These are the first words in a long time. What used to be part of normal habits and routine faded into non-existence. The world has changed.

There are so many of us now. Millions upon millions. We changed the world. We didn’t set out to do so, or perhaps some…

Photo: HP Jenssen / 2010

on the search for a grand narrative


Who are we? What are we doing here in this world? Is there a purpose to our existence? Ever since the dawn of man, more than 195.000 years ago, it seems we have been searching for the meaning of life. This quest…

You: hi

Stranger: Do you like video games?

You: some..

Stranger: Do you play the X Box 360?

You: no i dont have one…

Stranger: What do you play?

You: on my pc.

Stranger: Kook.

You: mostly half life mods these days

Stranger: Mostly?

You: i’ve started looking into the…

On the grand-dad of the English railway and the spoilt kid of European aviation.

The human brain is amazing

The human brain is an amazing thing – it can store and retrieve imagery and memorize the layout of a particular place, calculate the necessary course correction when walking through a crowd in a fraction of a second all the while at the same time…

On postmodernism and the search for a new narrative

As described in my essay “gods and monsters” we have established that man has spent nearly 200.000 years looking for a meaning with life and a purpose to his existence and that for a great many people, this has been found in the forms of…

It’s not perfect.

Sleeping ’til the sun is high in the sky. Dreaming about the future. Eating breakfast with the best girl I know while reading the paper. Working on incredible, fantastic, boring, exciting, exhausting and extremely challenging projects. All of them at the same time. Drawing my own house. Making plans for…

I admit it, I am an addict

For the past 4 months I have been a student again. It has been an intensive 4 months, little time for anything but studies and explorations (of London) related to my studies. …

on how you can change your understanding of “good” in a very short time

I have ben working as a designer in a professional capacity since 2009. My clients include large multinationals, off-shore companies, television channels, eventproducers and several of the Norwegian Royal ministries.

Because of that, one would assume there is a certain level of quality to my end designs, one would be…

Reworking ‘the alphabet’ by Nick Hockley

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Nick Hockley this week, and he gave his thoughts on graphic design, structured as the alphabet. …

Hans Peter Jenssen

I design stuff for Bright Group in Scandinavia. Lover. Feminist. Brother. Husband. Father. Undercover superhero. Storyteller.

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