iOS Push Notification for Order Status

It has been quite a journey since we released Order Status, a feature that will allow our customers to check their order details on delivery day, get updates about their order via push notifications in both Android and iOS app, and receive an email with invoice pdf attachment when the order is packed.

Push Notifications for Order Status

In the past, some customers, including me, would notice that we didn’t get an SMS message when the was soon to arrive. Sometimes, due to mobile services throttling SMS, messages would not arrive until hours after the delivery was completed. While looking for a better way to…

Food & Cooking

Exploring different cuisines and cooking in different ways have been the main theme for my year of 2017.

I’ve tried different kinds of meal plans which are Blue Apron, Peapod and Home Chef. It’s fair to say that Home Chef is my favorite considering I tried to cook more than 60 recipes from Blue Apron, more than 20 recipes from Home Chef, only 1 recipe from Peapod. I wish that I could try more recipes from Peapod, but it is just not as appealing as the options. It has a long way to go to get to point that the…

Update: A chrome extension made using the same technique is available on Google web store now.

Like a lot of people working in this industry, I prefer dark themes. If you were to ever look at my iTerm or Sublime Text windows, you would understand how pretty dark theme can be.

Naming things and vertically centering things

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

— Phil Karlton

Without any doubt, the tasks of vertically aligning UI components and creating a good CSS naming scheme are a challenge. In front-end development, there are some unique restrictions which make things even more difficult. In order to develop more reusable and widely supported UI components, the Peapod team has had to devise their own development practices and naming strategies. In this article, I detail the various approaches to controlling vertical alignment and their respective advantages and disadvantages…

The Battle with HTML Email Templates

HTML Emails

Nearly all online users receive tons of newsletters, advertisements, and account notification emails from various sites and online services. Marketers consider email communication one of the most important channels for converting new customers. Not so long ago, making HTML emails was considered to be bad practice.

When you send an HTML email, you have no guarantee that your message will be A) readable at all or B) visually legible to the recipient. With plain text email, you always have that guarantee, no matter what mail client the recipient is using.
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The other day, my friends were surprised when I mentioned that Peapod was founded in 1989. They were doubtful that people even did online shopping 28 years ago, but I assured them that Peapod really was doing grocery delivery and taking orders made via a computer. We were all curious what the site looked like, and after a little searching, I was able to assemble a visual history of the website. Enjoy.

Pre-Browser Age (1989–1995)

A11Y wiki

I joined Peapod about six months ago. One of the major reasons I took the job is that the development team gave me the impression of social responsibility the first time I met them. I’ve never seen any other company like Peapod has a strong requirement for making the application accessible for everyone. In the last major release, Peapod even hired a third party to audit the website to make sure that we’re WCAG Level AA compliant, and the QA team is keeping the same promise by going through the hassles to test for all of the following releases. …

Peapod’s revamped mobile app for iPhone and Android streamlines and simplifies online shopping. New features “Order Genius” (an intuitive search recommendation engine with smart functionality exclusive to Peapod) and filter and sorting tools (allowing customers to zero in on dietary and nutritional needs with one touch) create a more personalized shopping experience for customers than ever before. With a sleek, new look, designed to WCAG 2 standards, the new app boasts an unparalleled user experience.

Mobile drives Peapod’s business: Mobile customers are more engaged 40–50% more sessions per order and spend more 5–10% larger basket size than desktop-only customers.

Cooking Table from

I’m always the guy who carries a great passion for food. In the past year, I’ve been experimenting cooking various styles of cuisines at home. Some of them are extremely good, some of them are not. I hate beets, and I’m still not a big fan of it even after trying all different kinds of cooking techniques on beets. But hey, at least I tried. And now I know for sure what doesn’t work for beets. I probably would try more ways to cook beets in future if I find any new techniques.

Similarly, a great benefit for working in…

Simple Cloud Identity Management Scala Implementation ( )

I’ve been hunting for a language to build applications which should be easy to be deployed, managed and tested for quite a while. Well, coming from a C/C++ background, transferring to Java in grad school, then working mainly with PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C in various applications for my current position, it almost made me think that there is no big difference among all programming languages. No matter what kind of language you’re using, the quality of your work would always have to rely on how experienced you are. …

Xinjiang Shao

Software Engineer @peapod-digital-labs . Think inside of the box.

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