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It is the mystical force that was possessing the artist during the creation that is enchanting, and mind-bending.

I am sitting on the sofa in my parents' room. Headphones on my ears. Dark windows with rare distant lights twinkling on the horizon. I am twelve years old. I am speechless.

Falling into the abyss of fears, sadness, probably, reminiscents of the emotional baggage of my ancestors, and maybe future lovers. I am unable to process what’s going on with me. I am all in chills, and at the top of my own perceiving capacities — as I am floating down the rivers of sounds, uncried tears, and admiration at what I am hearing.

I am listening to Pink Floyd’s unbreakable “Shine on You Crazy Dimond” for the first time — that’s what going on with me. Not yet knowing who is David Gilmour, I am full-on in love with painful lead guitar lines crisscrossing my world. …


Alexandra Sheren

Passionate about people, arts, and magic (which are all the same thing) and

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