Do Kids Even **** Anymore?

the past

When I was young, it was exceedingly common to see a group of young people gathered on the steps of a school, studying their textbooks between classes. These days, all we see are teens staring at phones.

In my day, it wasn’t unusual to see a throng of teens gathered around a Nintendo gaming console, laughing and whooping while playing interactive video games. Nowadays, young folks seem to do all their laughing and whooping while looking at phones. What are they doing?

In my heyday, in was pretty common for older kids to “hang” at the area mall, talking and cracking jokes, and occasionally buying things from Sam Goody or Solitudes. Fast-forward to our modern era, and all I see are teens staring at phones, which are objects that do nothing. Socializing and shopping must be the furthest things from their minds.

Way back when, a young person might step out onto the curb and wave down a cab. Today? Looking at a damn phone. Do kids even cab anymore?

Remember when you were young and you’d look out the window to check the weather? Right? But these days: kids too busy with the phones, opening apps or whatever. Too bad, because looking out the window has value.

Back when my life had energy and meaning, you’d see a couple of lovebirds making out under a tree, or humping behind a 7–11. These days, all you see are blasted kids staring at blasted phones, exchanging chats or emojinis or whatever.

Which is too bad, because sex is fun and we probably need it for the future I’m comfortable with, which looks a lot like the past I long for.

Someone should do something.

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