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Hi I am Abhishek. I bootstrapped my first business in 2007. It was a new media agency. I am still running the business. When I started I did not have a go to resource to start a services business. Trial and error was the only option. What succeeded in the USA, does not succeed in India.

After running Shack Design Co. for more than a decade, I am building a community of bootstrappers. I am building a publication, resources and tools for fellow entrepreneurs.

Every week I send a handpicked digest with insights for indie businesses. I also send notes about marketing, strategy and technology. And, I feature a bootstrapper, who has built the business.

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What’s drop model

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Luxury cookie brand Last Crumb has a waitlist of thousands of customers. Every week they sell a batch to a set of lucky draw winners from the list. It is called drop model.

Drop or limited release model is common in fashion and streetwear. Brand such as Nike release limited release sneakers (Back to Future). Streetwear brand Supreme is pioneer of this model. The sales tactic is about releasing a limited-edition product or collection in small quantities at select retail locations, without much advance warning.

Brands aim to create a sense of urgency in the minds of the customers. Food brands do weekly, monthly and quarterly drops to increase the customer base. Deccan Airlines, Xiomi and One+ have used the similar sales tactics in India.

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