AI for Creatives

By AI artist, Memo Akten

AI 101

AI 101 in depth…

Playing with AI

Making AI Experiments (with no/limited coding)


Approaches to AI Ethics

AI Design Methods

AI Inspiration

  • Google Clips In this episode, Aidan Simpson interviews UX Designer Josh Lovejoy on the design process behind the Google Clips camera, building user trust in ‘magical’ products, and using UX to help people feel more in the moment.
  • Writer Bots The Washington Post, has a bot writing actual news articles for stories with relatively simple narratives. These are assembled by Heliograf, the Post’s artificial intelligence system, which maps data to templates of pre-written phrases tuned for horse-race stories like political contests or sporting events (“In a stunning turn of events…”).
  • Slack ML Feature just launched a feature for big teams that help you find people who talk about certain topics. This is machine learning that helps you find experts in your organization.
  • Perspective is an API that uses machine learning to spot abuse and harassment online and help stop it.

AI People


AI Studios

AI Artists

MX3D Bridge




Head of Emerging Design @ Adobe

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Silka Sietsma

Silka Sietsma

Head of Emerging Design @ Adobe

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