Lankan/Lithuanian American TCK writing about pop culture sociology, horror media, and PTSD. Rotten Tomatoes-approved film/TV critic. Frida and Keanu devotee.

There are easy steps to making sure you aren’t contributing to the spread of misinformation.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash.

Here’s a quick breakdown of sources and how to verify what you are sharing, by basic journalistic standards:

  1. Primary sources are necessary, and these are just as they sound: The original site of a point of information. An interview, a press release, a briefing, a conference, legal document, wire service release, etc. If you can, try to find more than one primary source that confirms the information.
  2. Secondary…

An internationally nomadic childhood isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds.

As a biracial Sri Lankan American Third Culture Kid (TCK), I’ve had few opportunities to see people like me represented three-dimensionally. It’s only been in recent years, with a spate of novels and memoirs by other South Asian TCKs getting picked up by traditional publishers, that I’ve had the pleasure…

This piece was first published by Wear Your Voice Magazine.

Think you know the women of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks? Think again — and take good notes before the show resurfaces on Showtime in May.

In honor of Women’s History Month as well as the upcoming Twin Peaks revival, here are some alternate readings of the female denizens of that strangely frightening little mountain town. Many of these archetypes apply to multiple women at different…

Sezin Koehler

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