Top 9 Best Paid Survey Apps

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best paid survey apps image

Looking for the best paid survey apps? Ever thought you could make money by telling your opinion? Well, you can earn money by telling what you think. You do this by filling out surveys.

Scroll down to get started and to see the full list of reliable panels/apps for making money with surveys for money.

The caveat: each system offers a different form of compensation. For example, some survey websites offer a fixed amount per question.

At other research agencies you don’t really get cash, but you save for useful gifts. Finally, there are some with which you actually do not earn real money, but have a chance of winning a cash prize.

Depending on what you want, you will find an ideal extra income by expressing your opinion. In this article, we will guide you through all the reliable options that exist to earn through surveys.

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Top 9 Best Paid Survey Apps

Receive a reward for your opinion

These reimburse you for every questionnaire that you have filled in completely and truthfully. Some research agencies even tempt you with an interesting sign-up bonus.

From time to time you will automatically receive an invitation by email to complete a survey. This depends on the target group you belong to.

Completing surveys takes on average between 5 and 20 minutes, and depending on this, it may sometimes be that the fee for completing the survey is higher or lower.

Now It’s Your Turn: A closer look at the 9 Best surveys apps

In this way, you will receive more surveys and therefore have more opportunities for extra income. We introduce a few apps to you. They are all free to use.

TIP: sign up for multiple sites, because it is completely free and you will be invited to fill out surveys more often, so you can earn more money.

  • ➤ OpinionWorld

A well-known research app is OpinionWorld, which offers quite a few options for surveys for money. Payment is made via PayPal to your bank account. The compensation will be credited immediately.

At OpinionWorld you can not only earn extra money by filling out surveys. You can also test products there. You can also be paid in cash or in gift certificates.

  • ➤ GFK Media Jury

If you want to earn money by watching TV, movies and series, we recommend GFK MediaJury. For this, you only have to give your opinion about the films and series that they send you (you can also participate as a student).

So you do not waste a lot of time, because you still watch a nice movie and then quickly give your feedback.

They can then use this feedback to improve the films and series. You will receive money in your bank account or gift vouchers as compensation.

  • ➤ Your Mind

When registering you immediately receive one euro for your effort. Site wizard offers you the highest compensation per question. The payout will always be cash.

Usually, filling in surveys takes a short time here, because you can do it quickly. The downside is that the site wizard doesn’t offer that many surveys.

  • Una Toluna

Another well-known survey app is Toluna. This research agency is completely up to date. She has a user-friendly app, so you can also earn money on the go by filling out surveys.

You can fill in a lot of surveys and pay them out to your bank account.

  • ➤ Lifepoints

Lifepoints uses a more modern and user-friendly website. The survey app offers good reimbursements for surveys for money. They pay you through PayPal.

  • -I -Say

i-Say a very well-known and well-paid research app. You can test products for free and from major brands to give your opinion about their services and products. All you have to do is share your feedback and opinion.

Registration is free, you can also complete online surveys for money and test free products. You can also earn points with which you can buy gift vouchers.

  • ➤ GFK SmartScan

After registering on GFK SmartScan you will receive a registration bonus. GFK SmartScan also offers the highest fees for the groceries you do and for surveys and pays out the money through a deposit into your bank account.

This is an absolute must and tens of thousands of people already participate.

  • ➤ OnlineGFK

OnlineGFK is one of the better-known research apps that pay you for completing a survey. The service is quite good, but sometimes the payments by the research agency can take a little longer.

It seems you can sometimes wait a long time before you actually receive your reimbursement.

Can you really make money by taking surveys?

Your opinion — as a consumer — is included in this. By making your voice heard, you can, therefore, play a valuable role in reviewing the strategy of a government or company, improving products and/or services, and so on.

Research agencies are trying to fill the demand that governments and companies have by conducting the studies. To do this well they need a lot of consumer opinions.

Not everyone wants to spend a lot of time here, which is why more and more research agencies are choosing to link an incentive to the person who completes the survey.

For example, several of them recruit through competitions or fees per completed survey. This way they always find enough respondents to be able to provide a qualitative survey to their customers.

Can I become wealthy with surveys for money?

It is therefore better to complete surveys as a form of extra income. After all, you often only earn a few euros per survey. You must also answer to the profile you are looking for to complete the survey.

Are you registered with various research agencies and do you regularly make time for surveys to fill in for money? Then you can get a few hundred euros a year richer with cash or nice gifts, but do not expect to suddenly become a millionaire.

Filling out surveys is therefore a fun and easy way to earn money. After all, you choose yourself when you complete a survey. Furthermore, you do not necessarily have to complete every survey that is offered. So you keep your complete freedom.

The research agencies cannot force you to complete surveys, so you can fully organize your time yourself and also continue to easily plan relaxation and housekeeping in your life.

If you like to share your opinion on very different topics, we are convinced that taking surveys might be a nice extra income for you.

It is also impossible to say how much you can earn by taking surveys for money. This is because it depends on the agreements that your research apps have made with the companies that ordered an investigation.

Depending on the length of the questionnaire, you will receive half a euro to five euros per survey, with some exceptions. Sometimes you can even earn ten euros or more, but then you have also been presented with a very long survey.

Can anyone participate?

So always read carefully whether you belong to the requested target group of the survey site. This way you immediately know whether you will receive sufficient income through a research agency or whether it is better to go to another agency.

Very often you can even choose how you will be rewarded for taking surveys. This can be done by asking for cash money, but sometimes it can also be for coupons or charity. You completely determine what you spend your extra money on.

In addition, you cannot just take part in every survey. That is why almost all survey apps ask to fill in a number of profile characteristics after registration. They need this because some of their customers are looking for the opinion of very specific profiles.

Only those people will receive reimbursement for surveys. That is why it is important that you keep your personal data up to date and up to date.

This is also the reason why almost all surveys also check briefly whether you are the person you are looking for. This is an extra check to ensure that the people you want to complete the surveys for money.

The good news is that by entering this personal information you will also receive invitations that match your profile.

This way you can be sure that you are almost never invited to fill in surveys that were ultimately not intended for you.

Some information about internet surveys

With the internet surveys, the research agencies try to gather opinions from as many people as possible (who may or may not correspond to specific profiles).

This allows companies, but also governments, to assess whether their strategy is the right one, whether consumers are satisfied with their products and / or services, how the most direct competitors are estimated by their consumers, etc.

These are all useful questions that can make a company or government decide to completely change course or to continue on the same course.

All in all, taking surveys takes a relatively long time. That is why many research agencies offer compensation in the form of cash or points, which the respondent can save for nice gifts. So this extra income is definitely worth it.

This article contains affiliate links, if a transaction should take place through one of the affiliate links, the author may receive a commission from the “seller” at no extra cost to you.

→ → You may have signed upp to take paid surveys in the past and didn’t make any money because you didn’t know the correct way to get started…

Discover a WEIRD way Jason used to make over $3,500 per month taking paid surveys online now!

Top 9 Best Paid Survey Apps by Jackie Vincent

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