I’m honored to announce that I’ve joined the board of directors of the global advocacy nonprofit Made of Millions, and I’m excited to share the debut of the new Made of Millions platform today. Aaron Harvey, Lauren O’Shaughnessy and the entire Made of Millions team are comprised of talented media and ad executives, artists, technologists, medical professionals, mental health clinicians and advocates, all committed to changing the conversation around mental health. Here’s just a sample of the great work they’ve already done and what it has meant to me:

Made of Millions’ popular media properties run by talented web and…

Over the last five years, a plethora of mental health and substance abuse startups has skyrocketed. And rightly so- many of these solutions are finding ways to reduce the cost of care delivery, improve quality of care, reduce inappropriate healthcare service utilization, increase PCP usage, and increase staff capacity in an area where qualified professionals are few and far between.

However, digital health startups looking to partner with health plans and integrated health systems are notorious for experiencing long sales cycles, misaligned incentives, stiff competition and siloed solutions. Making matters worse, many payers still aren’t very sophisticated about implementing digital…

Solome Tibebu

Digital health investor and behavioral health technology strategist who is passionate about frontier technologies transforming health, equity and access.

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