet (from MyEtherWallet).
Specify the amount you would like to transfer. We recommend that you transfer all of your bought ETH, as storing them in your own wallet is a safer solution than having them on an exchange.

Click “Continue”, followed by “Send Funds” and your ETH will be sent to your MyEtherWallet address. At that point, you will be able to use it to participate in the Nomopoly ICO. At 13 May 12:00 GMT, Nomopoly contract address will ba made public at “Token Sale” section of our Website

Login to MyEtherWallet and choose “Send Ether & Tokens” from the Top Bar.

Unlock your wallet from the options given.

Go to the “To Address” field and type in the contract address you will be given on our “Token Sale” section.

Double check, that you have the correct address and select the amount you wish to contribute.

When you have double-checked everything, click on “Generate Transaction”.

Click “Send Transaction

You will now have to re-confirm to send this transaction.

Check your transaction with your “From Address” or Transaction ID (TxHash) (you will see at the bottom of the page) on to make sure it went through.

Congratulations! You have contributed to the Nomopoly ICO!

For more details please vist our FAQ page

If you can’t find your question among the FAQ don`t hesitate to email us at Our support team will answer your question in less than 24 hours.