In the first word, Laragon is a GUI desktop application which provides developers with a working environment like XAMPP, HOMESTEAD and etc.

As a developer, I am going to make my coding environment comfortable. I want to focus my codes during coding. Getting Stuck to other works really is time wasting (for example building local web server, working with a non-productive terminal). When I got familiarity with laragon I really become a more productively developer :).

Laragon has a little problem that it only works natively on Windows OS.

I don't want to extend this topic more. …

In this blog post i am going to talk about some encountered technical problems on Laravel for beginners. You feel free yourself to give any recommendation and correction for this article.

Content :

  1. HTTP 500 ERROR
  2. RuntimeException No application encryption key has been specified.
  3. php artisan serve — No Such file or directory
  4. How to hide public folder?
  5. CSRF Protection

Before start for talking fixes . I would like to emphrize those 5 isues is not bug of Laravel . Each of them has their reason why they occur . …

Hi friends, Today i want to talk about a powerful shell named Cmder . Firstly i want to give a short answer to questions below.I hope my thoughs will be helpfull .

  1. Why we are using shell?
  2. Why we need a powerful shell?

If you are a linux user probably u have experience with the terminal . Terminal gives us an oppatunity for doing commands more faster and easyl . I think a good programmer must comfortably work with terminal . …

Murad Shukurlu

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